Friday, August 7, 2009

Man of Style - black & white

Hi Hi sisters ...... Hot out of the oven! Just compiled this batch of super hot pictures of our man. Really sleepy now, better go to lala-land and dream about the handsome prince zzzzzzz....... :) Hope you enjoy!

Already looking like a superstar (or hip hop star?) in this youthful street fashion @@

Hehe, will you resist arrest from this gorgeous police officer?

I just can't get over how stunning he was in this wedding!

But then his eyes, his hands and his CHEST drove me absolutely crazy here! Hehe, I remember dear gosijo also has some thoughts on this pose too :)

I don't think I can ever find any man as elegant as him @@

The pattern of the shoji screen, the scarf and his dreamy eyes, brilliant combination!
Just love this deep V-neck sweater, his toned body even makes a woman envious @@

The famous 'painted' crutches and its gorgeous owner

2008 TWSSG event - the beginning of his 'fedora' era :)

and him reverted back to basic B&W dressing. I wonder how he keeps his sneakers so clean, does he throw it away every time?!
Walking like a model on the catwalk @@
Hehe, after I stuck my nose 1cm from this Face Shop poster and thoroughly examined it, my unbiased conclusion is : YES, this man IS perfect! (*o*)
Have a wonderful weekend!


gosijo said...

Ah, yes, the looking east, looking west approach (pic #4)!!

All great choices, dear Jaime!

jenny said...

Good pick dear jaime. thanks a lot for showing us.

U too have a nice weekend.



Hyds said...

I think I know what Gosijo was thinking lol anyway before we get distracted yes, very , very pretty pictures. Lovely face,a gaze which could bring a solid statue to life,hehehe. BEAUTIFUL!!!
Thanks Jaime.

Anonymous said...

thanks Jaime. . .

. . .for your effort to bring us these lovely pix of our common love, . Love them all . . . good picks. I'm going to dreamland now . . . will wuri Yong Joon appear there???


jaime said...

Hehe gosijo,

I like your approach. Better to be thorough than sorry :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

dear jenny,

thanks for dropping by. you have a nice weekend too!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hyds,

Glad that you enjoy. Thanks for writing to me, have a nice week ahead!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi alcy,

You are welcome, thanks for liking them. I hope you dreamed about our love. Have a nice week!

love ... jaime

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for sharing these photos. My gorgeous BYJ, I miss you so much.

Anonymous said...

sorry to say, but his new look really a turn off.

chakachan said...

hiya ms. jaime..
i'm lagging behind with my comments nowdays...i must be getting old..ha ha ha ha
luv pictures 7 and 8. Imagine going on a date with him..he knocks at your door, when you open it, whhhaaaa, this is the look that you get....asking you,"are you ready to go?" brain stops!!! . By the way Ms. Jaime..nice background music..very zen type..very relaxing..
just luv him!!! ohh...i miss the short hair though...

take care!!

jaime said...

Hi chakachan,

I couldn't agree more. Trust me, I have imagined that he rang the doorbell many times, but everytime it's the servicemen :( Hehe, let's keep dreaming!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Errr, the 1st Ms Anonymous and the 2nd Ms Anonymous' comments sort of negate each other, so I'll just say thanks for writing me your comments :)

regards .... jaime