Wednesday, May 21, 2008

His best side?

Hi Hi ..... have you seen these latest pictures yet? Yeah yeah I know, it's only the back, but it's better than nothing, right? Hehe, you hear people sometimes joke during picture taking that their back is their 'best' side.

original in posoku's blog
reposted im soompi by liezle

When you look at HRH's back, phew, isn't that a 'best' side already? Healthy luscious hair, thick broad shoulder, strong arms, nipped in waist, ummm hmmm .... perfect butt (blush), long muscular legs, elegant stride, sweating!

But sigh, this man knows no limit to his beauty. Look at his side, I have lost my words to describe him anymore. I know we are all thinking the same thing - how gorgeous can he get? Enjoy :)

More pictures of HRH during that CF shoot in NYC. Looks like it's from - a local Japanese community paper in New York.

original from by hyejun
reposted in baidu by wlbyj


regie said...

dear jaime,

it's good to see him (eventhough only his back). And to see him strooling on the street of NY in the afternoon like ordinary person....doing things that he hardly able to do it in Korea.
Hopefully, his having a splendid time over there.
take care.

love n peace,

vegasbyj said...

hi dear jaime!

i just came from bb's blog and loved seeing HIS BACK. I hope he's enjoying himself in NYC. No matter what - his back, front or side to side - IT'S ALL GOOD!

thanks for shairing!
take care!

I hope you and bb and other Baesisters have a great visit together! Can't wait to read all about it.

jaime said...

hi hi regie,

thanks for dropping by. Yes, even his back is gorgeous. You're thinking of drawing this one too ? :)

love .. jaime

jaime said...

yes yes my dear vegas,

we will be seeing bb tomorrow. Will sure let you know how it goes. Wish you were here too! :)

love .. jaime

vegasbyj said...

woo hoo!

wishing you all the best for a fun filled day. i'm very happy for you!!

i can't wait to read all about your meeting!!

have fun!!!

me wish i was there too...*sigh*