Thursday, August 6, 2009

Journey in search of Beauty of Korea

Hi Hi ..... As I was scanning through our handsome prince's pictures for my next post on 'Man of Style', I kept hearing these thunderous sparks outside my balcony. From the corner of my eyes, I even noticed the dark night was lit up in a rainbow of colors and sounds of helicopters circling the sky! Hehe no no, it's not World War III, it's the Jingu-Gaien Hanabi 神宫外苑花火大会 (outer shrine fireworks display) .

Now so what, there are hanabi every summer week in Tokyo, but but this one was VERY special. Our handsome prince actually appeared in a one minute video prior to the hanabi in front of thousands of audience introducing his book, Winter Sonata anime and his September visit to Japan @@

his video message - original : free from byjfan
Japanese to Chinese : 青衿女/baidu

Congratulations on the 30th anniversary of Jingu-Gaien Hanabi. I heard that every year there is a large audience to view this hanabi. I also hope someday I can attend this with everyone.

At the present moment, I am writing a book introducing Korean traditional culture. In September, I plan to bring this book and the anime 'Winter Sonata' to visit Japan. I hope to meet everyone again with healthy image.

Please enjoy the hanabi today. Hope everyone will be as joyous as this hanabi, thank you very much!

Just a bit of latest info about this book order :
- It is officially called 韩国の美をたどる旅, I guess translating to 'Journey in search of Beauty of Korea'
- It is on order now in BOFi ( and Nikkan Sports site (
- The book costs 2835 yen and will be delivered on 09/28

There is still no published pictures of the book or its cover. So there is a lot of questions on when the other language versions will be out (if any?), will the making DVD and pictures going to follow? Hehe in fact, I think I am more eager to see the process of our handsome prince creating the book than the travel book itself :) Hope there will be more info out soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

If I had known about BYJ's message at Jingu Hanabi much earlier, I would have suggested you and your family to go. Jingu Hanabi has four venues for the spectators including the Natinal Stadium, Jingu Ballpark, and access to one's seat is a lot more easy than River Sumida Hanabi. In case of the National Stadium, there was a concert including DBSG so the price for arena seats 6000 yen is worth paying. (and all the more reason to watch our prince, hehe.)

Belated congratulations for your debut to Bonodori!! Dancing at Shogun's family temple! What a perfect setting for Lady Jaime! I remember that there was a bonodori festival in Toronto by Japanese Canadians. I have stayed with such family when I visited Canada long long time ago.

One tidbit about Zojoji-temple. The funeral of the first Tokugawa Shogun 'Ieyasu' was held there in 1616, the same year Willian Shakespeare died.

Have a nice weekend.

cloud nine

Anonymous said...

hi jaime

thanks for the new pix and BYJ's message. I've lifted it from your blog and pasted it on soompi, ok with you? If not, i can remove it


jaime said...

Hi Hi cloudnine,

I am so happy for you and LL san, you actually went to see DBSK and Yong Joon! I kind of thought makishi and LL san would be there, but had no idea you too! Was DBSK to your ladyship's liking? I was very happy watching just a bit of the fireworks from my balcony, thinking about Yong Joon's video message :) Hope you had an enjoyable evening!

Hehe, I really enjoyed dancing at Zojoji, heard some of the Tokugawa were buried there too.

love .... jaime

jaime said...

Hi alcy,

please go ahead, it's my pleasure. thanks for sharing this to the sisters in soompi. you girls are always so lively and updated there. Please take care!

love .... jaime

Hyds said...
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Hyds said...

ohhh thank you Jaime, I have been waiting for this message all day. thanks for sharing. I hope you don't mind me posting it my blog too, do you??? cheers!

Tamar1973 said...

In prior announcements, the mentioned they were planning to publish the book in Korean, Japanese and English. I don't know if all three will be rolled up into the same book or if it would be separate editions, though.

jaime said...

dear hyds,

you are welcome to post it in your blog. we love to share any tidbits of yong joon, do we?

btw, I love the ambience of that italian restaurant you went to. the pizza looked so tempting, it must be really good, eh?

love ... jaime

jaime said...

yeah tamar,

it'll be like image volume1 when the making DVD also has English and Chinese subtitles. So far, the fine prints in the book order has not mentioned anything about additional language support. hopefully they will add more details in the site.

thanks .... jaime

Hyds said...

Thank you very much Jaime.. I thought I lost you since haven't heard from you for a while. Thanks for visiting my blog too.

Yes, couldn't wait for this book.;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks jaime :)


jenny said...

Dear Jaime

Happy to hear that you have an enjoyable bonodori and thanks for our prince message. Thanks also for posting nice pic on the bonodori for us to see. I think this festival is celebrated in so many countries as well by all Japanese expatriate and local. Our country all did not miss out.

I am eargly waiting for the english version of the book, the making of beauty of korea and the DVD if any . Pls let know if this is out and where to order it.

Have a nice and wonderful weekend with your families.

Take care and Cheers


Anonymous said...


Is the book be in English also bec. if the plan is to introduce Korea globally I don't understand why the priority lang. is Japananese it shd be english right?

by the way BYJ aura these days is making me sad......
why he is looking very frail and thin?

this prince need some serious love in his life right now....


jaime said...

Dear jenny,

you probably have read from bb's blog that the travel book has an English translation. I don't know if it is a page that is inserted as a supplement or English is actually printed along with Japanese and Korean (which I doubt). We'll wait and see, ok?

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi daisy,

An interesting link from KNTO :

maybe it will shed more lights on the focus of Korean Tourism.

Yes, we hope he will find his true love and be very happy. Thanks for leaving me your comment.

regards ... Jaime

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