Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More NYC pictures

Hehe, more pictures for my own drooling purposes :)

The pictures at JFK are originally from byjstudio/rinrin, thanks!


Anonymous said...

These pics look fabulous!!!
(like always) every picture that has him in it, is always fabulous.
Thanx jaime Bye

Tamar1973 said...

NYC is so lucky to have such a gorgeous guy walking its streets!

I just wish he'd visit this coast before he goes back to Korea.

jaime said...

Hi anonymous,

yeah, I also feel his NYC pictures are extremely fabulous. I think it has to do w/ how confident he carried himself in front of so many strange eyes in a foreign country. He is really a superstar!

Thanks for your comment.

regards ,, ... jaime

jaime said...

yeah tamar,

I agree w/ you. I hope many NA sisters from all over the continent could have a chance to see him while he's there. So far he's been to NY, DC; think he'll venture out farther?

love ... jaime