Monday, May 12, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Hi Hi dear sisters .... remember me? No? Hehe, I don't blame you. What woman can think straight while drowning in the gorgeous pictures of Yong Joon on the streets of NYC? Thanks to the ultra ultra ultra lucky sister Munn and her tenacity, she was able to snap up these beautiful candid shots almost right under that perfect nose of our prince! He looked absolutely stunning, every bit a superstar @@

For the past few months, whenever I thought of home, I would automatically think of our home in Canada. This time after we were away from Tokyo, we already missed our 'Japan' home and couldn't wait to go back. I mean Seoul is a great city, the people are wonderful and we had a fun time. I guess subconciously I must have adopted Japan as my new home now :) Hehe anyway, just happy to be back in 1 piece. Errrrr, there's actually a few more than just 1 piece. Well, with those generous serving in Korean meals, I think I've brought back ... now let's see .... 1 piece in the tummy, 1 piece in the behind, 1 piece in ...... oh well :)


gosijo said...

Welcome back 'home', dear Jaime. We missed you at our gathering on May 2nd.

jaime said...

hi my dear gosijo,

I miss you sisters too. How's the gathering? Please please share with us, I love to know every details :)

Belated Happy Mother's day, my dear!

love ... Jaime

bb said...

yea yea welcome back! you've been missed!!

vegasbyj said...

Welcome home! Welcome home!

So good to read your post today!
Can't wait to hear all about your visit to Seoul!

Get some rest!!

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Jaime, we missed you.
Take a good rest and tell us about your time in our dream land .....


jaime said...

Hi my dear bb, vegas & yee,

So nice to hear from you again. I miss you all too. Vegas & yee, I hope you had a great Mother's Day. And princess too, for your mom I mean. OK, now let's get down to some serious Bae business - count down to Osaka! Oh yes yes, before that, the princess' arrival first :)

Thanks for dropping by! Have a great day/evening!

love ... jaime

regie said...

dear jaime,

welcome home....missed you and can't wait for your story from HRH homeland.

Love n peace,

xiaoyi said...

Dear jaime,

Welcome home!! Hope you had a great mother's day. Don't worry about the extra pieces...ha ha... the most important thing is to have a great time and enjoying the food.
Take care.
Loves, xiaoyi

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinggu!

Welcome back!We miss you soooooo much. Oh, so youpicked up a few pieces more of you while in BAEland,eh?Don't worry, I am sure that due to this unexpected "additional excess baggage," you won't fit in the sexy see-through lingerie you're going to wear in Osaka. And you know what this means, don't yah? CRASH DIETING WILL BE ON YOUR DAILY MENU BEFORE JUNE 1!!! Heheheheh!

Love to read about your trip. Pictures, pictures & more pictures, please!

love, Judy

Anonymous said...

Welcome home jaime!!!
did u have a good time? hope mother's day was good for you. it was so good to read your post today. have an extra long rest and can't wait to hear about your trip to Seoul!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back honey

Sounds like you enjoy your trip
we miss you

Oh yeah I droll a lot on the pics

Anonymous said...

that was me


Tamar1973 said...

When I lived in Korea, I felt the same way when I traveled. Korea was "home", and Chuncheon was my "hometown"--regardless of what my passport said on the front page. LOL!

jaime said...

hi regie ... thanks, it's good to be home :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

dear xiaoyi ... totally agree. just enjoy the moment (and the food) and the rest is taken care of by nature, right?

it's funny, eventhough the food portion is big, but I never felt stuffed even after clearing the whole tray of food! Must be the kimchi :)

love ... jaime