Thursday, November 15, 2007

OMG! He's injured again!

Oh my gosh! I have been so busy these few days and didn't even have time to check on our beloved man. My dear sister Heippieh just emailed me that our prince got seriously injured again! My heart literally dropped to the floor and a chill went down my spine, seriously hurt?! How much more pain did he suffer? How much more shock can we fans take??

From Joanne's EDaily translation in Quilt, this time it's no joking matter. His spinal nerve is damaged and he should undergo a surgery. But our prince even continued filming and didn't want the crew and cast to worry. I love TWSSG and he is magnificent in it, but I rather not watch the drama if it is at the expense of him working so hard and getting injured! I say, my dear prince, forget about the drama! forget about the deadline! So what if they stop broadcasting the drama until you are ready and well? We are not going to hurt if we don't watch the drama every week, but we are going to hurt so much if we know you are in pain. When we know you are suffering and anything bad happens to you, we will all be crying and our hearts are bleeding. So please Yong Joon, I beg you, I pray that you will for once think about yourself before other people and take care of yourself. Please please please stop filming and rest in the hospital. We all love you so much and so wish we can take some of your pain away from you.

I am sorry that I get emotional, but like other sisters, I am really worried about him :(


HeippieH said...

Dear Jaime, you said exactly what I wanted to say, I'd rather wait, I don't want to see him get hurt and keep working. I don't know how I would feel viewing the next few episodes, whenever I see him, my heart must be crying feeling his pain, knowing that he performed all these with the pain killer. I *HATE* those pain killers, when one gets injured, the body pain lets you know that you should stop, get treatment and rest, now that you use pain killer to keep going, it will hurt the body MORE. Now I am really getting emotional! I would say to him if I see him "Listen BAE YONG JOON, I am calling your name, so listen to me, please GO TO THE HOSPITAL NOW!" It will make my heart ache to see him smiling and jumping and fighting and riding under so much pain in the next few episodes.

regie said...

Dear Jaime,

My heart fell on to the floor when I heard the news, almost cried as a feeling of pain struck me.

I just pray to GOD that He bless and guided all the doctors ,medical team and the hospital for the surgery.So everything will go smoothly.

Why, he has to be so proffesional? so he neglect his own body and pain? YJ, please...STOP and GO to hospital?NOW!

vegasbyj said...

We are all worried and upset about this news. I'm sure message boards are flooded with all kinds of get well wishes as well as angry ones. I'm sure he has made his choice after talking with his doctors, so I will support his decision. However, I don't have to agree with it and I am worried about his delay in seeking proper treatment at this time. I hope there will be no ill effects from his delaying treatment now.

Will continue to think positive!!

coco said...

Hi All, I keep thinking of that scene in WLS where Min-hyung draws the blueprint of the house, knowing he could become blind at any time....

It was a loving and courageous act...

But that was a drama, and this is real life, and he's dealing with a spinal injury!

But -- we need to trust him, this is all he ever asks of us, never anything more. We need to trust him, as difficult as this is right now.

It is his decision and he has made it. We know that he is wise, and in his wisdom he knows that he has the right to change his mind. I choose to trust that he will do that when it gets too hard for him.

Sighzzz... it's so hard to feel so helpless when someone we love, adore and respect is suffering, isn't it? What a difficult time this is for all of us, our dear YJ and his Family....

love to all,

Anonymous said...

I support him
I'm praying right now,
I will be think positive about this
I respect him.

I just stop crying,
and will stand firm by him
in whatever situation.

But Oh God I hate this.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime,

Only this time I really hate his being professional and having iron will.

We understand he is risking his life on TWSSG but I'm most worried is his carreer after this. We can't loose BYJ as an actor.

All we can do now is to pray and support him, I know. However, Fumi posted 'a letter to PD Kim' on JOB today and asks PD Kim to make a right decision, which is to stop shooting ASAP unless he is sure of the aftereffect of keeping working after the such serious infury. I totally support Fumi and many more Japanese fans follow.

