Saturday, November 24, 2007


Hi Hi sisters ....... Hello from Tokyo! Much like my Kyrgyzstan's adventure, I have finally arrived in the the Land of the Rising Sun - Japan (except this time it's not a fictitious story anymore). Must be my luck with travelling, major international disasters, severe weather and long delays seem to time themselves around this infrequent traveller. The first major snowfall of this winter just happened the night before I flew. I normally welcome this 'choum' snow, thinking fondly of our gorgeous MinHyung strolling on the street of Seoul lifting his hand gently to feel the snowflakes. I guess to make sure I got to the airport on time and in 1 piece, the airport limousine company sent out a super stretch limo for my comfort! Wow, remember that's what I was expecting in Kyrgyzstan, instead I got a yak!

My son grabbed the side seat (as if anybody is competing with him?) and found it most interesting to stare at the bar (hopefully not at the alcohol) while I settled myself comfortably in the seat where the handsome Frank Shin met JinYoung hitching a ride in the hot desert of Las Vegas. Haha, am I too pathetic to link everything I do to a scene in HRH's drama? What's next, raise a few pets in my backyard like a blue dragon, a white tiger, a red phoenix and a turtle snake?? :)

Wow, it's off to a great start, but I guess the payback time came next. As if the airline people haven't looked outside the window the whole day, after we have all boarded and settled ourselves snuggly for this dreaded 13 hours-long flight, they announced that they had to prepare the aircraft's computer and engine for the weather and the wings had to be de-iced, so we were forced to breathe 3 more hours of recycled oxygen. Haha luckily we were very well prepared, my son and I were ready with our portable DVD player fully charged and our precious TWSSG DVDs, we began our happy flight :)

Boy, we must have watched for a long time. By the time I woke up, I looked up at he monitor on the plane. WHAT?! Why were they showing a map of Siberia, what documentary was this? I rubbed my eyes and looked again. No, that was an aircraft on the map over the Arctic Ocean heading towards Siberia?? Am I in an 'Indiana Jones' movie or what, did someone just hijacked the plane to Siberia?? No no no, it dawned on me that it is the route of this direct fight - over Alaska crossing the Arctic Ocean, headed into Siberia and towards Japan! The world is round, not flat; Siberia is actually directly north of Sapporo, Japan. Gee, I should really brushed up on my world geography.

We were overjoyed to see my hubby, and my son's daddy of course. It seemed like we had been apart for sooooo long. No matter how much I adore BYJ (and RSW hehe), there is just no one in the world who can replace your family and your love. Back in the hotel, mu hubby handed me a package and said smilingly, "I think you'll like this". I received it with a very questionable look but I know he wanted to show his appreciation for me handling the household matters while he's away. I opened up expecting it to be another art book, but voila, look what I've got!

Yes, this is Dong Gam - the music CD that BYJ graced the cover :

The side of the Dong Gam box with other Korean hunks :

I love this picture on the address book :

Another look at the box :

Yes, I know this is way back in 2005/6 but I am surprised that hubby even remembers BYJ's face and got this for me. Of course I do not expect him to know the latest and greatest of my idol's work and which one I don't have yet. Why, haha, because since I am in pseudo-Baeland myself, I can very well accomplish that task of filling up what is missing in my BYJ cabinet :) Oh, I love Japan!

Please take care, my dearest sisters. I will try to write soon. I love and miss you all very much :)


bb said...

oh boy you sure travel in style!! not just with the stretch limo, but complete with ice and snow too :p

anyhow, glad to hear your son and you have arrived in tokyo :)


p.s. that's a real sweet thing your hubby did! so he can recognize YJ in all hairstyles?

gosijo said...

Dear Jaime,

So glad to know you're there and found a few minutes (maybe more) to share this with us. I was thinking of you on departure day. As first snows go, this one was rather messy. Still, now that Min Hyung is in our lives, it's become impossible not to lift our heads heavenwards and smile on such a day!

