Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Still so handsome

Hi Hi ..... finally can see HRH since those JFK arrival pictures 2 months ago. Oh my poor dear, he's still in that arm cast. Still donning the exact same clothes and acessories, I guess he really likes this look eh? Hair is still long and tied up. Hehe of course, still the handsome-est guy in the world! :)

I suddenly become very jealous of that 'arm cast thingy' and desperately wish I were 'it' - being slung over HRH's shoulder, tied around HRH's waist, wrapped up HRH's arm and hid inside HRH's jacket :) Somebody please wake me up! Or better yet, don't!

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gosijo said...

The countdown is on, one more sleep (well, one for you, Jaime, and two for me) to THAT day.

Yes, yes, HIS day but also the birth day of your Zoom on Bae Yong Joon.

Congratulations, our dear Jaime, and thanks for bringing us all your wonderful posts, those about your great adventure, your series, old and new, the longing we all feel, and those especially hilarious Lost in TWSSG Lack of Translation posts. If I had to pick my favourite among those, it would definitely be Cuddlelicious Damdeok 5, posted November 5th 2007, and featuring the battle between the Beauty (DD) and the Beast (Jumoochi) over that tomboy Sujini, haha!

Wishing you many more years in the blogosphere, sharing your journey, wherever it might take you.

Love from your Toronto sis, Gosijo

Anonymous said...

My goodness Chinggu, WAKE UP, wake up! Stop the dream, you're getting delusional(here I thought I am the one who should be DELUSIONAL & DERANGED, hahhahah!).

He's so truly the Handsomest man ever to walk the earth. Can you include me in your dream like the one pulling you away from HRH body? Hahhahahaha!

Love yah Sweetie! Thanx for the pics! Take care!

Love, Judy