Saturday, August 30, 2008

Celebration Gosireh style

Hi Hi .... by now, I guess all of the sisters have sent in their Birthday greetings for Yong Joon. Hope he had a great day with his loved ones and maybe think about us a little and smile? Even though I am not a big fan of birthdays or anniversaries, but how can I ignore a date when such an extraordinary man is born? So, how did you spend your August 29?

Kiyomi and cloudnine are kind enough to invite me to their circle's party. When I walked into Gosireh, there were already groups of fans inside the lobby lining up to have pictures taken by a Gosireh photographer (a Korean, I believe). Why? Because of these 2 super cute & cuddly guys. Hehe, the Damdeok bear even has a ponytail :)

We checked in with the hostess and expected to go upstairs to a private party room, instead the hostess showed us OUT the door! I was scratching my head ...... is my face really that repulsive?? Ahhhh luckily ..... she was actually showing us to this VIP door!

It's hard enough to secure a seat in Gosireh on HRH's birthday, never in my dream that I could dine in the VIP room again! Hehe, Kiyomi san has a lot of face eh (as the Chinese saying goes :)

Since I had the pear juice before, so I decided to try the grape juice instead. Hmmm... not as sweet but still very refreshing. Want to try it next time, princess? As the menu shown, we'd have a special birthday lunch, not the BoyangSang I was expecting.

Our group was invited back to the lobby to be photographed with the 2 giant Joon Bears and we were told this picture will be sent to Yong Joon! Am I hearing it right?? Pleaseeeeee, may I have another hour to get my hair and makeup in place? Of course with these type of group photos, before you even have a chance to find a spot .... CLICK .... next group please! So dear Yong Joon, if you happen to see a blur on the edge of a picture, it's probably this clutz here who was still trying to get herself into a ready position, sorry! The hostess also presented us a greeting card so we could write messages to Yong Joon attaching to our picture, what an unexpected bonus! (No no chinggu, contrary to what you suspect, I did NOT write HRH a super long love letter, just a medium one, haha :)

I know everybody has seen Gosireh cuisine so many times already, but since this is his special birthday menu, allow me to show them again......

The usual banchan

Appetizers, hehe I call them 'Rabbit' dish because of the carrots!

Hmmm, the grilled pork melts in your mouth, slurp slurp!

This shrimp 'salad' thingy is so refreshingly delicious, all the sisters kept saying, "oishii!"

I always love their seafood soup bowl cause I am a 'rice bucket'.

Dessert - well, so so, not a big dessert person.

The wonderful part about Gosireh cuisine is you don't feel stuffed even after eating so many courses. I had to leave some room in my tummy, why? Because we were going to a celebration party next! Oh wait wait, before I left, I got to survey the lobby for any new HRH pictures - hehe, recognize them?

The birthday party was held in that cozy little Italian restaurant near the laneway leading to Gosireh. A lot of sisters were waiting there already, Sakura san and Ok san quickly decorated the place with Yong Joon's posters. Trust me, in less than 10 minutes, the entire place was transformed into a Yonsama-themed restaurant.

We chatted and ate again, Kiyomi spoke to the group. Then we played a real fun Q&A game about Yong Joon's drama and movies on a bingo sheet. Kiyomi, moichan and cloudnine helped me out with my very very basic Japanese. But there was really no losers here. A very generous sister donated so many Yonsama's goodies as prizes, we could choose whatever we liked (I thought I were the 'Alice' in wonderland!)

What comes next was actually very touching, they brought out the beautiful birthday cake and we started singing 'Seniru Chukka Hamunida' and 'Born to be Loved' (Katakana pronunciation).

As I saw the sincere faces and whole-heartedness of these sisters, I then turned and looked up at Yong Joon's picture, I couldn't help but thought, "Yong Joon-na, if only you knew how much your family loves you, maybe even more than themselves. Do you feel a slight tingling in your heart now?"

As I learned, there is always a custom of gift exchange in the fans gathering. We all stood up holding up our little gift and formed a circle. Tamatama san played the piano and we started passing the present around. When the music stopped, the present in our hands will be the one, how cute! Look at the beautiful package I had in my hand :

I was very lucky to get 'Tae Wang' in this beautiful 8x10 frame, isn't he handsome?