Hope we can get together soon after you return although I know you'll be extra busy.

jaime said...

hi hi my dear princess,

nice to hear from u. i am dead tired, there is just so much walking (or should i say, so much shopping?) in tokyo. still haven't got time to call any bae sisters yet. got to squeeze sometime to do some major BYJ shopping.

hehe, BYJ's face is so unforgettable, even hubby can't forget him :)

love & hugs and please take care .... jaime

jaime said...

hi my dear gosijo,

thank you for your concern. i hope the first snow didn't give u any problem. i can't wait to meet w/ u too when i get back. please take care, ok?

love ... jaime

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

Welcome back to Tokyo!! Today, at 'Untold Scandal' Bunggae in Roppongi I met many sisters whom you have met before and told them that you are in Tokyo right now.
They all missed you!! baba also flew from L.A. yesterday and you know what! I met pallet and flowerbossa!
How do you like the winter illumination of Roppongi Hills and Midtown? Anyway I'm waiting for your call, since I don't know where you are staying.

cloud nine

Toujours_BYJ said...

My dear Jaime
I'm very happy you've arrived safe. Wow, what a great hubby you've got !
Please take care and try to find time to enjoy your trip.

Hi hi Cloudnine, you've met Flowerbossa ? We all missed her very much.

vegasbyj said...

Dear Jaime!

I'm very happy to read that you and your son arrived safe and sound in Japan. And what a nice welcome gift your hubby gave you.

Do enjoy yourself and take good care as you have many things to tend to while there.

Looking forward to hearing from you as time permits.


Anonymous said...

Have an amazing time darling,
glad that you are spending time
with your hubbie.
Keep safe
shop till you drop

Much love


bb said...

boohoohoo... how come everyone i like is either in korea or japan?! i want to move :p

p.s. jaime, don't overdose on the shopping, you've gotta save some for next time :)

Yee said...

How wonderful!!! Looks like you'll be in Japan till the opening of TWSSG opening at the big cinema. I wish you can watch it. Or may be you just enjoy precious time with your family.
What a nice husband ... a gift of something BYJ for a welcome present.^^
Have fun and happy shopping!!!

Anonymous said...

jaime onni!!!!
ok wait a minute..
*mymy went to the terrace...looking at the tokyo tower wondering where is jaime onni out there...
decided to hurry back inside bec it s so cold...
im back.... :p believe me im crazy i also did that everytime YJ oppa is here :) :)

onni or i rather say "jaime one~cyan" your hubby is so sweet~...
jaime onechan, did u said 'salamat' and 'mahal kita' to him... :p
take care!
from your imoto mymy

HeippieH said...

Wow wow Jaime, so nice to see you are safe and sound in Tokyo. You have such a sweet hubby, and you are in the right place at the right time, expecting to see HRH soon for TWSSG tour. I am sure things are going to be well there with kid's school and hubby's job. Once settled, HRH will be there, looking forward to hearing more lovely stories from you. Love as always...

flowerbossa said...


I can't believe you are actually HERE!
Too bad you couldn't join us at the Bunggae. It was exciting to be able to see Won-nim again on the big screen!

I hope we can meet sometime^^

Enjoy your stay ♪

(p.s. It was great meeting you cloud nine!

AND camille, I miss you,too ~)


jaime said...

hi dear cloudnine .... by the time i reply to this, we've already met and walked and talked. thanks for taking me to nihonbashi, enjoy it very much.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

my dear camile,

i am sorry that i missed flowerbossa and so many other sisters too in the bunggae. banging my head now :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hehe vegas,

how's everything in vegas? getting cold too. haven't checked out your blog as I don't like using other people's laptop, just doesn't feel the same.

please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi hi moontime ... thanks for your comments. only a few more days, then i'll wrap up this trip and go home to prepare for my big move. can't wait! please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

my dear yee,

I can watch TWSSG promotional preview and special on NHK. I think the cinema showing is next year. I read that there's long lineup for the tickets. I don't know if I still have a chance to watch it. I know I can still catch it on NHK in January. let's see how it goes. thanks for droppong by, i appreciate it.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

are u serious, princess bb? that would be fantastic if you move to japan. so many of us will be jumping for joy :)

jaime said...

my dear mymy,

i am looking at the tokyo tower too wondering where you are :) sorry, i will call u this weekend, please don't stay in the balcony anymore, ok?

love .... jaime

jaime said...

dearest h,

thank you for the encouraging words. yes, things are progressing well and the purposes of this trip are accomplished. next, the real rush (& serious work) starts when I return home. I hope you are doing well, miss you girls very much.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

my dear flowerbossa,

Thank you for writing to me. I heard about the Untold Scandal bunggae from cloudnine. I regret not being able to meet with you and Pallet. It must have been a very enjoyable experience for you and the Japanese sisters.

I hope we will have more chances to meet up in the future. Please take care of yourself and send my regards to Pallet.

love .... Jaime