Thursday, May 29, 2008

Calm before the Storm

Hi Hi ..... I know every Bae sister's mind is on HRH's next move now ...... When he will fly from Seoul to Osaka? Which hotel he is staying at? When he will go to Tokyo? etc etc. As much as I want to enjoy this 'honeymoon' period (as cloudnine puts it so eloquently) of waiting & longing, but I still have so many personal matters to attend to that I simply do not have this luxury for anticipation :(

Cloudnine, Kiyomi and I got a much needed break last night attending a Herbal Therapy Workshop. Kiyomi san just came from the opening of the new Park BOFi, which is within a few minutes’ walk from Gosireh. Since the announcement was kind of a short notice, I was told not too many sisters were present. You have probably read from bb's blog that there are 2 types of admission charge - VIP (2000 yen) and Premium (1500 yen). Both VIP and Premium entitle you to a gift and a coffee/OJ, and VIP also includes a polaroid picture of yourself in hanbok.

This is the 'gift' - a clear file folder and a non-BYJ diary

According to Kiyomi, there are 3 theme rooms in this charming little house – Winter Sonata, TWSSG and Untold Scandal. There is also a small kitchen for serving drinks and a limited variety of souvenirs are sold. Kiyomi bought more clear files. Hehe, she must have a lot of Bae business to file :)

Sounds like a cute little place for Bae fans to go after a meal at Gosireh, huh? OK, back to our Herbal Therapy Workshop .....

Whether you are a working woman or a housewife, we are constantly under stress coming from every direction. Even though we are lucky enough to know BYJ and each other to keep ourselves young-at-heart and high in spirit, nevertheless we can't deny that we are aging and our energy level is not like it used to be.

Herbal therapy is a form of aromatherapy that increases the body’s natural power of healing through herbs. We feel pleasant and revived when we inhale the aromatic scents of a flower. The reason is the aromatic component is transmitted to the brain, stimulating it to send a calming signal to the autonomous nervous, immune and hormone secretion systems. Similarly by taking in herbal tea directly, the herbal component circulates through our blood capillaries improving our natural power of healing – thus bringing our mind and body to a harmonic balance.

Hehe sorry for sounding so academic, I guess if there is any suitable time, this is probably 'it' for us to have a relaxing time before the Yonsama storm hits this weekend. The speaker, who is an aromatherapist, recommended the 3 most common types of herbal blend tea to meet the needs for today's lifestyle, body condition and mental health (haha chinggu, don’t laugh, I know you are thinking there is no remedy to treat my hopeless mental state, right?)

Tea for Woman’s Body –
Chamomile (3 teaspoons), Rose (2), Calendula/Marigold (2), Lemongrass (2), Elder Flower (1)

(sorry for these pics w/ ugly cups, I forgot to take the pics when they displayed them nicely on plates :(
- Relaxing effect on body
- Relieves internal cramps and stress
- Smoothes skin irritation

Tea for Metabolism –
Hibiscus (1 teaspoon), Rose (2), Orange Peel (2), Strawberry (5), Dried fruits eg. papaya, grapes, pineapples (2)
- Supplies vitamin C and citric acid
- Balances female hormone
- Relieves indigestion

Tea for Detoxify
Peppermint (1teaspoon), Echinacea (1) – avoid long usage, Nettle (2), Orange peel (3), Biwa leaf/Loquat leaf (4)

- Reduce sick feeling of migraine
- Fights bacterial and viral infections
- Cleansing blood

There are actually a lot more benefits than I have listed above. The aromatherapist asked us to put together our own herbal blend tea that suits our own needs. Hehe, I picked the 'Tea for Detoxify' even though it's a little bitter because I have a feeling there will be major back pain from too much standing and waiting (for HRH) in the upcoming week. If I may mention, cloudnine picked the 'Tea for Woman's Body' to relax herself and kiyomi picked the 'Tea for Metabolism' I think for the fruity taste, am I right? You probably all know how beautiful Japanese packaging is. Look, they even showed us how to wrap our tin of blend tea beautifully to take home, pretty eh?

Hehe, when all the 'hard work' of wrapping our tea is done, they served us (what else but?) herbal tea and some really healthy homemade scones and cookies - oiishi desu ne! We just sipped our tea, munched on our scones and tried to enjoy this relaxing evening but deep down, I know Osaka and Yong Joon are looming at the back of our minds.

If everything goes according to schedule, Yong Joon should touch down on Japan's soil tomorrow. 2 more days to the TWSSG event!


gosijo said...

Thanks Jaime for taking the time to blog about your oasis of calm and relaxation. I know we all need it at such a time.

I have a big favour to ask. Can you find a tiny corner in your luggage to carry my love for the kind Japanese sisters who have made this possible for our dear TO chinggu?


jaime said...

sorry for my dear gosijo for answering now, soo late. hehe, Ithink I have delivered your message already.

love ... jaime