Saturday, August 2, 2008

Japanese Hotelier

Hi Hi .... you all remember this Japanese remake of our HRH's famous Hotelier drama?

Like most sisters, we are really only interested in that few minutes of cameo appearance by HRH. Unfortunately, the Japanese Hotelier wasn't very well received. When my dear chinggu sent this DVD to me recently, I decide to watch it because of its Japanese dialogue with attaching English subtitles. Why? Because everybody's saying the best way to learn a language is to listen to its songs and watch its drama!

Think about it, we didn't even know a single word of Korean before. But after watching all of HRH's dramas over and over again, we did pick up a few words and expressions here and there, right? Believe me, it was so amazing this time when my son and I were watching this Japanese Hotelier, we are able to pick up so many words and sentences! As for the drama itself, quoting my little prince's remarks "It's acceptable" :) Hehe, so thank you so much my dear chinggu for your wonderful gift!


Anonymous said...

Hi Chinggu & Sean!

Glad both mother & son learned some useful Japanese sentences via this dvd. Thank you so much for liking it and you are so welcome.

Though we are so always on the verge of ripping our necks via chatting(yes gals, that is how much we love & care for each other's well-being, heheheheh!plus our endless threats, hehehhehe!) Jaime really is a true friend & I value her opinions & advises on my everyday stuffs. Well, much more lovable is her humor and quick wit in this blog.

Thank you so much for being there Chinggu and we all love yah!

Love, Judy

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime et al:
The image of Bae Yong Joon as a businessman in control of his destiny, both in love and in his Mergers and Acquisitions career is one of my favorites -- whether in the short haired Korean version or the long haired Japanese version. He projects the ideal compleate man inspite of a difficult past -- like an identity crisis and problems on meaning of life because of being orphaned, adopted and dislocated in a foreign country. His role not only represents the problem of identity (like the North/South split) of many Asian countries trying to unify as one country and into "Asia is One" continent. It is also global and international.
Hotelier has even translated into reality because after the TV drama, Bae Yong Joon himself went into business by buying an IT company, listing it in the stock market that caused its price to climb, put up other businesses in film distribution, production and royal restaurants.
When will Bae Yong Joon go all out by listing his business in the New York Stock Exchange, and let us see, how the Bae Magic will affect the global market. He can also put up another regal Korean restaurant in Manhattan. He can set up another film distribution company in the United States. Then he can also get married with his true love and have children.
Then Bae Yong Joon will be magician, business warrior, lover and global king. No other Asian actor/actress can do all those things with success.
Sarang Hamnida.
Dr. Josephine Pasricha

Tamar1973 said...

I thought BYJ was good in the Japanese Hotelier but I just couldn't imagine Frank Shin with long hair. My hubby called him "Damdeok in a suit".