Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cuddlelicious Damdeok - 7

Baeha, we should have an off-site meeting one day.

These indoor meetings are not very productive.

Wow, this is perfect! What is it? Why don't we buy it, Baeha?

It's a GAZEBO! This beauty is made up of 16-columns steel construction, can withstand wind up to 100 miles per hour. Its double-facing silk drapes can filter out UVA, UVB rays and keep your skin feeling moist and smooth......

Guys, we have no budget for extravagance like this, let's go!

Baeha, my bum is glued to this chair and I am NOT leaving!

Gosh! These guys are driving me nuts!!

Baeha, imagine? You can bring girls here to impress them.

You have a point, Deal!


regie said...

Dear Jaime,

How are you? Good to see your humor's just make my day, and can take off some of my worry aboout his injuries.

Merci beaucoup! BTW, I want to show my drawing of him to you.Where can I send it?


vegasbyj said...

my dear Jaime!

Thank you for this.
After the past few days of "heaviness", your post has put a smile on my face

Thanks for making my day!

Yee said...

Thanks Jaime.
I am happy to visit all sisters' blogs this morning. Can feel the sunshine after 3 gloomy days.
Now I am ready for the week ....

gosijo said...

Dear Jaime,

I really wish the TWSSG team could see these! Talk about creative re-editing!

Thanks for lifting our moods.


Anonymous said...

Oh Lord that smile made my day
and just remind me how easy he makes my legs go weak

Yeah we all feel better now
and I'm keeping the faith to.

Love the creative editing
but you already know that.


jaime said...

hi dear moontime,

nice to hear from you again. yes, we have to be positive for Yong Joon. He needs us to trust him. Am glad that you feel better.

love .. jaime

jaime said...

my dear gosijo,

thank you for always dropping me a comment. I really miss u and hope to talk to you and the girls so much.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi dear yee,

hehe, nice to see you when you are making your round to us. I so wish to have more time to read about HRH too. Have a great week ahead.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

my dear vegas,

I am so happy to hear from you. Well, 5 more days to go, right?
Then Yong Joon can rest and receive his treatment. Let's pray everything will go smoothly for the next 5 days.

love .. jaime

jaime said...

my dear regie,

I am so honoured if I can see your drawing. Please email me at

Thanks for dropping by.

love ... jaime