Monday, August 18, 2008

HRH posted in KOB!

Hi Hi .... what a glorious day! We all woke up finding a letter waiting for us written by the prince himself! Yes yes, he posted in KOB early this morning at 3:21am Seoul time while we are taking our beauty sleep. Thanks tomato-san for alerting us and suehan-nim for translating this so quickly, kamsumphamnida :)

Hello, Family. This is Bae Yong Joon.

Today’s weather isn’t so good, but there was a refreshing breeze for us all. On the other hand, I am thinking that there will be a change in the weather with the rain showers and wind that have come. The rate that time is flying by makes me feel like I’m in a rush to get everything done. Because there is so much I have planned in my head while I have been taking breaks. That is why I am taking the time to first write to you all and send this letter to the Family.

First of all, I am sorry to have made you all worry. The surgery went well without any problems. After getting good results from staying in the hospital for a couple of days, I am already recovering quickly enough to be in front of the computer to write this letter to you all. I would like to give thanks to all of you for your support, and promise to not make you all worry like this again in the future. You must all stay healthy and well, too.

Out of all the things that I hope to do in the future, there is one idea that I would like to discuss with all of you.

A while ago, I mentioned that I wanted to write a book to introduce Korea. Do you all remember that? Although I love photographs, I have also had this desire to present the beauty(s) of Korea for a long time.

Therefore, from the love and support from the Asian family, I have seen the interest many families have shown about Korea. And everyone has made visits to the country, too. At some point I started to regret that you have to come and visit the shooting site, which due to little information were limited to see only that part of Korea.
And even from those it was not enough for you to see all of Korea during your trip, making you have to come back again later. I wanted to catch the attention of you all and tourists, by revealing the charm of the country that is Korea. And this is what I want to say.

“Even to those of us who have lived in Korea, the culture, history and beauty of the country have embraced and surprised us. Please use your camera to capture the beauty of every little place. This is the Korea that I was born and grew up in. It is the Korea that I have been trying to reveal through my drama and movie shootings.” Is what I am trying to say.

And that made me think how it would be if I were the first to pick up my camera and travel around the country, introducing a book filled with pictures that at least communicate some of the beauty that Korea has to offer.

But this isn’t where my thoughts and worries stop. While thinking about the route(s) of my travels would lead me, I only know of the few, famous places that I have been before. There must be places that are just as beautiful that I simply have not heard of yet… And I haven’t been able to look for help in any other useful places.
But then, the Family is what came to my thoughts! I realized that we could make this book together, not with my own efforts.

What do you think? Are there any places you can tell me about?

Please let me know of all the places that you all have traveled throughout Korea. Writing, pictures, any information you can give me is fine. Even a small table in a shabby, country restaurant will be accepted too. Mountains you do not know the names of that you have seen in the background while parking your car in the sunset are also good. Exciting stories at a famous getaway is great, too. Those who have lived their entire lives in Korea, an encounter you’ve had that made you realize your appreciation for the country is good, too.
You have anything that you want to know about Korea? That is great, too. Tell me where in Korea you’re curious about, where you want to go and visit, what you want to try and eat… whatever your heart desires to ask.

I will try my best to create a good book using all the things that you all have to contribute to me.
I hope that everyone who reads this book and is interested in Korea including our families abroad would like to stay for a longer time in Korea.

My pen and pad and camera are ready. I will start my travels as soon as I receive all of your stories. For now, email your letters to Soon, I will create a place where I can store, and listen to, all the stories you send me.

I feel much lighter now that I have expressed the thoughts that I have had for the past few weeks to you all. Now, I will just wait excitedly for all your stories. I will definitely be studying hard.

Please always stay well and healthy.

I love you all.

At the dawn of August 19th, 2008


Bae Yong Joon

I got a small scare when the post didn’t show up all at once.
I forgot there was a limit on the length of the posting.
I hope it doesn’t make your reading difficult.

