Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hi hi sisters ...... it has been a trying week for me, not really feeling 100%, hope you understand. I remember a friend told me once, "us mothers cannot afford the luxury of being sick." I am proving her true one more time today. I was almost losing my breath dragging that heavy bag of grocery uphill on my way home this afternoon, thinking what I was going to cook for my son after his first swimming session in school. When the phone rang and on the other end, in his usual calm voice, my boy told me not to alarm before he broke the news that he has injured his eyes! At that instant, I felt like I've been given a 1000 volts electric shock and I remembered just standing in the middle of the street not knowing which way to walk anymore. By then of course all the existing dizziness and fatigue have flown out the body (like exorcism :) and now I am officially in the ''mother - caregiver' mode. As I am cautiously observing my boy's condition tonight, how soothing it is to see some new pictures of Yong Joon's Korea adventures. These remind me a bit of his Image Vol I - Traveller's album, except this one has more of an archaeological explorer feel @@

Now these are actually clear files - set of 3

and these are postcards - set of 5, like them?

original from BYJ Gallery by makishi
reposted from YJ影之国 in Baidu


myoce said...

Dear Jaime,

I hope your dear boy will recover soon. I wonder what sport he plays, as my son gets lots of [ minor ] injury even outside of sports. He's a bit quiet and moves calmly and slowly...and often gets stampede by others... he's interested to start hapkido martial arts soon.

Oh, Yong Joon ssi looks sooo much better naturally like this...if I compare it to AB pictures, I like him in these candid ones much better. I think mostly he's not aware of the camera, because of his concentration to his task. Talk about natural beauty !!

Wishing you and your son well !

Yee said...

Hi Lady,

Hope your little boy gets better soon. Even my daughters, who are not sports kids at all, had some accidents at school. One funny accident - Su was just went to get a book from the shelf, in dance step while listening to the music during the recess, tripped and fall down, got a fractured ankle. While applying the cast, the doctor teased her it was a break dance.
Thanks for these new picturesor our YJ, I haven't seen them, he looks so fresh and natural. Do you know where can I buy them??


alcy1985 said...

Hi Jaime

Will pray for you to get back to good health form and for your son to recover as quickly as possible from his injury (though I don't know what injury). Hope it's not too serious. My own girl is also recovering from a torn tendon from playing soccer as a goalkeeper. These moments worry us as parents but they can help our children to be stronger in times of adversity.

Thanks for the lovely pix of wuri Yong Joon. I agree with myoce, he looks best when he's naturally himself, and that's been captured in this set. Really like this set a lot :)

Best rgds

Tamar1973 said...

Prayers for you and your son.

As for the new BYJ photos, I noticed one of them still has the fedora and he must love his Chrome Hearts cross necklaces.

dp said...

Hi Jamie,
I hope you and son are all well. I can imagine your feelings... though I am not a mother - and at some level I feel blessed, because I truely believe parenthood/motherhood are for the brave and super strong ones. I don't have the confidence I can ever do it.

I find comfort in reading your blog because it's not just about BYJ, but I get to hear about some one else's journey far away from mine - but with comman interests and love in life. :) So thanks for sharing.

I love the new photos of BYJ. I am afraid my heart is captured/imprisoned in Korea (and I am in the States) - so I walk around in this zombie like state. ;)

Can I get the book yet? Where/how?
Oh and the fedora...I don't know why some keep telling him to get rid of it, I love it. I've always loved it - but I just got two more black ones just like his. :)

Hugs and kisses to all... wishing you are happy and healthy in what ever you are doing at this moment.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime and Bae sisters:
I feel sad about an anonymous blog suggesting medical intervention causing the loss of Bae Yong Joon's magic smile. It is not for us to discover the truth or falsity of the unauthorized observation. But it is not only in bad taste. It is also intrusion into privacy and disrepect of the rights of patients. Freedom of expression ends where libel/ slander begins.
Sarang Hamnida,
josephine pasricha

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinggu!

Sorry to read about Sean's injuury. Hope he recovers sooner than you can say 1,2,3. Just keep praying and we'll also pray for his early recovery.

Remember that kids have the capacity to get over these stuffs at an earlier time than we do. So, cheer up and I am sure everything will be alright soo!

Please take care of yourself too, okay?

Love lots,

jenny said...

Hi jaime

Sorry to hear that you are not feeling 100% and your son incident . Hope he will recover soon and u will be back to your usual 100% feeling .

We will pray for the recovery of your son jaime and thank a lot for posting this new batch of our prince photos althought u were very busy taking care of your son . Is beautiful photos .

Take care and may god bless u and your family.


jaime said...

Dear myoce,

Thank you for your kind wishes. My son got bumped by another swimmer head on. His left eye is all bruised, hopefully no internal injury to the head.

