Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to school reflections

Hi dear sisters ...... It's quiet and empty in the house now as my son has gone back to school. After hanging out together every day for the entire summer holidays, I confess that I do experience a slight sense of loneliness. During the past 2 months, I have been his writing critic, math tutor, Japanese study pal, travel companion and most importantly, his confidante. I treasure these precious times that we have together, as we all know how fast a child grows up these days. Even though he is much taller and bigger than I am, and probably more capable and sensible in handling situations than I think; but as mothers, we will never stop worrying and hoping that they will blossom and be happy in pursuing their dreams. So, on the first day of school, I wonder .......

will he be as awkward and nervous like Junsang?

or as lonely and helpless like Yeosuk?

or as determined and studious like Chanwoo?

or as confident and mature as Jaeho?

I think he's more easygoing and accomodating like Seojuk (Sunny Place of the Young),

I do hope his school life will be as cheerful and rewarding as Yungmin's (Love Greetings :)

Maybe parents can place more confidence in their children, afterall, they have seen how we live our lives and model after us. If we lead by example of living with sincerity and integrity, hopefully it's imprinted in their minds and they will follow the same path. Sorry sisters, I am not qualified to preach about parenthood, just trying to express something to soothe my own feelings.

Oh Oh, back to our main man, something wonderful to look forward to tomorrow! Remember? It's manager Yang's wedding day and Yong Joon is supposed to be present :) We can expect tons of his gorgeous pictures @@ Have a wonderful day!


myoce said...

Dear Jaime,

Here I am again after some time not joining the interesting discussions here, although I always come and read everything... and was worried since that earthquake you felt.

My internet connection is now much better.

I share all your questions and hopes for my children. But I have learned not to underestimate them.. as they've made their mom's mouth agape with wonder and admiration a few times ^^

I still have worries, and pray for them every moment..

May we mothers be blessed as we create happiness for our loved ones !


jaime said...

Dear myoce,

It's nice to hear from you. Sometimes I feel so helpless as so many outside factors are also influencing the development of a child. At the end of the day, my husband and I agreed that as long as the child is kind hearted and in good health, we feel very blessed and grateful already :) I am with you, may all the mothers have the wisdom to show the children they love and support them! Thank you for writing to me.

love ..... Jaime

P.S. So you had some internet connection problem? Strangely, I have also been experiencing problems when I go to your blog, then jump to Hyds, all the windows will close down immediately. And when I try to go to Leny's chikara blog, her windows keep multiplying and I have to end up shutting down my computer! I couldn't read any posts in your 3 blogs, let alone entering comments :( I don't know how to fix it, sob sob??

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime and Bae Sisters:
You are really very kind. You are the counterpart Lady to Bae Yong Joon's Gentleman as taught by Confucius. And your son will take after your gentility. I am so fortunate to have known a gentlewoman like you, and interact with other gentle Bae sisters.
I have also gone back to school like you, with my daughter. We will be partners in this journey towards graduation in May 2010.
I do not know if the BOF address is still valid. I think that they are transferring addres, that is why I am asking our Bae sisters who know.
Of course, you will all get a copy of my paper as soon as the journal is out and the copyright established.
Sarang Hamnida,
Josephine Pasricha

jaime said...

Dear Josephine,

Your kind comment makes me blush, I do not deserve such generosity. Yong Joon's integrity and values are outstanding qualities to attain. I am learning from him, you and all the sisters whom I come across, you are all inspiration in my life.

You think the BOF address listed in KOB is not updated? I can ask around and confirm back to you. Hehe sorry, I don't have much connection.

It's wonderful that you are attending classes together with Sarina. Campus life is so charming, and learning keeps a person vibrant. All the best in your studies!

love .... jaime

Yee said...

Dear lady,

This is my subject .. how I enjoyed bringing up the girls!!
I agree with you and your hubby .. as long as they are kind hearted and in good health, it's a blessing.
We gave them confident and courage to face the world by letting them know / feel our love from the bottom of our hearts, doing things together with them, letting them grow up living simple and sincere life. The rest is up to them.
Believe me it's very interesting and challanging to watch them as grown ups as much as to watch them growing up.
What an interesting life we parents have ...
Enjoy every moment of it dear.


Yee said...

And one more thing .. I love seeing our YJ growing up too. Watching him growing up is a little different then my daughters, you know ^__~
Still a nice feeling though ....


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime

Thanks for these wonderful pix of our dear man from WS back to his first drama. Most interesting. As he 'evolves', we just continue loving and accepting him as he is.

And that's the way with our own children too. So long as we have done our duty to teach them good, and just accept them as they are and not trying to mould them into what we want them to be, they will grow up as beautiful beings, confident to face the world. Someone told me once: the best thing a mother can do for her child is to pray for him/her. I totally agree. There are just too many factors that are beyond us that will influence them . . .

From a mother blessed with three wonderful girls,

jaime said...

Dear Yee,

You have done a fine job raising 2 very capable and adventurous young ladies. You must be very proud of them. I agree, every child needs to be loved and cared for. There is no rigid rule for right or wrong, every family has its own special chemistry and definition of happiness.

Me too, I love watching Yong Joon grows. Maybe because of the motherly instincts, I especially love watching his early dramas and see such a cute young man growing into a fine handsome gentleman :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi dear alcy,

You are a mother of 3 wonderful girls?! My gosh, your tone sounds so youthful, I thought you are a young lady! (oops, maybe you are also young :)

Yes, I agree with you. I have seen cases of kids with controlling parents. They don't have space to dream and imagine. I've heard both schools of thoughts regarding this 'controlling' issue. I hope striking a balance with the child's emotional and intellectual development as our best interest would be the optimum. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us. May you and your 3 little ladies have great happiness :)

love .... jaime

Marce said...

Hi Jaime,
I was some busy with job, and family. Im single but my mom died two years ago, I try to do my best taking care of my young sisters and brothers, but i think i didnt a good job. It is so sad. I really love the way you enjoy your time with your son. God Bless you, you a wonderful mom.
I really loved each picture of BYJ, I liked all of them, Thanks for sharing them.
Have a nice time.

jaime said...

Dear Marce,

My heart is heavy reading about your situation. I am sorry about the passing of your mom. It must have been a tremendous responsibility for you as the eldest to take care of your younger siblings. I am sure you are doing a fantastic job taking care of them both physically and emotionally.

The process of growing up is never easy on anyone, I think regardless of the environment of a child grows up in. I grew up in a 5 daughters' household in the last generation and now seeing through my only child growing up in todays's technologically-advanced world, each of them pose different challenges and issues.

Please do not be too harsh on yourself, I am sure you are a wonderful older sister. I believe each person has his/her own path to walk. Whether the path is being mapped out by the parents, or inspired through learning, or discovered through failures; s/he will eventually reach the goal. Please use Yong Joon as your model, he did not have a very easy childhood or flashy academic records, but he did learn from his mistakes and about the harsh world. Often times, children who grow up in less than favourable situations are the ones who understand the reality and excel in life.

Dear Marce, please look at the cheerful side that you have a good job and are living together with your precious family, that's a blessing, right? Moreover, you know about Yong Joon and are loved by his family, isn't that wonderful?

Thank you for sharing your feelings with us. I sincerely hope we will all have the strength and wisdom to guide the young ones whom we are caring for. Please take care of yourself and remember we are here for you :)

love much much .... Jaime

Marce said...

Thanks Jaime,
You are right, To find Yong Joon was like to find a light of hope, and to read your blog is like to have a place to rest.
God bless you.