Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quick update

Hi Hi sisters .... just a quick update before I leave to meet cloudnine in Ginza. From yuri's blog (thanks xiaoyi and suehan for their updates), the fans have arrived at the wedding site. I'll just do a quick translation here from Japanese :

They have started filming the wedding rehearsal in the outside. Yonsama is in black tuxedo, white shirt, black necktie, hair in bright tea color, with eyeglasses. Fantastic! Jiwoo san is in a wonderful white wedding dress. Haha, as if this is a real Yong Joon's wedding :) Hopefully a picture or two when I come back, have a nice day!


Karen said...

Hi hi Jaime,

Wow...I am waiting for your posting long time, glad to hear you are ok..n tks...for the update posting to us...Ooooo I just can't wait to see the pic of our prince & how is the scene of their wedding..miss him so much these days...

I will be leaving to baeland this Sunday also, for our holiday trip, hope I able to see him somewhere in the street...hehehee...

Pls take care ya, Jaime.

Hugs Hugs ~~ Karen

jaime said...

hi hi karen,

oh really? you are going to korea this sunday? how nice! are you going alone or with other bae fans? me too, i hope you'll have a chance to see yong joon. try eating in gorilla as many times as you can :) good luck!

love ... jaime