Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Black, white, grey

Hi Hi .... we always read updates about how he looks when fans see him coming and going. That he is always in casual wear - black cap, black jacket, jeans and looks super handsome. So this is what they are talking about! Looks like he loves the black, white, grey combination; such a cool, natural and timeless look. I just love all these interesting details on his jackets. @@

Oh boy Oh boy! Look at that sunshine smile :)

Can you show me a man who wears a knit hat more beautiful than him?

Oh no, don't tell me the cop dare to give you a parking ticket?

A traffic ticket, I can understand. Of course, you cause all traffic to STOP!

Yong Joon, what kind of fans did you meet today? Looks like you've been to a war!

Hehe, tough life, eh? Beauty salon, wine bar and 2 trips coming up :)

Enjoy your renewed health, Yong Joon ssi!

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regie said...

dear jaime,

thanks for posting the good to see his smile again and handsome as usual. I love,love,love,love him in his black torn cardigan....matching with his torn jeans.Cool outfit...
I'm just curious about the red sesame doll though....could it be his??

Take care.
Love n peace,

jaime said...

hi hi regie,

He does look very healthy, doesn't he? Maybe that elmo doll came from a fan?

Hehe, I guess Yong Joon must be a hippie at heart. It takes a lot of guts to wear a torn cardigan like that (or maybe I am too old fashioned? :)

love ... jaime

Toujours_BYJ said...

Hi Jaime

So I'm not the only one to notice the torn cardigan ha ha ?

Tamar said...

Interesting he likes to wear black, white and grey yet he likes brown on women?! LOL! It's good to see him starting to walk around without the crutches!

bb said...

huh? jaime, really...? it will take guts to wear a torn cardi...? keke, i love clothes like that, and most of my jeans are torn.

last friday, i was supposed to go for a half-day shop attachment, i was in my usual torn-jeans-on-friday attire, and my boss' secretary said, 'huh, you're in torn jeans leh... you're going to the shops...?'

i said, 'boss wears torn jeans everyday... i only wear them on friday... so, don't start on me lor...'

yea, i've a boss who wears jeans to work almost everyday (except when we've visitors). and his fave brands? i think true religion and edwin :p

Anonymous said...

Call me crazy but I just bought a knit hat (ok 2 couden't resist it)
*so love that pic*

I think I like him in the I'm a rebel sort of thing.

And yes it takes guts to wear torn
cloting in front of the world,
because when we do it are picture does not travel around the world.

But he look, hhhmmmmmmmmm more masculine.

Hey BB your boss sounds cool.
hope he is good to you.


jaime said...

dear camille,

Hehe, how can we not notice? We always check out HRH from head to toes and from toes back to head :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hehe princess,

You wear torn jeans too? They are soooooo cool. I tried on True Religion jeans but most of them don't have lycra stretch, especially the ones w/ holes. My big fat bum and tummy can't squeeze into one :(

I agree with moontime, your boss sounds so cool! So can I assume he's young and good looking too, like MinHyung? :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hehe moontime,

Do I detect a bit of 'rebel' type of characters in our Bae sisters? Sounds like most of us are into the torn jeans and knit cap look.

I guess it's fine for Yong Joon to wear that style of cardigan since he's a celebrity and everyone assumes that must be a designer piece. But for ordinary folks like me wearing that, someone on the street will for sure tap on my shoulder and tell me, "Excuse me, I think you've just torn your cardigan" :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Tamar,

really? He likes brown on a woman?! Where did you see that? I thought it'll be white, beige or pink etc. That's kind of an unflattering color on a woman. I know cause I have tons of browns in my wardrobe (and I don't even know why?). It's an earthy, natural and classic color, like black and white, so you can just grab and wear in the morning without thinking much about it. what do you think?

love ... jaime

Tamar said...

I read it on soompi, a Sister posted an interview where he said he liked the color brown on a woman.

Before I read that, I had a dream about BYJ. We were in a department store and he said, "Tamar, you need some new clothes. I'll buy you some new clothes but you can't get anything brown." I guess I've become sensitive to the fact that my the color scheme of my wardrobe is in a bit of a rut and projecting it (unfairly) on our BYJ.

I can't really wear black that well (although I have a few black items) because of my red hair and ridiculously fair skin. Brown is the base color of my wardrobe. I am trying to expand my horizons by adding some purple and grey to my clothes though.