The party had come to an end. I am so grateful that I had the chance to share the joy of celebrating Yong Joon's birthday and witness one more time the unconditional love of our sisters towards him.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime and Bae sisters:
Just reading your posting make us experience your beautiful birthday party for Bae Yong Joon. It is as if we are there with you, eating such royal cuisine and dancing around until the music stops, for the gift destined for us. You have such memorable unique ways of celebrating. Congratulations.
Sarang Hamnida,

bb said...

boohoohoo...boohoohoohoo.... boohoooooooooooooooo.....................

me have NEVER stepped foot into that VIP room.

me have NEVER celebrated his birthday in a place that's so BYJ...

and omo, pictures of you ladies being sent to him?! and you got to write him a medium-length love letter?!!

and... there's a party? where everyone got a gift?!!!

if you ladies promise to have lunch at gosireh again next, year, and if you ladies promise to throw a party again next year... and if you ladies promise to wrangle me an invite next year... i swear, i will move mountains and rivers in my schedule to be in tokyo on 29th aug 2009 :p

p.s. but seriously, the meal sounds great! the prawn thingy! the seafood thingy! the dessert thingy! everythingy-thingy :p

thanks for the sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Hi jaime,

I think you had another happy time with mymy and Mariko today.

You remember some people waiting outside of Gosireh, apparently not those who came to have lunch or any. As I said they looked like they were starting to work,(but what kind of work?) Today I read some articles that Gosireh is going to be used for the shooting of a famours TV program, 'Gochi Battle', in which some talents including popular comedian duo 'Ninty Nine' visit a nice restaurant and eat while guessing the prices of food each of them order, and the person whose guess is farthest off the real price, is a loser and the loser has to pay for everyone.
Heard this will be aired on Sep. 26. So those men might be related the program.

Hi bb,

Of course we'll have a party again next year and you are always welcomed.

cloud nine

Anonymous said...

Can I come too cloudnine? me too will climb mountains, swim across the ocean or what ever it takes to be there @.@. Hee .. I am exagerating, all I need is money, I'll keep on watering the money plant all year round. Let's have a date there bb.
I am sooo happy to read about this special day, Jaime you are very lucky to be there, please thank your other half for making you to move to japan.
That's what all about - dear sisters, HRH being himself ... because of him we all love each other, create these kinds of events (only the lucky ones=.=), enjoying happily, filled the air with love, HE doesn't even need to be there (if he does...^___^)
I am so glad to be in this Bae circle.


xiaoyi said...

Dear jaime,

Long time no see! Wow, you gals are really having a great time celebrating YJ's birthday ^^ (Oh.. how i wish i can join too... ha ha)

And Happy Birthday to your blog too, time really flies.... How was your trip to Australia and NZ? Hope you and your family had a great time.

Take care.

Loves, xiaoyi

Anonymous said...

Hi All!

Woow! Such a wonderful gathering and with all such wonderful sisters to celebrate HRH's birthday with. Me am now SOO GREEEEEEEEEN with envy.

And to have your pix taken and a medium-sized letter to be sent to YJ! Ah, wish I can tag along too next year but I have to ask Chinggu here to take my place here & do the usual boring stuff thingy on my behalf, hehehhehe!I know Chinggu, you will have my head if I ever let you do kitchen stuffs which you hate so much, hahahahha!

But have to do drastic weight loss so I can fit together with all of you in the group pic. Or else, if HRH sees me, he would actually be stunned & wonder if a 6 STALKED LAYERED ABS that looks like layers of giant lifesavers of mine does exist or am I born naturally without a waist??? hahahahhaha!Never fear Chinggu if you look not picperfect ready, be alarmed like me if only 1/4 of you gets into the frame, hehhehehe!

Oh, the foods are a gourmet's delight!!! Most tempting is the soup and the finale-the glorious fruit laden cake!

Thank you so much for sharing the pics & the experience. This makes your stay in JPN more homey away from your beloved TO. And to have the sisters there welcoming you wholeheartedly.

Love, judy

bb said...

hee... cloudnine, am gonna hold you to it... i really am serious about shifting things around my schedule to be there on 29th aug 2009 :p

you know, the certainty in how you said of course there'll be a birthday party... that made me smile... hehe, makes me wanna tease you by asking you, what makes you so sure you will still be a fan 365 days from now? :p

and then... i thought... what then makes me so sure that i will still wanna celebrate his birthday a year from now? and if i do make it then, i would have been a fan for some seven years. whoa... scary!!

jaime said...

Hi Josephine,

Thank you for your comments. I am happy that you enjoy reading this. Since Yong Joon is such a low key person, I hope by sharing how some sisters celebrated his birthday, we can all feel the joy and gratitude of him being born to us.

love ... Jaime

jaime said...

Hihi princess,

If it were not of kiyomi and cloudnine's kindness, I am just a nobody and would not have experienced all these. Hehe princess, instead of moving mountains and rivers, why not just simply move to Korea? Then we can see HRH any time we want :)

Hehe, my 'medium' love letter is no more than 20 words of polite greetings, don't really want to scare him off :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi cloudnine,

Actually mariko-san couldn't make it on Saturday, so our meeting with mymy was cancelled.

