Friday, April 4, 2008

Mark June 1!

Hi Hi ... I was leisurely browsing through BYJ sites while waiting for hubby to come home so we can attend some Sakura events. You know that the cherry blossoms are in full bloom since last week. There aren't too many days left before all petals fall off, then we'll have to wait for another year to enjoy it. Boy, does that ring a bell? Sure sounds like the way we wait for the appearance of HRH! But wait no longer, my sis, the King is coming to Japan!

WOW!!! This news is earth-shattering! My table and computer were practically swaying and my hand on the mouse was shaking. NO! It's not HRH, it's a real earthquake!! Not a serious one, but every TV channel is flashing the news that a mild earthquake has shaken the Kanto region. Hahaha! So I was not hallucinating from the news.

Since NHK will start broadcasting TWSSG on its regular channel starting this Saturday April 5 at 11:10pm (cloudnine told me it will be dubbed in Japanese), HRH will come to Japan to promote the drama. Together with EJA and Director KJH, the event named 'TWSSG Premium Event 2008 in Japan' will be held in Osaka on June 1 at 2pm. It will be held in Kyocera Dome Osaka, it's expected to host 35,000 fans!

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posted from baidu/bdpyj, info from soompi/mariko


joyce said...

oh jaime, that's such a great news, even the earth moves :)

so have you got the ticket already? wait no longer, otherwise the tickets are gone :)

jaime said...

dear joyce ..... yes, BYJ keeps his promise and come to see his Japanese family. Eh .... ticket, I still don't know how to get hold of one as I think my JOB (hahaha, I meant Japan OB) application is in limbo when it switches from IMX to BOFi :(

Thanks for your kind wishes!

love ... jaime

gosijo said...

Hi Jaime, what wonderful news! Keep us 'posted', uh? I truly enjoyed the pics you posted earlier, torn cardi and all.

jaime said...

dear gosijo,

so good to hear from you. i am very happy for the Japanese sisters.

hehe, I never thought he's the type to wear a torn cardi, but then he loves torn jeans too :)

love .. jaime

bb said...

guess you will try and go huh? you must be our eyes, our ears and our mouths, k?!!!

p.s. me love love love the torn cardi actually... :p

regie said...

dear jaime,

ooooo...I'm so jealous but at the same time happy for can see him in person with others bae sisters......!!

love n peace,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

Please try your very best to get the ticket. I wish I can come but 55555.

If you get a chance to talk to him, please invite him to Toronto.


jaime said...

Hi bb ..... cloudnine is very kind to keep me in mind and inform me of what's going on. She will help me and try, just like all the other 100,000+ Japanese fans. Honestly, I do not hold my hopes high but am cautiosly being optimistic.

Yeah, if I could have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see HRH, even at a rice-grain size, I will dutifully report all I can see, hear and feel :)

love ... Jaime

jaime said...

hehe regie, please don't be jealous yet. I have a feeling I will be like any other overseas fan, just looking at his pictures and videos from the computer. But regardless, I am still very happy that such a huge gathering will take place. Remember how beautiful that Saitama Event was?

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi hi ivy,

so nice to hear from you. I heard from gosijo that you girls will have a TO gathering coming up :)
Hahaha, HRH to Toronto? Buy hey, he's close enough, isn't he in New York sometime this month?

Hope the snow is all gone by now!

love ... jaime

Anonymous said...

Hi dear Jaime, sorry to be late checking in -- yes this news is sooo exciting for all Japanese family!

Have you been able to get a ticket yet? When will you know if you're going??

Did you get my email about 100 Days? Thank you sooooo much!

Yes, as Ivy said, invite him to Toronto, ok? That is close enough to Vancouver for me, hahaha! But please also remind him that I'm waiting for him here, thanks! :)

And let me know when you want to chat....

love you,