Friday, May 23, 2008

Princess Hours - Impression

Today is a fateful day in my Bae journey, it’s probably one of those days that will be remembered and being related over and over again to other Bae sisters. No, I haven’t fast forwarded my calendar to June 1 yet. Today I am meeting our princess bb for the very first time!

Now we all know happiebb is probably one of the most famous BYJ fan around – not only that she is the fastest and most reliable source of Yong Joon news. She has also contributed so much to Yong Joon’s literature with her brilliant writing and translation skills. But despite of all these credentials, happiebb means something more to me.

Almost 3 years ago when I discovered about this amazing Korean actor called Bae Yong Joon, ‘’ kept coming up again and again in all the articles and news that I read. Back then, I hardly even had the skills to navigate through pages of a website, let alone knowing what a blog is. But when I started reading the interesting posts in bb’s blog, I found out more and more about this man and fell deeper and deeper in love with him. Simultaneously, I also got addicted to bb’s daily updates (be it about BYJ or her thoughts). Not only is her writing brilliant and witty, her ideas fresh and cute, her personality charming and easy-going, her blog is like a haven for new fans. Being the reserved and ordinary me, I felt too self-conscious to have anything worthy to add to the already bustling Bae world. It is the warmth and hospitality in bb’s blog that invited newcomers like me to walk the Bae journey hand-in-hand together with all other sisters. Without her welcome and encouragement, I would never dare to enter a single word in the internet, let alone writing and starting my own blog.

I heard a lot about princess bb – pretty, smart, quick, friendly, independent …… but I have to tell you, like our HRH, camera really doesn’t do justice to her beauty. She is one very stunningly beautiful lady in person. The princess was fashionably late for an hour (em hm!), I could spot her right away among the crowds. She was wearing a black & white print silk dress with black boots, very cute and hip. She has got this long, dark, straight, smooth hair hanging like a cascade of silk threads behind her back. But her eyes! Omigosh! She has the most beautiful pair of eyes – big, round, crystal clear (actually brownish amber) with long curly lashes. They glisten like they are talking to you. I always thought her voice is lower and louder, but princess actually has a sweet voice that speaks like a nightingale. Her bright sunny smile gives her entire face a fresh glow that radiates warmth to the people around her. No wonder she blogged about the taxi driver in Jeju said she’s like a flower :)

It’s funny that you’ve never met this person before, but standing in front of me, this girl didn’t seem like a stranger to me at all. Like her blog personality, she’s honest and straightforward but not blunt nor intimidating. She is quick to share her opinion but also willing to listen to yours. She seems to be busy handling 10 things at the same time but is still very much aware of her surroundings. After spending half a day with her, what comes to my mind is : Yong Joon, don't you know your perfect wife candidate is among your fans? She’s beautiful, intelligent, educated, sociable and most importantly – the girl is totally in love with you!

P.S. Hehe, I’ll leave the day’s activities to bb as she probably has better (brighter) pictures than mine.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

I am very super busy with the show, but I have to read about you meeting with our BB, so I'm here. I so agree with you Jaime, you are saying what I want to say. I cannot agree more that BB's blog is our (Bae family)haven, that's the most suitable description of her blog. BB, Tiffany and Joons Family sites are guilty of making me loving this wonderful man deeper and deeper .... and of course your's, Vegas's and H's blogs add this journey more enjoyable^^
And let me tell you I told BB, she is a very very suitable life companion for HRH or Mr. Yang, right BB? I don't know about Mr. Yang's type of woman, but the type HRH has in mind is exactly like BB. Now that description ( there is a word for that, but now I'm brain dead,so forgive my word)of her you'd explained, she is gorgeous as I expected. So how I wish they can have the opportunity to know about each other (actually BB knows about him more than himself, I think .. hee) Now I am going to dream about that.
Have a very good time with her. By the way did she give you a big hug from me, like I asked her???


jaime said...

hi my dear Yee,

I am really touched that you are so concerned about us. Thank you for checking in amid your busy schedule. I hope your show will be successful.

Yes, bb is really like that. I am not exaggerating, this is really what I observe. I am sure you will love her when you see her. Hehe, our hugs carry a lot of sisters with us too - you, vegas, camille, gosijo, judy ......

Please take care!

love ... jaime

gosijo said...

Hi Jaime,

Thanks so much for acting as go between for our love for bb!