Oh, so those people are film crews, how come we didn't see any vans around? Is this a Korean or Japanese production? I thought they spoke Korean outside Gosireh that day? Thanks for the info.

love ... Jaime

jaime said...

Hi dear Yee,

Yes, I am very thankful to have this chance to live in Japan. I hope I can make full use of everyday to experience the wonderful culture of this beautiful country and Asia.

Do you visit your homeland often?

love ... Jaime

jaime said...

Hi dear xiaoyi,

Thanks for your message. Yes, time flies, especially when you are enjoying it. These few years with Yong Joon and the sisters have been wonderful.

Australia is very beautiful and I can't wait to blog about it. How's your trip? I know you were away for a few days, where did your family go?

love ... Jaime

gosijo said...

Thanks for recording all these beautiful memories here, dear Jaime. This way, cloud nine, kiyomi, and their circle's generosity and kindness get woven with our dear YJ's generosity and kindness on this perfect day.

May we all be 'around' same time next year!

jaime said...

Hehe chinggu,

I really really wish you sisters could be there to experience it yourselves. Sometimes I feel like I keep rewinding, writing and showing the same Gosireh pictures over and over again. And yet each time, the experience is so enjoyable and I just want to spread the joy outside of Japan.
I think you understand what I mean :)

Haha, no way I am going to trade places with you in the kitchen. My cooking is so horrendous compared to your '5-star cuisine' standard, your husband will cut my head off after he tasted the first meal :)

love ... Jaime

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime
Your party look so great!! I wanna swim over the ocean to join with you if i can. have a nice day.

jaime said...

Hi dear gosijo and bb,

I do hope we'll still be around next year to celebrate HRH's birthday. How can we miss him doing 'WS Anime' and 'Kami no Shizuku'?

I only wonder by next year, will we be sending warm wishes to him and also one super lucky girl together?

love ... Jaime

jaime said...

Hahaha anonymous,

How come everybody's been talking about mountains, rivers and oceans today? I know I hate flying too, but swimming in the shark-infested Pacific??

You know, I remember someone threw up an idea of a North American gathering way back. Just a casual one among fans, not the official Yong Joon event. Maybe that's not a bad idea (hehe, assuming you are in USA) since there are many of us now. But but please wait for me, ok?

bb said...

hee... if what cloudnine said about that price-guessing program is true... then i hope the number of invited talents for that epi is not big... else that's gonna burn a big hole in someone's pocket :p

then again, it's usually not the talent footing the bill himself or herself, ya?

p.s. i mentioned mountains and rivers coz there ain't really mountains and rivers in my schedule mah, so there really ain't all that much to move around... hehe, if he happens to be filming the wine drama next aug, and if we happen to know his schedule, maybe we should have a party in bona fide baeland, instead of pseudo-baeland in 2009? :p

jaime said...

yeah princess, wouldn't it be nice to have a B-day party with him in Gorilla? hehe, I know saying his home would be out of the question :)

Toujours_BYJ said...

Hi Jaime

Finally I'm able to visit your blog and leave a comment, thanks to my son's laptop (I still couldn't with my PC, IE and Firefox).

I'm very happy that you have a wonderful birthday party with our Japanese sisters, wow I understand why our chinggu is green with envy bcoz me too.
Congratulations for your blog Jaime, I'm sorry I'm late, how times flies fast.

jaime said...

Hi dear camille,

Thanks for your encouragement and kind words always. Sorry to hear that you cannot access my blog from your PC. Too bad I am not knowledgeable enough to offer any advice, hope your smart boy can spare sometime soon, maybe?

love ... Jaime

xiaoyi said...

Dear jaime, yea yea... Australia is so beautiful, my family enjoy it very much too. Do hope to visit Perth & Tasmania some day. Gosh.. I really have a whole long list of destination to visit... ha ha...

Oh, we went to a Betong, Thailand. It is a border town of Thailand and Malaysia. It's located at the mountain area and used to be the Malaysian Communists hiding place.. ha ha. And there's tonnes of tropical fruit there too ^^
And I really can't wait for my year end trip to HK/Macau. Can't wait for your blogs on your Australia trip ^^

Loves, xiaoyi

jaime said...

WOw, lucky lucky you, xiaoyi! You went to such exotic place, it must be hard for outsiders like me going there, eh? Really?! you are going to HKG/Macau at year end? That's what I am planning too, hahaha, what a coincidence!

Please keep me informed if you find any good info on HKG/Macau, ok? I'll do the same, have fun planning!

love ... Jaime