Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gosireh - round 3

This past Saturday, some Quilt sisters in Tokyo had a get-together in Gosireh. As usual, I am very grateful to be included in this wonderful gathering. There were 8 of us and Olivia has reserved the upstairs private dining room. Hehe, I guess now I have made my rounds to all the dining rooms in Gosireh - main hall, VIP room and private dining room. Hehe, any more secret spot they haven't revealed, maybe rooftop patio?

The elegant foyer :)

Damdeok figure - hehe, almost as handsome as him

This plate is still here?! I was so tempted to put it inside my pocket

I was very happy to see Mymy, Mariko, Tomato and Cherish again. I also got to meet the talented Myonne and elegant Aevia for the first time. This was a very quiet Saturday afternoon, there were only 2 other private rooms being occupied.

Ah ... the stunning stairscase

The magnificient long corridor

The butterfly wall is still my favourite

When I was about to sit down, one of the hostesses looked at me across the room, had a smile on her face and said, "You've been here twice, right?" Wow, even I have to think for 2 seconds before answering to that! (and to think the first time was last summer!) Either she has a 100 million gigabytes memory in her brain or I must have made such a fool out of myself the last 2 times I was here! I learned later that she is a Korean student living in Japan :)

Let's dig in! Spicy hot seafood tofu pot ..... the tofu is sooooo smooth you can just swallow it, slurp slurp!

I remind myself : I'd better behave myself this time and next time and next next time ......


regie said...

dear jaime,

wow! very elegant and beautiful restaurant, i like the butterfly wall also.It becomes the focal point of the long corridor, great interior detail design.It really shows that HRH has a high taste of architecture and design.And the spicy hot seafood tofu looks delicious....makes me hungry now....

talk to you later,

Anonymous said...

onni i had a good time.
thanks. hope there s next.
and thanks for the u know its so cute ill use it thrice a week haha.
see yah!
loves mymy

bb said...

okie, then i'll go to gosireh on your next next next time when you don't have to behave no more :p

jaime said...

Hi hi regie,

As an artist, I think you can appreciate Yong Joon's good taste in design and architecture, eh? Yeah yeah, he has put a lot of thoughts in the menu too.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hehe mymy, really? you're using it? glad you like it. Me too, I am so happy to see u again :)

Take care and good luck in school!

love .. jaime

jaime said...

haha princess, u sure u don't mind being thrown out the door w/ me? :)