Oh, your son is starting Hapkido, is it Korean or Japanese? Similar to Taekwondo, what Yong Joon practised before? I hope he will enjoy it as martial arts can train a young man both mentally and physically. I enrolled my son in Taekwondo when he was young, he didn't really understand what it was about. Now he is practising Kendo on his own will and he is putting in a lot of efforts. Good luck with your son's Hapkido!

love .... jaime

jaime said...

Dear Yee,

Yes, accidents can happen at times you least expect it. I hope Su will not be afraid to dance after that 'break dance' accident :) Hehe, I am glad she enjoys watching Takarazuka with such enthusiasm! Btw, it's so hard to get tickets, my Japanese friend tried so many times for us already, in failure :(

Yee, I think these clear files are Korean goods, I tried looking it at BOFi shopping in Japan, but they are not there. The original post is also in Korean, so may be it's a Korean BOF product.

love .... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi alcy,

Thank you for your kind thoughts. I am so sorry to hear about your dear daughter's soccer injury, I do hope the pain does not affect her too much and she will recover well.

Yes, I understand as our children grow up, there are always injuries in school that worry us parents sick. We just have to play calm (which I can't do) and keep giving them encouragement. Thanks for sharing your experience with me :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi tamar,

Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I notice that Chrome Hearts cross necklace, this cross seem to look a bit more elaborate than before, isn't it? Looks so good on him @@ Hehe, are you going to make one too?

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi dp,

Thanks for your kind words. Sorry to force you to read my little problems which is a part of my temporary living in Japan. I think I know how you feel, I still remember back in Toronto a few years ago. The blue sky, the warm breeze or chilly wind, every leaf or piece of melody remind me of Bae Yong Joon, who lives so far in Korea. Now all my thirst for BYJ is fulfilled here in Japan, I hope I can share as much of what I experience with overseas sisters as possible. Thank you for coming to my little blog.

For the Beauty of Korea book, I know it's available for order on BOFi now for 2835 yen, delivery Sept 27, this is is the Japanese version. You probably read from Gaulsan's recent news translation, this travel book will be out in English, Korean, Chinese version. So maybe you like to wait for the English version, I am confident this one will be easy for us to order online, let's wait, ok?

love .... jaime

jaime said...

Dear Josephine,

I must admit I share your sadness when I read that comment. I even went back to re-look and compare his pictures. I am ashamed of my lack of faith in Yong Joon. Not that I know any facts, but regardless, I feel we family should respect and trust him. I think the important thing is we know he does everything with integrity and us in mind. Hope you'll not be disturbed anymore.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear chinggu,

Ok, I'll keep saying 123 till his bruises are all gone, ok? thanks for your prayer, and always caring about us :) I feel happy whenever I think of a chinggu like you :)

Having said that, now don't do anything outrageous while I am not 100% - like booking a pink wedding hall and send an invitation to Yong Joon to go to Manila to be your groom, huh?

Please take care,
love & hugs ..... Jaime

jaime said...

Dear Jenny,

Thank you for your caring thoughts. You are always so kind, I really appreciate it.

Yes, Yong Joon's pictures are really refreshing. They show a man very focused and devoted to his mission. I hope the BOK book will be very successful.

Have a nice day!
love .... jaime

Anonymous said...

Hehehheehe, that is what I reallyx20000 like about you. Always the funny lady at all times. Don't worry, I'll keep a very keen eye on YJ(with all my might and attention and it'll be 24/7 watch-just like a pitbull. hehehehe!) while you are nursing Sean and don't blame me if something more than a wedding invitation arrives on your doorstep, okay?LOL!

At my age, I don't think a pink motiff wedding will be proper for muah. Maybe something lilac or violet or maybe I can book your time to be my wedding planner? Heheheheh! I know you can outdo, outshine and outwit J.Lo in that department. Especially the bootylicious area! Hehehhe!

Love yah and take care and keep us posted on Sean's recovery status!


jaime said...

Hehe chinggu, if I were the wedding planner of you and HRH ..... I would place 1000 most itchy African biting ants under the bride's seat! And as for the groom, I would dig a secret tunnel under the groom's seat linking directly to my house, hahaha! (an evil victorious laugh :)

Have a great weekend!
love ya ..... ur chinggu

cecis joon said...

Hola Jaime, siento por el susto por el que usted a pasado y le deseo pronta recuperación para su niño.
Le agradezco por compartir estas imágenes tan lindas de BYJ.
Cuidese mucho. Con Cariño Cecy México.

jaime said...

hi cecis joon,

Yes, it was quite a scare for me. I am happy you like the pictures. Have a nice day!

love ... jaime