Thursday, April 17, 2008

Keangnam - 4 seasons

Hi ... I think everyone has seen these new print ad pictures by now. Hmmmm ....what do you think? Yong Joon is handsome and fresh as usual, but somehow I feel the advertising people could have been a bit more creative and original. Don't these pictures give you a sense of dejavu? Boy, I miss those Taster's Choice TV commericals, so warm, cozy and relaxed! Well, as long as HRH is here, that's all it matters :)

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bb said...

actually yea.... but, coz these came out AFTER that certain eyeglassy pic, so they look much better than they would have under normal circumstances :p

but yea... i totally agree with you... everything was too safe. hell, even the wardrobe looks similar :p the only things that changed were probably just the props :p

Anonymous said...

I agree
I love him
but this are not the best his done
they have such a yummy man they can do better than that.


jaime said...

sorry bb for replying late. I wonder if you remember at the beginning of the year when KeangNam came out with a calendar that puts Yong Joon with kids from different countries? That looks really fake and tacky. I mean the idea of kids and different countries are fine, but please .... do the real photo shooting, not photoshop.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi hi moontime,

Yes, fortunately HRH is so gorgeous and we can just stare at him and forget about the mistakes of other people.
Thanks for your comment.

love ... jaime