Monday, March 29, 2010

Catching up ...

Hi Hi sisters ...... my visiting family has just left and I finally have some time to catch up on my BYJ business. Hehe, when I say business, there really are some busy Bae business going on in Japan. You all know that Gosireh Hwa will be opening in Lotte Hotel, Tokyo Kinshicho area on April 6. Sob sob, I bet all tables are booked by now. But I am determined not to miss these next few shows :

Have you heard that the 24 episodes of TWSSG have been re-edited and condensed into 4 chapters? The first chapter is about to be released on April 10, 2 more in May and the last chapter in June. Each movie will run approximately 120 minutes. Hehe, I ran to Toho Cinema the first morning they opened the sale and got myself a booklet of 4 tickets in postcard format.

第1章:千年の愛 (The Thousand Years' Love) - from April 10. The front of ticket for chapter 1.

This is the back of the ticket for chapter 1. Hehe, I only show the ones with Yong Joon's face, ok?

第2章:すれちがいの運命 (The Destiny of Missing Encounter) - from May 8. The front is Kiha and this is the back, can you see our handsome Damdeok? The image is too tiny eh?

第3章:別れのきざし (The Omen of Separation) - from May 22. The front is Sujini.

第4章:かなわぬ想い (The Un-fulfilled Thoughts) - from June 26. The front is Hogae and the back is not even Yong Joon, so I am not posting it here. This is the poster they give out as gift.

I wonder if they will make these 4 chapters into a DVD set for sale later. Just hope that I can make it to all 4 movies before I leave Japan :)

And as if that's not enough to keep us busy, the 3D compact version of the Winter Sonata Anime Event and the Beauty of Korea Event - 'Bae Yong Joon 3D in Tokyo Dome 2009' will be shown from May 22 across Japanese 3D cinemas! Frankly, I have never watched a 3D movie before. Yes Yes I admit, I am not hip and I haven't watched Avatar! I can't wait to experience this and re-live those 2 wonderful days with Yong Joon and the other 45000 sisters :)

a photo album as gift


Yee said...

Hi Lady,

TWSSG movie is very interesting, I'm wondering is it with English subs or only Japanese or Chinese?
When they started to make that drama, they said it will be showing in 90+ countries, so I was hoping that includes English speaking countries, but apparently not. There was no official English subs, originals. So as much as I want to support the drama by buying the original, have to buy from somewhere with English subs.
Same goes to his Beauty of Korea, am still waiting for the English version to come out.
Hee ... now I am crossing my fingers (honestly with very little hope) for this movie to come out with English subs.
A fan can wish, can't she ????

P.S. Are you enjoying beautiful Cherry Blossoms time???

gosijo said...

Dear Jaime,

I figured you were extra busy these past few weeks...

For TWSSG, do you know if the movies also be shown in Korea? And what about the rest of the world? Does anyone know?

I'll be looking forward to your impressions on each of the four movies, as well as the 3D showings of last September's Tokyo Dome events.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinggu!

Thanx for coming back. Like Jo Onni, thought you might have been too busy with family matters and chores.

Hope you can still get tickets for the upcoming shows and fill us in on the juicy stuffs.

Take care and wishing you good health always.


jaime said...

Hi Yee,

I think you are right. There is very faint chance that these events and dramas will have an official English version. The demand is just not high enough from a business standpoint compared to the volume in Japan.

I do hope that they will publish an English version of the Beauty of Korea book as we want to read what Yong Joon wrote. I have very little hope but let's keep our fingers cross.

Yes, we tried to go to some Sakura viewing spots to enjoy the bloom when my family was here last week. But Tokyo is still so cold, I think the full bloom will be this weekend. I am thankful to be able to see Sakura one more time and I am looking forward to it:)

Please take care!
love ... Jaime

jaime said...

Dear gosijo,

As far as I know, these 4 movies will have some unseen footage and have been re-edited to give a new experience to the story. They are only released in Japan with Japanese subtitles. No announcement that it will be made into a DVD though. Hehe, but then if the Korean sisters watch it, they don't need any subtitles :)

Yes, I am very curious too how they will condense the 24 hours drama into 8 hours. Hehe, I have an easy solution : just keep all the footage with Damdeok only and cut out everything else :) Yeah, cloudnine and I will find a time to watch together, I will let you know how it goes.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi hi chinggu,

Yeah, very busy with family stuffs, especially I am getting ready to leave. Still so many things to do, so little time. I will try to watch my health as I know the upcoming days will be very demanding physically and emotionally. Lucky that I find practising my Nihon Buyo is like exercising, it really helps me to focus and release the stress. You take care too, ok?

love ... jaime

karen said...

hi hi Jaime,

I hope the injured sisters is fully recovered by now.Tks for your sharing the info of TWSSG re-edited & condensed version. I also waiting for the Beauty of Korea english version to be out so we can understand what is YJ write n feel with our own heart...fingers cross lor ^^

Sorry for did not drop u a line so for long time hehehe.., i came back last week frm baeland n very busy with my work. I also did not manage to see sakura as the weather is still very cold in baeland:(
Oh ya, for the Chuncheong trip you mention, I did not manage to go this round, but I hv been to Nami Island on my last trip, I manage to go Mt.Odea for this trip but DMZ not enough time to go lor...Are you planning to move from Japan back to Canada r ?? cos i saw wat u write in your post...:)

Pls take care ya sis !!

Hugs Hugs,

jaime said...

Dear Karen,

Welcome back! So I gather you had a busy but wonderful trip with your husband. You went to Nami Island? It must be beautiful, did you smile when you saw Yong Joon's statue? Oh sorry for my ignorance, isn't Chunchoon close to Nami Island that you can go on a 1-day trip from Seoul? Oh, I so wish I could walk under those 2 long rows of trees thinking about Junsang and Yujin!

Thanks for dropping me a line so I know how your trip went. Yes, we will be returning to Canada in June for my son's high school. Sad to leave but hehe, my husband promises me to make regular visit back to Japan :) Please take care!

love .... jaime

gosijo said...

Just wanted to add that I'm in the same situation as Yee on TWSSG (and Beauty of Korea, of course). In fact, of the many versions of TWSSG we've checked, some unofficial and some official for other countries, none had the image quality one would expect for a drama shown on TV in HD.

As for the movies, I catch myself dreaming even bigger. What if they were subtitled in English and shown at film festivals in 2009 or 2010? Wouldn't even have to be the really exclusive ones but perhaps the ones focusing on Asian cinema, sigh...

jaime said...

yeah gosijo, we are also waiting for TWSSG blu-ray in Eng sub, think the graphic effects must be pretty spectacular. pity that I don;t think there is any plan to produce it. really don;t understand why it seems so impossible, seems like every other english movie comes out in blu-ray .... jaime.

Marce said...

Hi Jaime,
It was a long time since i wrote here any. But i was reading all. I happy for you because you will watch 3D last september's events, and for sure to watch TWSSG will be a nice experience. I'm waiting for english version of the book, too.
If we can have a wish i think it would be to see those movies in a cinema with english subs, and why not in spanish, hehehe, just dreaming..
Take care dear sis and God bless you.

jaime said...

Hi Hi Marce,

Thanks for writing to me. Hehe why not in Spanish, I agree. we can dream :) I have a feeling they are not even working on the English version, what a pity, eh?

happy Easter!
love ... jaime