Monday, March 15, 2010

How fate ties drama into life

Hi hi sisters ...... While I am reading some fans' accounts of Yong Joon's reaction, the scene of 'MinHyung looking so concerned after Yujin got hurt while trying to save him' crossed my mind. I'd like to capture these extracts :

Original from Yellow Angel (
Reposted from xiaoyi’s blog – translated by suehan

Yong Joon, "I’m going to visit the hospital."
Toru (Korean fan) said, "I should have gotten hurt."
The others (moer Korean fans) said too, "I should have gotten hurt."
Joonie said, "I should have gotten hurt."

Original from yuri's blog
Reposted from Quilt / flor
"YJ came to hospital to visit us at 7pm last night.
He held our hands tightly.
His expression is very sad ....."

How fate ties drama into life!

It's all my responsibility.
I am truly sorry, and thank you!
Please rest well.
Besides hoping that the injured have a speedy recovery, we hope that Yong Joon will move on to make something positive out of this experience. He is not only a loving and caring person, he is also a marvellous leader. We can see how swift his management team came out to take care of the injured and handle publicity issues, perhaps they can learn and improve on future tours and events. It will break his fans' hearts (including the injurd sisters) to see him blaming himself and wishing he was the one who got hurt! I just read a motivated post in baidu, allow me to translate and share it with you :

You cannot decide how long you live, but you can decide how full your life is.
You cannot influence the weather, but you can adjust your own mood.
You cannot alter your face, but you can show off your smile.
You cannot control others, but you can take charge of yourself.
You cannot predict about tomorrow, but you can make full use of today.
You cannot force the end result, but you can manage the process.
You cannot ask for everything to go smoothly, but you can try your best at everything you do.
Author : Unknown


jenny chee said...

Dear Jaime

How are u ??? I am stunned and sad to hear of the news of the incident happen to our bae families . I hope all the injures have a speedy recovery and our yong joon will move on and don't feel guilty of what happen. This is a natural disaster that no one can ever predict it will happen rite . He is such a loving , caring , kind and responsible man . I think we can hardly find one like him . Salute him .

I was so touched and my tear drop while reading the account of an injured japanese fan and all the update from your blog . Thank you sooo much for sharing with us with all this update .

Have a wonderful and nice week ahead yah and hope to hear some good and wonderful news from our yong joon soon .

Lots of Love

Jenny Chee

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime,
I safely returned to Japan. Thank you for a lot of worries. My mind is deeply hurt though my body was not injured. I'm not able to find a word to talk about a lots of this event now.
Mail from BYJ sisters cure me little by little. I wish to express my gratitude for sisters' gentle feelings. This is all I need. And what he need's too, perhaps...

with love.


jaime said...

Dear happacyan,

So happy to know that you are back to Tokyo safe and sound. I feel sorry to hear that you are affected emotionally and you are right, hope time and love from the family will heal your memory little by little.

Thank you and the other sisters for being there in Korea to support Yong Joon, I am sure your presence at the Anime filming already gave him strength and love. From here on, please take care of yourself, rest a lot and eat well. Hehe, I read that Gosireh offers some really wonderful 美肌ランチ :


kondo issho ni tabemasho ka?
love ..... Jaime

jaime said...

Dear jenny,

I am fine, thanks. How about you? Hope you are doing well.

Yes, it's a sad incident for the Bae family. We are also concerned about how Yong Joon is coping with it emotionally too. He is a very strong man who can endure extreme physical pain himself. But when it comes to his family being hurt, I think it's entirely different for him. He'd rather take the hurt and sufferings himself. Sigh, Yong Joon really has too much burden to take on, hope he has people close by to cheer him up.

please take care!
love ... jaime