Friday, May 30, 2008

Off to Osaka

Dear sisters ..... this is it! My bag is packed and ready to hit the sack, will be riding the Shinkansen bright and early tomorrow to Osaka to see HRH! :)

This trip will not be possible if it's not for some very caring sisters. Thank you tomato san, kiyomi san, cloudnine and the anonymous sisters who are kind enough to think about me and scrambled to find a ticket for me.

Thank you my covenette sisters for your best wishes, I will try to pack HRH in my lugguage when I return to Tokyo, ok? (hehe, or better yet, he packs me into his lugguage and brings me back to Seoul :)

Thank you to all my dear sisters who wrote to me, I am so moved by your beautiful words. Dear Olivia, I am so happy to receive your surprise phone call. I will definitely take your advice to heart and try not to get lost, hahaha! I am so excited as I will also be meeting so many overseas sisters, what a wonderful union it will be for us family in Osaka!

Thank you my dear sweet jillie for making this artwork for me, I love it!

So HRH, welcome to Japan! Yosoko! Hope you will have sweet dreams tonight :)


vegasbyj said...


Can't wait to read all about your visit!

Take care!

Give my regards to all the Baesisters you meet!

Hugs to all of you!

bb said...

be safe, have fun...
and, kiss and hug people i adore for me, k? :p

Lin Chen said...

Thanks very much indeed for update and posting pictures sharing with us.
We are not in Japan and can not have opportunities seeing our King. Waiting for your post daily.
Love u and send regards to our BYJ family.

Lin Chen said...

Very dear Jaime,
How are you today?
We are waiting for your new post,you have any pictures of yesterday Event ?

jaime said...

thank vegas, bb and lin chen for your message. sorry that I reply so late.

love ... jaime