It's getting very cold here. Please take care of yourself and your family.

cloud nine

gosijo said...

Dear Jaime,

One and a half days have passed since you posted this and much has been written about how the family feels in light of YJ's injury.

I think we have to understand that suspending filming has a multiple domino effect. For one, on the availability of cast, crew and location later - not easy, I'm sure. For another on the plans to broadcast TWSSG in other countries, not to mention finish the broadcast on MBC, especially after the issues with the network back in May. All these can be solved but I think we can understand why there is an attempt to avoid getting in those situations, if humanely possible. So, this is our rock.

The hard place, of course, is our dear man's seriously compromised physical well-being.

I'm sure YJ is feeling all the pressure of being placed between this rock and this hard place, on top of the serious pain he has to endure. What torture this must be!

I think we have to trust in him, as many have said, but also in those close to him who are able to negotiate the multi-facetted consequences of changes in plans.

For the fans, I'm sure we're unanimous in saying "we prefer to wait". For the financial backers, there are issues of loss of momentum with the current broadcast, escalating costs, delays in realizing revenues, damaged reputations, loss of trust in the production team, to name a few.

Since we're not involved with any of these business decisions, I think our best option is to express our trust and support to YJ. I cannot think of any better way to channel our deep feelings for him, especially as the decisions made by MBC, IMX and others would not be swayed by those outside Korea or Japan.

Let's hope he's sleeping and in some measure of comfort at this time. I'm sure there are hundreds of thousands of us metaphorically holding his hand to signify we're by his side and hoping to take the pain away, take the worries away, in this primitive fashion.

jaime said...

hi dear h,

Me too, my heart aches every time I think about that he's in pain. Feel so helpless :(

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi dear regie,

I also pray that he can receive proper treatment at the earliest possible time. I heard about this prayer circle for him from sisters around the world. Isn't that nice?

love ... jaime

jaime said...

my dear vegas,

I think all the sisters are worried about the after-effect as spinal injury can lead to paralysis. The next few days are going to be so difficult for Yong Joon and his BYJ family. Please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi chief,

Yeah, I find it's so heartbreaking to watch MinHyung at the doctor's office alone by himself receiving the news about his illness. I so wish there is a special someone by his side in his life right now. This man so needed a girl to comfort and take care of him.

love .... jaime

jaime said...

oh dear moontime,

please stop crying. You know Yong Joon loves his family very much. If he knows you cry, he will feel even sadder. Please be strong, ok?
You have a lot of sisters to share your feelings with you.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

my dear cloudnine,

I can imagine how concerned the Japanese sisters are. I know how much they love and support him. Yong Joon is such a strong and wise person, looks like all we can do now is to support and pray for him.

Please take care of yourself.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

dear gosijo,

Sorry for not writing after this, but My heart and my mind never leaves here. Yes, a lot have developed and discussed since then.

I agree with you. After we have passed the initial shock and thinking only of Yong Joon's well-being, we have indeed omitted the ripple effects of the main star stopped filming for a long duration. Sigh, no wonder Yong Joon commented before in an interview that he felt his body does not belong to him.

Thank you always for your cool head and detailed analysis.

love ... jaime

MYMY said...

hi jaime onni...
when i read sbout this i was so shocked... i just went to my room opene the tv, cryed and waited for the news.
when i knew about the surgery i was also so angry that i rally want to fly to korea find him and bring him to the hospital but after some days past, w/ help of our lovely sisters i can now understand why did YJ oppa picked this choice.
and maybe its really not that serious after all. i hope...
remember his acapuncture doctor? spine surgery is quite dangerous so i hope acapuncture will do.

jaime said...

my dear mymy,

please don't cry, I feel sad that you have to worry about him. He is a very intelligent man and treats his career like his life. Let's all trust and pray for him together. You take care of yourself, ok?

love ... jaime