Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sleepless in New York

Hi Hi .... It's been 2 days since HRH arrived at NYC. Wonder if he suffers from any jetlag? New York is having some beautiful sunny weather this week, wonder how's he enjoying his carefree life so far. HRH, if you can't sleep, try going up to the 86th floor of the Empire State Building. Maybe you'll meet the girl destined for your life :)

2 new pictures on BYJ phone :

original post by byjgallery/miemi


Anonymous said...

It makes me want to take a plane to NY wich is only 45 minutes from us.

And start going to cafes in short but classy dresses.

But I can take off from work now
*ah fantasy land will have to wait*


jaime said...

hahaha my dear moontime,

you make me laugh out loud! How cute you are! SHORT and classy dress, I am sure you look very pretty. Maybe you'll end up attracting HRH's eyes @@

Hmmm, which cafe? Tavern on the Green or the Plaza? Which one will he go? Good luck!

love ... Jaime

moepusu said...


This is Moe from New York, Bae's sisters are saying that staying NY is good to catch BYJ. But it is not true for me. I'm looking around the places where he might go. But no tail of him. If anyone who knows where is he staying now, please share with me since I'm dying to meet with him.

Thank you in advance

jaime said...

Hi Hi Moe,

I can totally understand your frustration, knowing Yong Joon is in right your city but you can't see him. I hate suggesting places to you out of my wild imagination and then waste your time and effort to find him. Actually I am quite surprised there has not been any reports or sightings of him since he touched down at NYC. That probably shows how much determination Yong Joon wants to be left alone in this trip. You know how our man is : if he doesn't want to be found, there is no way anyone can find him, even his managers and friends, remember after Hotelier? Especially now we know he is working with Kim Tae Hwan on a photo book project, they definitely do not want to be disturbed.

Having said all that Moe, if it's meant to be, I am sure you will see him. You know what, he has to go out and eat and sightsee, right? Why not try the famous eateries and museums in NYC? I am sure you know there are other sisters who are doing the same thing as you. Please read bb's blog post 'bin calling for all NewYorkers' and another sister munn who posted a comment in gosijo's post 'BYJ Freedom day' in Quilt. You can get in touch with them. Hehe, look at it this way, even if you can't see him, this is a great chance to meet other New York Bae sisters too :)

It's a dilemma, right? We want to show Yong Joon how much we love him, but we love him so much that we also want him to be happy and free. I hope I don't sound too discouraging, I sincerely wish you all Good Luck!

love ... Jaime