Monday, April 28, 2008

Shinhan Financial

Hi Hi sisters .... You've heard that HRH has signed on as the CF model for Shinhan Financial Group. In fact, another famous Korean MC Yoo Jaeseok will also be co-starring with Yong Joon in the TV commercials. Both BYJ and YJS have won the MBC Grand Awards in Acting and Broadcasting Entertainment respectively in 2007.

Quoted in an article by reporter Koh Hongjoo in My Daily :

An official in advertisement at the Shinhan Finance Group told reason for casting BYJ, "Mr. BYJ showed stable acting ability and professional appearance as an actor in the drama 'TWSSG'. We judged that the thorough self-management as a public figure at ordinary times and dignified apperance match well with the image that the Shinhan Finance Group are pursuing."

Hehe, enough said, our man is regarded as a leader in his industry and is recognized for his sharp vision and integrity.
If you are interested, you can check out the Shinhan Financial Group website here, it also has an English user interface.

A BIG welcome to the BIGGEST star in the fahion show :)

Hey Mr. MC, control yourself, ok? See how calm & cool our HRH is.

Incidentally, Lee Young Ae is also the current model with YJS, you can watch their TV CF in this site too. The background of LYA's CF is she and this MC guy in an award ceremony, could BYJ's CF be attending a fashion show with him this time?

Those lucky models, got our HRH's total attention @@

I guess even though BYJ and LYA haven't worked together for so long, yet they are each regarded as topnotched stars in their own rights. Remember they were both the Hallyu Expos Ambassadors in Jeju? Too bad LYA never showed up in the Expos. I so so so wish that they can collaborate on a project in the future. May I suggest to Shinhan, ever consider pairing up the handsome BYJ and beautiful LYA together? :)

Pictures and excerpts from Joanne in Quilt News


Anonymous said...

hey hey i always read your new topics online. it is always wonderful to see HRH smiling and wearing different types of glasses.
and yes the lucky models are got our hrh's attention

Anonymous said...

Hello Jaimez, Thanks for the update. You also like BYJ with LYA, we're the same. I love them together in a project. I actually have saved all their LG commercials.
Even though their drama Papa did not do well, it's still one of my favorite.


jaime said...

Hi anonymous,

Thanks for checking my blog. I have been so busy (and lazy) too, wish I had more time to write some interesting stuffs :(

Hehe anyway, I am glad that you enjoy HRH's newest pictures.

love .... jaime

jaime said...

Dear Jelen,

Yes, thank you for linking us to the LG commercial making video in soompi. I meant to thank you for that. I enjoy it so much as BYJ and LYA is my favourite pair, they are just so compatible.

Hehe, as for Papa, I know it's not among the favourite of some sisters, but I still think BYJ is very handsome there :)

See u around!

love ... Jaime