Thursday, August 20, 2009

Any stag party?

Hi hi sisters ..... It's the night before Manager Yang's BIG day, what do u think our Yong Joon is doing right now in Seoul? Ok ok, it's not his own wedding, but still, is his buddy/brother/associate. You think they have having a wild stag party for the groom? or just a close knit Korean family gathering? or my guess is : Yong Joon is in his own home, as disciplined as he is, probably getting ready to have his beauty sleep for tomorrow. In his mind, he wishes happiness for his close friend, but also feeling a touch melancholic about his 'lonely at the top' status? Dear Yong Joon-ah, how we hope you will find your true love soon! Anyway, I am too nosy. See you tomorrow, sweet dreams :)

Original from Byjgallery by maron


yudi said...

Dear Jaime,

While I was finishing my reading of your last post, I saw this new post, guess you are on line too, too excited to sleep as only hours left to see the handsome man?

Thank you for bringing up such an inspiring topic about motherhood. Although I experience a lot of worrying, tiredness,and the burden of responsibility,watching the kids growing up just brings me so much joy, especially these days when my elder one starts to comfort me, try to make me happier or even to calm me down time to time, I start to feel the joy deeply.

By the way, I read through the Osaka Event series you posted last May to June while you were in Singapore, very good and touching reading especially the part depicting the feeling you had on the way to the train station in the early morning. The information there will become my Tokyo Dome survival guide. Thanks Jaime.


dp said...

Hi Jaime,
I am a brand new BYJ fan. I live in the States...I missed the korean wave completely, and didn't even know of BYJ until The Legend last week.

I love your Blog. It's sweet and sincere, and makes me feel better that I am not crazy for being crazy about BYJ.


jenny said...

Hi jaime

U give us excitement on the eve of Mr yang marriage , cause we are looking forward to see our prince . Waiting infront of the PC , hope we can get the first hand news the wedding of his close aide from kind bae sisters .

Jaime sorry to confuse u , yes iam the same old jenny that always leave comment here , i think it could be sometime i also put my surname and sometime not . Sorry for confusing u , now onwards i won't put my surname ok.hahaha

Wish u hv a nice and great weekend with your familiy .

Take care & cheers


karen said...

Hi hi Jaime,

Just drop by to wish u have a great weekends with your family ya.

Sorry, I am late leaving comment today cos a bit busy with my work.

Our prince pic. alr came out, n is all over the cyber space now..hahaa...enjoy all baesisters !!


jaime said...

Dear yudi,

Sorry for the late reply. Yes I agree, when we see our children growing up and begin to handle things in a mature way, we are often surprised and overjoyed. Life is a blessing with these little ones around, even though I have headaches all the time, hehe :)

Dear Yudi, you are such a good mother and wife. I think I know how you'll feel when you leave for the Tokyo Events. I remember I threw myself at hubby and son when I returned home after Osaka. I hope you'll be very happy seeing Yong Joon and all the wonderful sisters, you will be overwhelmed by their love. If you need someone to talk to while in Tokyo, I am here, ok?

love .... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi dp,

Welcome and thanks for your kind words. Hehe, please don't feel you are late. I am pretty late too in knowing about BYJ - around the time of April Snow premiere.

Have you checked out happiebb and xiaoyi's blog for the complete history, stories and news of BYJ since his debut? Also, soompi and quilt are popular sites for English speaking fans, you can link to them from my side bar :)

Hope you have fun enjoying our BYJ journey together :)

love .... Jaime

jaime said...

Hi dear jenny,

hehe thanks for your clarification. I am just old and confused, have a nice day!

love .. jaime

jaime said...

hi hi karen,

sorry for the late reply. Yes, by now we have seen all the gorgeous pics of Yong Joon in the wedding, you must be happy! Have a nice day!

love ... jaime