Sunday, August 23, 2009

Romance in pink

Hi Hi sisters ....... hope you had a great weekend. Style nim from byjgallery has kindly posted pictures of the wedding hall. Being a pink lover myself, this room encompassed all the essence of this pretty color - romance, dreams and happiness. The blush pink sakura hanging from the ceiling, the fuchsia pink rose framing the altar, the purplish pink hydrangea bouquets scattered all over plus sparkles of crystals dangling everywhere - now if all these pinks doesn't put some (handsome) hunk in a mood for love, I don't know what will? :)

Yong Joon congratulated his 'younger brother' :)

I suggest little Cupid should go back and take a few more lessons in archery. He has obviously been missing his target on our handsome prince!

My gosh, shouldn't our handsome prince be checking out eligible young ladies in the wedding instead of mingling with these ajuussi??

original from byjgallery by style, reposted from baidu by wonchun


chakachan said...

hi ms. jaime..
beautiful isn't it?? weddings are a celebration of a new life ahead with your partners... a blessing to bring two people!! it's a great gift coming from God. this was manager yang's wedding?? whoa!! just imagine what BYJ's wedding would look like?? he's such a handsome groom in his dramas...ahh..i'll save his wedding for the near future, so i could still enjoy him!!! ha ha ha..

take care!!

myoce said...

Ha ha ha...I think the cupids [like us] are smitten by BYJ, they're stumbling , fumbling and missing their target!!

We should wish for cupids equipped with GPS to zero in more accurately on their target ^^

karen said...

Morning Jaime,

Tks, for the posting. beautiful the wedding hall flower decoration. I love pink, love the flower is like a sweet dream n romance. Seem like we are the same a pink lover !!jaime...hahaaha..

It's always our handsome king, looks so sexy in his see through top.

Best wishes n Happiness always to Mr.Yang & his bride.


jaime said...

Hi chakachan,

Yes, manager Yang's wedding hall is very beautiful, his bride must be a very romantic person. Hehe, I would not even dare to imagine the excitement (and press coverage) when it's time for our prince's wedding :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hehe myoce,

Yes I agree, I think cupids have to take a brush up course and update themselves on these modern technology. They keep shooting to the people around him :)

Have a nice evening!
love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi Karen,

So you are a pink lover, the romantic at heart type, right? Mr. Yang was smiling all the time, just can't hide his happiness :)
Congrats to him and his bride too!

Please take care!
love ... jaime

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime and Bae sisters:
The more the posture and style of Bae Yong Joon during MY's wedding is analyzed, the more it is revealed and unrevealed in all blogsites that:
this is not a long haired pop rock actor,
but an archetype of the sitting, thinking Bodhisattva of Korea and Japan -- like the Bangasayusang,
7th century, Silla or Baekje provenance.
Notice the slender lithe body, see through bare chest, calm contemplative pose, sharp bridgeline nose, right hand touching the cheek and left hand resting on the leg, then walking and moving with dynamism. Is this a matter of style, or is this becoming a reality?
Sarang Hamnida,
josephine pasricha

regie said...

dear jaime,

very beautiful decor , i loved the mixture combination of flowers and crystals dangling from the tree.....beautiful and pretty.It's even prettier if only candle light with minimun of lighthing.....

Thank you for posting them.

love n peace,

yudi said...

Dear Jaime,

Before I read this new post, I want to leave some of my words here about your comments from last post as it just conveys what lingering in my mind for a while.

“If we respect his honourable characters, we also should have confidence in him handling his future too”

Dear Jaime, I still remember the first time I left a message in your blog, and that was when I felt the deep sadness in my heart thinking about the loneliness Yong Joon might have. I even regretted to have this encounter with Yong Joon at that time, it’s kind of ruining my happy life. But as I am getting to know more and more about this man, as I am thinking of what he did what he said more and more, I started to think: Isn’t he more strong-minded than me? Isn’t he more intelligent than me? Isn’t he more deeply feels the sweet and sour of life than me by what he has experienced and achieved? If I can deal with whatever the hardship I have to face in my life without falling into desperation, why I have to think YongJoon can’t? And now I get totally relieved, but still with my biggest hope Yong Joon will find his loved one sooner.

love yudi

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime and Bae sisters:
Thank you for your replies and responses, in Jaime's and even in BB's blogs. This is really a very genteel act. It speaks of the best blogging manners. Thus, it makes blogging a real conversation, a coming back and going forth, a dynamic exchange, a communication and communion within a community, and a loving relationship of Family. That Bae Yong Joon is the center and source of all these is a supernatural gift.
Sarnag Haminida,
josephine pasricha

jaime said...

Dear Josephine,

Thank you for your enlightening comments, as always. Hehe, my husband told me once before that blog comments are supposed to be quick and brief, not an essay like mine. But sigh, I can't help it if I am the longwinded kind. Besides, I really enjoy the conversation with you nice sisters. This is the opportunity that we all get to chat and know a bit about each other, right? centering around our common love, BYJ of course :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi regie,

I know you will spend a bit more time to study the hall setting and decor. I agree with you, candelight will mellow down the brightness of pink and evokes a even more romantic atmosphere. This is the work of a brilliant wedding planner :)

Please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi dear yudi,

Thank you for sharing your initial feelings about Yong Joon. Without the title of movie star, he is really a person like us, with real feelings and issues. But I believe he has enormous capacity and capability to deal with his challenges in life. I am happy that you can enjoy the Bae journey with happy feelings and beautiful memories. Good night!

love .... Jaime