Don't you love the way HRH writes? He is such a big star, but his letter is so warm and his thoughts flow so smoothly, I feel as if I am reading a family letter. Wow, he is actually asking for our input into his photograph album. He really wants to create something that his family likes. What a considerate and modest person, I am so touched! Hehe here is my humble suggestion of your routes :

1. Take a walk to the biggest mirror in your home.

2. Hold up your super powerful camera and aim directly at your beautiful face, click!

3. Next, focus individually on those shiny healthy hair, dreamy eyes, perfect nose, sexy lips, muscular chest, manicured nails, long lean legs, click click click click click!

4. Then, move onto to your bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, balcony and give us an idea of how you live. Hehe, don't bother tidying it up first, I doubt that you are a messy person :)

5. There, your tour is finished and we have one beautiful photo album and very happy satisfied family :) shhhhh ...... don't tell him, otherwise he'll never ask for any fans' opinions anymore.

Yong Joon ssi, please take care of your health before embarking on your roadtrip around Korea. I look forwwad to your wonderful work!


Anonymous said...

Dear jaime,

Welcome back ! Ididn't know you

were back until I resd your reply

in his posting.Yes,it was such a

pleasnt surprise I couln't belive

it at first.Anyway,it felt like

receiving a letter or being spoken

to us all by himself personally.

As you said,his writing is warm and

thoughtful penned by a lady,isn't

it ?

How was your trip ? As I went there

last fall (here),I'd loved to hear

quite different stories at his BD

party on 29th.

I'm mostly watching the Olympics.

See you soon !


jaime said...

Dear moichan,

Nice to hear from you. Yes, Australia is very beautiful and we had a wonderful but tiring trip.

Isn't it amazing that he actually wrote to us?! I am still recovering from the pleasant surprise. Look forward to seeing you on his B-day at Gosireh!

love ... jaime

Anonymous said...

Hi there dear Jaime -- welcome back! So glad to hear you travelled safely.

Hahahaha, I totally LOVE your idea of the tour YJ should take, and I wholeheartedly agree! What a great idea!! Because, you know, when I go to Korea, I will have only ONE THING in mind -- to see HIM!

Although I will also want to see Korea, of course, and I look forward to his book -- I'd rather see a tour of his beautiful lips and hair and and and... and his home, hahahaha!

But I feel like a "bad family" bz I know how much he values his privacy..... What a dilemma!!!

Thankfully, this particular decision will be made for me, since I'm sure there is very little chance that he will ever give us that kind of tour... sighzzz....

Thanks for the giggles, I really enjoyed reading this post!

much love to you,

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Jaime, glad to know that you made it back successfully, I was a little worried for my elegant Bae sis, after reading the plan of your trip.
The culprit of my fast growing interest of Korea is him, so your brilliant idea of tour is excellent not only for him, but also for me too.
Thanks for the idea ....


jaime said...

Hi chief,

Hehe, a tour of his home will remain a fantasy. but do u think Gorilla and TeaLoft is a pretty good indication of his home style? Like you, I am happy just looking at his picture and nothing else.
Yong Joon will sure give out a disappointing sigh at my useless comment :)

love ... Jaime

jaime said...

Hi dear Yee,

Thank you for your concern and yes, I am still recovering from my trip. Our prince sure dropped a bomb on this ordinary Tuesday with his heart-felt letter to his family. I can't wait for the outsome of this project. I am sure a lot of Korean sisters will have great ideas for him :)

I'll send you email soon, please wait, ok? Please take care!

love ...jaime

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime

Welcome back.

What a tour that would be.

Anonymous said...

Chinggu, a tour of his entire house,eh? You are really so relentless. That sneaky mind of yours is again working it's way to get what you've(and that includes all of US) always wanted. I bet you are now trying to work things out with some of your covert contacts as to how you are going to put surveillance cameras on the entire palace, heheheheh!

What can I say? Birds of the same feathers flock together. Count me in if you ever hatch a brilliant plan to make this scheme into a DREAM COME TRUE!

Take care & hugz!


jaime said...

Hi Anonymous ... thank you for your comments. Have a wonderful day!

regards ... jaime

jaime said...

dear chinggu,

What can I say? You are always a step ahead of me. You saw through my 'sneaky' mind on my ongoing quest to inch myself closer to HRH :) OK, I'll count you in my plan, but do you know how to distract guard dogs in HRH's palace? cos I don't :)

love ... jaime