Tuesday, March 30, 2010

San-commercial pictures

Hi Hi sisters ..... I was trying to post back the pictures that I missed in the last little while, but kind of hesitated. Ok, our prince is handsome alright, but the images represent more of the concept from the brand rather than Yong Joon himself. Take a look ......

The World Cup - this is fine cause he is cheering for his country
Face Shop - holding a bouquet?!Arnold Bassini - holding a bouquet again! Hmmm .... I wonder how many times Yong Joon has held a bouquet while shooting a commercial? Some day I have to collect all those pictures and post them, hahaha :)
Honestly, I miss those pictures that Yong Joon had taken especially for us, not for any specific commercial purpose. Remember 2/3 years ago while we were waiting for the filming of TWSSG, Yong Joon would release some of his handsome pictures to quench our thirst? Like these ones that Leslie Kee shot @@ Look at his sensual expression, hehe, make me sweat! And this easy breezy pose :) The BYJ Classic CD - so enchanting! Even his Image Album - I'll take this anytime over those CF shots, at least the concept came from himself. So dear Yong Joon, even if you haven't decided on your next project, maybe you can pose some pictures for us please?
Hehe, but handsome is handsome. As bb said before, there is really no bad pictures of BYJ. So I just have to post these newly released Face Shop pictures, enjoy :)


Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime and Bae sisters:
Greetings on a stormy windswept weather.
The good news, however, is that "Winter Sonata, Anime," can now be seen on YouTube. Most probably, we can also watch the Wedding of Yu Jin and Kang Jun Sang at the ending in real time -- the filming which was "being blown" or "being thrown" in existentialist terms.
The appropriation from film to anime is amazing. The voicing is nuanced and sensitive. The production values are excellent, even the new songs are fantastic. Winter Sonata proves to be a classic in all media.
Sarang Hamnida,

jaime said...

Dear Josephine,

Sorry to hear about the windy weather, same here and the sakura is slow in blooming.

Really? The Anime is showing on youtube? I am very curious to know what happens towards the end leading to the wedding. Sigh, not everybody knows how to sign up for DATV, hope Yong Joon can understand that. please take care!

love ... jaime

Hyds said...

Hi Jaime!
Great to see you back olnline. I'm glad you mentioned this. I hope new photos of him would come out soon. With personal touches. I personally like Lislie Kee and also a big fan. So let's hope he would hear these wishes and make them come true. Take care.

Tamar1973 said...

I love Leslie Kee's BYJ photos! Too hot!!

jaime said...

Hi Hyds,

Thank you and I am also glad that you are posting too. Hope everything is going well with you.

Hehe, I think with your keen eyes as an accomplished photographer, you can tell right away what type of photographs has 'spirit' or not. Hope Yong Joon will work with Leslie Kee again.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi tamar,

me too, his Leslie Kee's pics are so HOT! love them all :) wonder if it also has to do with the long hair??

love ... jaime

yudi said...

Dear Jaime,

Time flies so fast, it seems just like yesterday when you mentioned to me at Masuya that it might be as soon as June for you to move back. It must be hard for you emotionally having to leave this beautiful place which carries so many indelible memories of yours. Please take care of yourself at this special time.

I just came back from Avatar, not because I wanted to experience this biggest grossing movie in the history, but to catch a glimpse of the glamour of 3D movies, so to imagine how it would be for BYJ to be 3D, and I have to say it will be super good. By the way Avatar is good too, I even moved to tears….almost… at some scenes.

Talking about seeing wuri YJ in cinema, I am afraid it will become the real “un-fulfilled thoughts” for fans like us. I am wondering if Scandal had made it to North America cinemas as there was an English trailer.


gosijo said...

Hello Jaime and everyone,

Speaking of pictures, there is a set of fairly recent pictures I'd very much like to find. They were used for the 2010 wall and desk calendars.

In one series, his longish hair is unbound, he's wearing a greenish leather jacket and holding either a pencil and music book or a guitar.

In another series, his hair is bound and he has a fedora on (seems like a leather one), a white shirt and black vest. In both series he has a mustache and beard.

Can anyone help?

jaime said...

Dear yudi,

Thanks for writing to me. Yes, we are leaving Japan this June. I feel sad but I am very thankful for what I have experienced already, like meeting you and the other sisters in Tokyo. I have faith in God and I believe He will take care of me :)

Yeah, I heard Avatar is a great movie, I am happy that you saw it.
I'll let you know how the TWSSG movie is like, ok?

Please take care!
love .... jaime

jaime said...

Hi gosijo,

I know those pics that you mentioned. unfortunately I did not download them as cowboy Yong joon is not really my taste. I am sure Xiaoyi's blog has a record of them as she is very complete in all the data. I also tried checking Baidu and Loveyongjoon for you, but can;t find them.

Oh oh, I just found it in Quilt! do a search on daisukibyj's post. The post title is 'from Bae Yong Joon 2010 Calendar'. Happy looking!

love ... jaime

gosijo said...

Wow! Thanks Jaime!