Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Starting a DD collection

Dear sisters ...... Like vegas said, "What a bummer!" I was so prepared this morning, just like any other Wednesday morning for the past 7 weeks, rushed back from school, had my steaming ocha in my hand and those TVants working. Stuffed my big behind snuggly in the chair, waiting for my gallant prince to gallop towards me on his horse! But I waited, 10 commercials, 20 commercials, 30 commercials ..... I was about to turn into a Korean consumer expert if I continued to watch like this. Where is my Damdeok? Did that MBC change its broadcast time on me again?! Then, it dawned on me that we, in North America, just switched to 'daylight savings time' this past weekend and has 'fallen' back one whole hour! Did I leave my brain on another planet?? I have nobody to blame but myself! :(

Actually, I have been feeling a bit guilty about twisting the scenes with some comical, school-kiddish dialogue. I hope you understand that I am not downplaying the integrity of this great epic drama. I have the deepest respect for Yong Joon and the dedicated effort of the TWSSG team, but knowing my dear sisters are happy when they read this has kept me going. Haha, if you don't like these silly dialogue, look at it from the bright side, you only have to endure it for 8 more episodes!

Honestly, I kind of miss those days when I had the time to research and write about art and Yong Joon's beauty. So, I decide to start collecting pictures of beautiful Damdeok that give me that stunning impression, hehe, that is until I get my hands on that droolingly beautiful official album :)


gosijo said...

Hi Jaime,

I was thinking of you yesterday morning, wondering if you'd remembered about the time change's possible effect on broadcast time. So, so sorry you missed it!

You know, about your "school-kiddish" re-writes, I think everyone in the TWSSG production team would love them, not think them disrespectful at all. I think it's obvious that they're meant in an affectionate, not mocking way.

Hope you are catching our hero at this very moment and that your health is on the mend. If not, straight to bed after the show, young lady!

vegasbyj said...

Good Thursday Dear Jaime!

Well, I missed this morning too. TVants changed and I have not figured out how to navigate the site since it's all in Chinese. No worries, I will wait for some kind soul to post on veoh. Then, I can enjoy both episodes together.

As for your posts - I enjoy each and every one of them. You bring such creativity to each scene which makes us LOL...that's a good thing. You are putting your own "flavor" on the scenes - nothing wrong with that. You are not mocking the drama in any way. We know you have the utmost respect for this drama as we all do. So, please continue doing what you do best. Let us LOL and ROFLOAO and enjoy the beauty of this drama and the man we so dearly love and support.

Hope you are feeling better today!!
Take care!

jaime said...

hi hi gosijo,

sorry to say that this new time is really not good for me. looks like I have to miss the rest of the live broadcast :( That's ok, we'll all watch it together later !

I'm feeling awful but can't sleep, hehe that's why blogging! have a great day and be careful of the flu bugs, ok?

love .. jaime

jaime said...

hi dear vegas,

oh sorry to hear about your TVants situation. But don't you have to wake up really early like 4:55 am your time to watch? I was able to catch the tailend of the broadcast.

I don't know if this piece of info helps. I usually do not pick the one with the most audience only. Instead I look at all 3 factors : Audience, Quality and Rate (kbps) and try to strike a balance. Generally, I find the faster the rate, the pixels are smaller and therefore clearer, and less interruption. Quality (%) is just an indication, a lot of time I started it earlier and test out a few channels to decide on the clearest one. Yes, initially, they do show some clips from a Chinese channel but it will change back to MBC eventually. Usually, if you see they are talking about News and sports, you know you have the right MBC channel. hehe, but I guess you know all these already.

I guess I will not be able to watch from now on since the time change. So I can guess whatever I want from the screencaps, hahaha!
Thank you for your kind words. Please take care of yourself and have a great day!

love ... jaime

vegasbyj said...

Thanks much for your help Jaime!

Actually, the tvants screen I get now doesn't have the usual list of stations. All I see is "3tv" and that's it. I click on that and get another screen with a "tv" and then to the right a listing of items (all in Chinese). Then, I click on something else which takes me to another screen with the listing of the stations and when I click on "MBC" nothing happens. I wonder if tvants changed something or I downloaded another program or something. I dunno..*sighs*. And yes, I'd have to be up by 4:55am to catch the show. So, rather than get all frustrated, I'll be patient and wait for veoh.

Feel better soon!

jaime said...

my dear vegas, forgive me for being nosy. I retied what you described, click on the small 3" TV and opened up another window with a screen and list of chinese topics on the right. But simultaneously the buffering is complete and the MBC screen opened up too!

Have you tried closing all those chinese windows and return back to the original 'TVAnts - A most powerful Live TV is here!' window and type in MBC as keyword and click on 'Search TV'? That will bring up just the MBC stations, then you can select the one w/ high kbps rate and audience. Sorry that I am not technical and cannot debug the problem.

hehe, but like what you say, we can always depend on veoh (btw, I still haven't tried this) or xiaoyi's blog for clips, have fun!

love ... jaime

Anonymous said...

Hey hey hey
I love the funny lines,
don't you dare stop.

It makes me laugh so hard
and I think is very creative,
plus I get to drool over the screencaps of this wonderfull man.


jaime said...

hi hi moontime,

haha no worry, thick face like me have no intention to stop at all.
I enjoy looking at the screencaps of every episodes too, he's sooo handsome. Not even 1 single bad picture, what a blessed man!
Thanks for your kind words.

love ..... jaime

regie said...

Dear Jaime,

Hello again, I love the way you make the funny dialog scene.It's cute and also thannk you for posting so many beatiful pictures of BYJ. Unlike you, I'm not good at writing at all, sometime I envy people like u, bb or mishio who can write eloquently and interesting.I can just draw him quietly.

Thx and have a good weekend.

jaime said...

my dear regie,

You are too kind to put me w/ bb and mishio, they are exceptional writers. I am still learning from everyone here.

Wow, you draw? you are so talented. Would you like to share your drawings with us? I love to see them. I am starting to learn sketching Yong Joon too. Unfortuately I have been so busy lately and have to stop. It is such a soothing and emotional experience, don't you find?
Please do share with us, I am sure your drawings are wonderful!

love ... jaime

HeippieH said...

He is truly BEAUTIFUL! I love all these pictures. I don't recall seeing the first one.

How are you doing lately? Hope things are going well with you and family.


jaime said...

hi dear h,

yesh, he's so beautiful in this drama. He really manages to surpass our expectation everytime.

love .... jaime