Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Image Volume 2?

Hi Hi sisters ..... You know the latest Megane Ichiba TV CF is out? No no, not that controversial picture of him in the beige tuxedo. The other one that he is in a black pinstripes tuxedo sitting in front of a piano.

original screencaps from Quilt by Makishi
repost from Soompi by cancer cher72

Link to CF video :

I read from Mariko in Soompi that BOF has posted a notice in KOB :

Photographer Kim Tai Hwan has signed a contract with KeyEast and travelled with HRH to New York. Apparently they are planning on a new photo album and will go on different locations in Korea, Japan, Europe and USA for about 1 year from April 2008. So looks like US is their first stop of many world destinations. Innolife wrote that the album will feature some of Yong Joon's private moments, I guess meaning lots of candid shots (oooh, I like him natural...). Hehe now, please don't go running out to look for a second job yet, there will be many many more moons before we can get our hands on Image Volume 2 :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

Yeah, it is most likely that there'll be Image Volume 2 and he will be travelling around not just
Korea and Japan but U.S. and even Europe. Camille, did you hear that?

cloud nine

jaime said...

Hehe cloudnine,

Camille is so lucky, she can practically get a front row seat to see BYJ in Europe!

Also Japan? where? where? maybe an onsen in the north? or an exotic beach in Okinawa? Hahaha, my imagination is running wild again!

My only complaint, why not Canada?
Prince Edward Island or Lake Louise?

love .... jaime

Anonymous said...

That explains why all the beauty treatments every week, sometimes more than once a week, for the past few months.

jaime said...

yeah anonymous,

Everything happens for a reason, him frequenting the beauty salon in the past little while was not just for vanity. We know Yong Joon is very professional and serious towards all the projects he undertakes. He will only present his best image and produce a high quality product to his fans. Now my neck will get longer and longer waiting for that new Photo Album.

Anonymous said...

Hi jaime,

I think Prince Edward Island or Lake Louise is still too far for me. I would prefer Scarborough Bluffs. Not famous enough? Okay, how about CN Tower? Still not famous enough? Okay okay, I don't mind that two hours' drive to Niagara Falls or Niagara on the Lake (actaully this would be the best place for both Torontonians and Newyorkers).


Anonymous said...

well, he is not the best actor, but you can always count on him to think of some projects to make money. good for him.