Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just miss him!

Hi Hi ...... so quiet in Baeland, I guess every sister is busy writing her love letter to HRH. Hehe, I think HRH might as well rename that email address to 'iloveBYJ@byj.co.kr' instead of 'ilovekorea@byj.co.kr' :)

You see, we arrived here in the middle of winter, but it didn't deter us from buying a set of white wicker furniture for our balcony. We dream of this cozy picture that we can enjoy a cup of morning coffee, chat about our new lives while looking out to the wonderful cityview. Of course, when summer came, the heat is soooo unbearable that all I wanted to do was to lock myself inside.

Today I suddenly had the urge to walk around in my beloved balcony and sat down on my 'new' chair. Tokyo has suddenly turned cool this past weekend and had been raining since. As I felt the coolness and freshness of the drizzle hitting on my face, I looked up to the sky and Yonsama came into my mind. Isn't this the same rainy grey sky we were both under when he visited his Japanese family 2 months ago? How time flies and how life changes! It was a frenzy when he was here and now it is endless longing after he has left. Just miss him so much, and saw this picture posted in soompi by liezle. Gosh, he's just too handsome!

Hehe, this one posted in KOB a while ago is my current wallpaper, can stare at his perfect profile all day @@

2 more days before his Birthday!!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime
I love your 1st para.

jaime said...

thanks anonymous. did u send in your ideas?

bb said...

caught up with your postings... love the sharing on those activities you attended. japan is really a culturally colourful place to be, ya?

and... yea, one of the things i absolutely love about tokyo (not sure about the rest of japan) is how tolerant they are of fashion. all genres and styles of fashion... one can wear anything one fanices, and no one would bat an eyelid. the freedom of self-expression is just great...

and i love your yukata! actually i also have two yukatas. i've tried them on many times, of course, but i was never sure if i had them on correctly... both are gifts, and both are light blue... :)

maybe i should bring one of them to japan and ask cloudnine to help me make sure i've worn it correctly :p

jaime said...

really princess, you have 2 yukata?! I was wondering if you'd like to have one while I was buying mine. You got to show me pictures of them with the obi too. There are so many pretty acessories with yukata now. Hehe, we can pick a festival to go and all wear ours!

love ...jaime

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime
I will. Got to support him, right?
Really amazing how he's able to attract so much love and support and for so long too.