Sunday, April 13, 2008

Let's Pachinko

Oh dear, Shibuya is under attack by JunSang and MinHyung! I think there is a huge promotion going on for the 2nd generation of Winter Sonata Pachinko. Tonight, while we were scouting for that famous sushi restaurant in Mark City (remember that's where some teams got confused in Season 2 of The Amazing Race Asia?), my son spotted this giant Billboard on the next building!

This Canadian family team quickly ran down the escalator and dashed for that Pachinko parlour ....

Hahaha, we saw all these guys & gals glued to MinHyung (well, actually more like to the machines) from the window :)

I think the parlour attendant was installing the beads in the machines? Hehe, notice the JunSang chair cover?

Hubby preferred to shoot closer to the action, lucky he didn't get thrown out :)

There are many more parlours all over Shibuya which are lined with rows and rows of Winter Sonata's Pachinkos at the front to attract patrons. Our stomachs were growling already, so we had to abort our search and please our tummies :)

Mmmmmmmm..... yum yum, this sushi place is really good! There's a constant line up of 30-50 people outside even at 4:30pm but the turnover is quick. Sorry I don't remember the name, I'll post here as soon as I find out, ok?

Hehe, cloudnine just told us that is Midori Zushi - it has several branches in Tokyo. Where? Where? Thanks cloudnine! :)


bb said...

hey jaime! you gotta find out the name of the sushi place! the pics look so yummy i'm dying to have some rightaway :p

i want to try some good eateries and restaurants the next time i go to tokyo.... hehe, yup yup, not going to eat all the byj-related places no more... :p

but hor, think i still wanna go gosireh :p

jaime said...

Hehe princess ... my pleasure, I'll take you there when you come to Tokyo. I have a Bali/Thai food restaurant that I really like, got a great view of Tokyo Tower too.

Gosireh always serves fresh and healthy food. We had a seafood tofu hotpot yesterday for lunch. Oh, I'm hungry now!

love ... Jaime

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime and bb,

It's MIDORI ZUSHI. They have several branches in Tokyo and as I told you even there's a queue it's worth waiting, since their sushi is good and the price is reasonable.

cloud nine

vegasbyj said...

Wow! Wow!! ... (wipes drool)
The sushi looks so yummilicious!
Thanks to you and bb - always blogging about food!
I love it!
Puts to shame the sushi I ate the other night....*bleh*

i want
i want
i want some now!!!

i got my chopsticks ready!!

jaime said...

hehe vegas,

The sushi in this place is really good, very fresh and tasty (you know that very delicious aftertaste after you swallow a good piece of raw fish?) Hahaha, I sound like a barbarian :)

Hehe, I am not a food expert like bb. It's a small, simple place and very bright and clean. As cloudnine said, you can eat to your heart's content without having to check the price. Yes, I wish I could send some to you :) What's your favourite kind of sushi?

love ... jaime

bb said...

hey.... me no food expert... me just enjoy food.... lots of food... in terms of variety and volume :p

midori zushi...? okie, got that! thanks!