Monday, May 5, 2008

Seoul Bound

HiHi sisters .... flying off to Seoul for the next few days, yeah yeah , first time ever! Errrrrh ..... kind of on a tight schedule though, so won't be able to squeeze in any appointment to meet Yonsama this time. Hahaha how I WISH! The fact is HRH is still roaming about in his own merry way somewhere between the Pacifics and the Atlantics. So that leaves me and my family wandering around in this semi-familiar city (hehe, thanks to all the Korean drama), totally free of any pressure of there might be this 1 in a zillion chance in ever bumping into the gorgeous one. Hehe, but as persistent as I am, I will still try to sneak in Gorilla and Tea Loft as my regular hangouts. Kind of excited, this time tomorrow, I will be in the land where he's born and brought up in :) Have a great week ahead, my dear sisters!

These are some newly released pictures in the BYJ Photo Documentary DVD, please enjoy :

original from by kaorin
reposted by baidu/choguan


bb said...

hehe, i can still remember my first time on baeland back in feb 2002. i was sooooo.... excited to see those scenes from k-dramas come to life. and i was breathing sooooo... hard during the first few days, coz i kept thinking: whoa, am breathing the same air he is!!

enjoy yourselves, and be safe!

p.s. awaiting your pics and (i'm sure it will be) wonderful trip report :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! Words aren't good enough to express how much I appreciate reading your write-up. Am planning to order a copy of the photo DVD online. Can I ask an innocent question? Do you think I can play the DVD (Region Code 2) in Hong Kong? from vltw

bb said...

mmm... me too, contemplating getting a copy of this... only 12,000 copies, they say? wonder if it's any good... (now how come that somehow sounds like a silly question to ask on a bae site?) :p

gosijo said...

Jaime, I missed wishing you a wonderful trip before your departure but I hope you pick this up from Seoul.

Enjoy being in a place that is so special to all of us!

regie said...

dear jaime,

have a blast time in korea and cannot wait for your vacation report.

love n peace,

Anonymous said...

dear jaime,
hope u enjoy your trip to korea and wish that you may have good luck.
remember to bring back good news:)and report.
have a safe trip!

xiaoyi said...

Dear Jaime,
You must be now in the land of HRH ^.^
Dropping by to say Happy Mother's Day!! Take care.
Loves, xiaoyi

jaime said...

dear princess,

thanks for all the tips on visiting Korea. I carried it all the time with me. I managed to go to most of the historical sightseeing places, but couldn't make it to the suggested restaurants (u know how tourists just eat wherever it's convenient).

Now (besides documenting my trip), I can't wait for your arrival in Tokyo. Hehe, the prince won't come to Tokyo, but we still have the princess!

love .. Jaime

jaime said...

Hi anonymous #1,

I am so sorry to reply you this late. Thank you for reading and dropping me a comment.

As for the BYJ Documentary DVD and its region code. There are 6 region codes for all geographical distribution in the world :

USA & Canada use region code 1. Japan & Middle East use code 2. Hong Kong, Korea use code 3.
China use code 6.

Now when the DVD specifies that it is for region code 2, only the DVD players built for that region code can be used. You can bypass the problem of incompatibility by purchasing an 'All' region (or sometimes called region-free) DVD player so you can practically play any kind of DVDs from all over the world.

I have bought an 'all region' DVD player just to play the Japanese BYJ DVD. They are very reasonably priced (US $30) with very basic functions, not fancy but it does the job - is to play the DVD :)

Hope this helps!

regards ... Jaime

jaime said...

my dear gosijo,

I agree with you. Visiting Seoul has such double meaning for Korean drama fans. Every time you see a familiar site, you just keep digging into the archives trying to figure out which drama and which scene has graced that spot :)

Thanks for your lovely wishes!

love ... Jaime

jaime said...

My dear regie,

Thank you so much for your warm wishes. SO sorry to reply this late. Now it's picture sorting time! Please take care!

love .... Jaime

jaime said...

Hi Anonymous #2,

I am sorry that I have to address you this way, so as not to confuse with the first one. Thank you for your kind wishes. I had a great time but very tired. Please take care!

regards ..... Jaime

jaime said...

my dear xiaoyi,

so nice to hear from you. Belated Happy Mother's day to you too! So, how did your 2 precious little princes pamper thier mommy?

Please have fun!

love ... Jaime

bb said...

keke... i really can't wait for your trip report! but only those who have done it before will know it's actually quite a tiresome job... hehe, gotta upload pics, sometimes have to resize or 'fix' the pics alittle, some of us also 'stamp' our names or URL on the pics, and then the writing... :p

whenever i go on a long trip, i would be halfway through a trip report and start to wonder why on earth i torture myself like this? why write a trip report? but at the end of the day, i still do it... time after time, trip after trip.

and i find that doing a trip report helps me remember the trip better... and as i get more 'experienced' with trip reports, i also realise that i become more conscious of my surroundings and the little things along the way as i go on my trips. which is good, coz it kindda opens up my eyes, my ears... and hehe, sometimes, my nose :p

but it does sometimes become quite an 'annoying' habit to always feel like whipping out the camera and wanting to take pics... but it's fun huh?

p.s. now who says the prince ain't going to tokyo? he is he is he is! he is going after osaka :p after the princess has left *pout pout!