Friday, August 1, 2008


Hi hi sisters ...... I am happy that you enjoyed the last post. We sure need some cheering up, do we? It's been so quiet in Baeland as HRH is taking his rest. Since we don't want to disturb him, we might as well keep ourselves entertained, eh?

Hahaha, if you want to have a good loooooong laugh and happen to like Japan too, then this is for you! I just discovered this ABC 'reality' TV show called 'I survived a Japanese game show'. It's basically about 10 American contestants who are brought to Tokyo to compete in a fake Japanese TV game show called 'Majide!' meaning 'You Got to be crazy?!'

If you've watched a typical Japanese game show before, you know how outrageous and wacky their ideas and acts can be. The hosts, participants and audiences will go to any length to make a fool out of themselves. This, together with the obnoxious humour and awkwardness of these Americans in a foriegn culture are a winning combination to make you laugh out of your chair. There are also glimpses of Japanese traditional culture and famous Tokyo attractions, a real treat!

BUT the bonus for us HRH fans is .... remember this show was filmed in Tokyo? So naturally there are images of Yonsama everywhere! ABC has already broadcasted 6 episodes so far and next Tuesday will be the Finale. In the 1st episode, they gathered all contestants in front of Shibuya station, which is the busiest intersection in Japan (probably in the world too!) And there, our HRH's huge Winter Sonata Pachinko billboard was lit up in the background! And then in the 2nd episode, his WS banner was shown again in front of a Pachinko parlour.

Another coincidence was during the 6th episode, the winning team was rewarded to stay at the Presidential suite of the Grand Hyatt Tokyo. Yes, the same suite I blogged about a few posts earlier that HRH stayed back in 2005! Wow, it was so wonderful to see it again on TV! So, just in case you have nothing special to do this weekend and want a hearty laugh, maybe you'd like to
check out this show :)

link :
I Survived a Japanese Game Show

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