Thursday, November 8, 2007

These Heartbreakers

I know these men are thousands of miles away. They don't know me and I don't know them (personally). They speak Korean, I speak Chinese. They are gorgeous and I am an eyesore. They eat kimchi, I eat dim sum. They sleep on the floor, I sleep on a mattress. Oh, wait wait, I change my mind. I can also sleep on the floor, hehe provided that they are around (drooling). SNAP! SNAP! Jaime, are you soooo sick that you’re hallucinating again?! Ok ok sorry, I'd better come back to earth :)

Now, if we are so drastically different, then why does my heart ache (as do thousands of other fans) when something bad happen to these men? Some of the sisters already know that my other sweetheart is Ryu Si Won. His beloved father passed away suddenly a few weeks ago and he was deeply saddened despite his display of dignity and strength.

Then of course our King’s finger was injured 2 weeks ago, we started worrying about his well-being and how the rigorous filming is going to affect his recovery. Now yesterday his bandaged-finger was revealed in the preview of episode 17, it caused waves of concerns from fans all over Korea, Japan, China and the rest of the world again.

I know worrying about these men is not going to improve or worsen their physical situation. When I first read about BYJ calling his fans ‘family’ 2 years ago, it just flashed through my mind at that time maybe he’s quoting that term a bit too casually. But somehow, these wonderful men who have so much grace and virtues manage to slowly creep into our hearts and we begin to worry about them like a part of our families. You actually feel for the pain and heartaches that they are going through. How much wisdom does Yong Joon possess to understand already these caring sentiments coming from his adoring fans??

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vegasbyj said...

I give you 2 SNAPS UP and I'll shake my >(__!__)< just for you.

When I read about YJ injuring his finger and how bad it was, it brought back memories of my own finger injury which also required stitches. Not a pretty sight. I cut it quite deep and I was on blood thinners at that time for a leg injury so the bleeding didn't stop right away. (that was a bad year) Sorry - didn't mean to gross anyone out. But as "family" you feel for eachother - thru the good and bad - being part of the Bae Family Circle. We worry cuz we are family. While our worrying may/may not change the situation, I'm sure our fave K-men will gain strength from us being here/there to support them.

Now, young lady - go get some rest!!

byjforever said...

Hi Jaime,

Please feel better and sleep lots ok!

Was able to see ep. 17 this morning and was really worried as there were so many action scenes. Seemed a little difficult for YJ to ride his horse holding the reins in his left hand. Then using his left hand to hold the sword in some of the scenes. He's nothing but a perfectionist so he gave each scene 200%. Hopefully part of his strength came from knowing we are all sending him good vibes and energy.

Get well soon, dear Jaime.

jaime said...

hi my dear vegas,

did you just 'moon' me? hahaha, just kidding. I know what you mean.

I am sorry about your finger injury (and the leg injury too), I hope they are both fine now. You are so right, we do feel and care for BYJ and each other. When a sister doesn't feel well or down, we always try our best to offer comfort. That's the beautiful love in the BYJ world. I am so lucky to be a part of it, having you and the other dear sisters.

Unfotunately mothers like us cannot afford to get sick, still has to get up to help w/ my son's Math test. Please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Oh really? BYJforver, he still has to hold that heavy sword to fight, and Lord knows, that needs finger strength to grip in to the handle :( It must be hurting, he just didn't show it to us! What dedication! I hope he will have a long and relaxing rest after this drama.

Thanks for your kind concern. I will stay warm and drink lots of juice. You take care too, ok?

love ...... jaime

Anonymous said...

onni... did you read the news its not just a ligament but also some injury in the bone...
so my mom was correct...
i showed her the photo and he said that i looks like the finger is cemented(maybe) and maybe its not just a ligament injury....
\(;_; )

jaime said...

hi hi mymy,

I heard, doesn't that make you worry? Bone, that must hurt so much :( According to your mommy, is it like a cast on the finger? I hope there is some good herbal medicine (like the chinese ones) they can use in Korea to help the recovery.

Mymy, I heard it's still warm in Tokyo. Don't have to wear a coat yet? Must be nice!

Sweet dreams! love ... jaime

Toujours_BYJ said...

Hi Jaime, I don't think they still sleep on the floor anymore.
Sorry to hear about RSW's father, he must be very sad.

And yes, watching epi 17 made me worried a lot for our YJ, just a little cut has already hurted me so much, but ligament and bone ! Poor poor YJ, and he has to use a sword and to fight.

PS : do you feel better ?

HeippieH said...

Dear Jaime, haven't seen you for days, seems like ages, how are you doing? I am concerned about you, just as concerned about our HRH, I just watched epi-17, there are so many scenes with his casted finger, and our king fought so hard and marvelously. Admire him!

Please take good care,


jaime said...

hi my dear camille,

hehe, you are right, I think they sleep on tatami or a regular bed, not floor. silly me.

looks like our prince will have to endure some more pain, at least until the shooting is finished.

love .. jaime

jaime said...

my dear h,

so sorry to have make you worry. I was fighting a losing battle w/ the flu bug last week. I think I am on the road to recovery now. Thanks for your concern. I know you enjoy this drama very much. What episode are u on now?

love ..... jaime