Monday, August 18, 2008

Regie's Art

Hi Hi ...... How's everyone? I'm back! Yes, luckily with all the arms and legs intact. Thank you my dear sisters for your well wishes, I really appreciate it. Australia is so beautiful with clear blue sky and fresh clean air, people are just wonderful and friendly. I can't wait to write my trip journal, but then of course I still haven't finished my Seoul trip yet :( It hurts to learn that HRH had actually undergone a surgery on his shoulder, but I am also relieved to know that he's doing fine now, and is out and about already :)

Upon my return, I find a wonderful surprise from our talented Regie. She is generous enough to share her creative works with us again. I am going to savor them and post the first 2 here :) Please enjoy ......


bb said...

welcome back!! has it been two weeks already?

hehe, it's like we're taking turns to go away... i'm going away on a short trip this coming weekend :p

gosijo said...

Hi Jaime,

So glad to know you're back and had a good time.

Wow! Thanks for posting Regie's wonderful new work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinggu!

Welcome back! So glad to know that you came back all in ONE PIECE, hehheeh!

Love yah!


regie said...

dear jaime,

welcome home...good to see you back safely.

love n peace,

jaime said...

Thank you princess, gosijo, chinggu, regie for your comments. It's great to be back in Tokyo :)

Aren't you excited about our prince's letter? This will keep the family happy for the whole week :)

love ... Jaime