I think many of us discovered her blog the same way you did and now check in every day, confident that anything worth reporting will be there, along with stimulating opinion pieces, from light examinations of latest looks (great new Megane Ichiba cf today!)to more serious explorations of our relationships with this superstar and each other.

As for your concluding remarks, hehe, I hope to scoop our chinggu Judy by asking YOU the Sang-hyuk question: Do you concede, then? (^.^)

Toujours_BYJ said...

My dear Jaime

Ditto here, I totally agree with all of you about bb's blog.
Btw, I wonder how our princess will think after reading your posting about her perfect wife candidate haha. Sure blushing, right bb ?

mishio said...

hey jaime
planning the "royal wedding" of the decade, are you? :D
chinese 10 course meal or korean high cuisine, I wonder? :P
just don't forget me on the guest list, please!

anyway, glad to hear you all had a wonderful, wonderful time...!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinggu!

Wowow! The meeting finally took place. That is sooo wonderful. I enjoyed reading the detailed report & love to see if both of you are able to take pix of each other. I know bb's such a nice & warm person from what I've heard & read from fellow BAEfans so I'm sure she really IS that now that you two have met.

Thanx for hugging her on our behalf! Any tears of joy upon seeing each other?

Take care & hugzx2!

Love, Judy

Anonymous said...

P.S. from Judy!

As for the conceding part(from Jo Onni), that is where we all married gals lose to bb! Heeheheheeh! But wait, we can still wait for the CLONING of the perfect wifey material for our dear HRH. Let's contribute each a piece of our perfect gene(everyone has to be fair & had to concede) & piece them together plus bb's perfect features & niceness then we can send her to YJ. That way, we are all ensured that HRH will have all of us in his household seeing to his needs without pulling each other's hair, hehehehehe!or worse, scheming how to outdo & outwit each other.

Since everyone knows how me & Chinggu fight each other for YJ's attention & hand in marriage, I believe this arrangement could benefit us both,as well as everybody here, right? hahahahhaha!

Can't blame me for trying my best to be inlcuded in the wifey material guys! Heheheheh!

Love, Judy

vegasbyj said...

Hi dear Jaime!

Include me with the group of ladies - I'm also very happy to know you and princess bb have finally met. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about her. Although I've never met her....yet....I think you have captured her perfectly. And like most of the Bae fans, I found her blog and continue to visit daily.

How about a job as a "wedding planner"? Mishio mentioned "royal wedding of the decade" that would be something. Could happen!!
Please add me to the guest list too!

I love Judy's idea as well!!

Can't wait to read more!
Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hi again everyone!

Thanx vegasbyj for the support. Uhh, Chinggu a wedding planner?I have to make sure that I will be her assistant in this job(as in making sure that she will do what she is suppose to do as a planner). Who knows what sneaky stuffs Chinggu has in mind(speaking for myself too, hehehheheeh!). We have a saying here that "thieves or robbers are afraid of their own kind" which translates to me being afraid of what Chinggu will do at the actual ceremony, hahahhahah!Uhh, I don't know-maybe she'll have the bride kidnapped, switch places with her & walk down the aisle & sign her name on the marriage contract b4 YJ realizes that he's not tying the knot with our "bb?"

I know that's what I'll do if I ever get that job, heheheheheh! See just how desperate I am?Hahhahaa!

Have a long rest this weekend Chinggu & we will be waiting for the Osaka report.

Love yah!

jaime said...

My dear gosijo,

Concede?! Allow me to quote SangHyuk's words to MinHyung in his ski resort's office :

"If a person does not belong to me, it doesn't matter how great she is, I am not interested. On the other hand, if that person is mine, I will not ever give up."

So my answer is : No matter how fabulous the princess is, I will NOT give up HRH, who is rightfully mine, hahaha! I'd better duck before I get pounded on :)

love .. jaime

jaime said...

dear camille,

hehe actually after I posted, I realize that this might make bb feel uneasy. But then I think it's my impression and I keep it in my blog, not in any official forum. hopefully that's
kwen-chan-ayo :)

love .. jaime

jaime said...

Ummm Hmmm ..... my dear mishio,

I overheard from the grapevine that you are one very eligible and special girl yourself. So you are also officially on this ajumma's list of match-making candidates, beware :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

my dear vegas,

I will try to blog about what we did these 2 days. So many pictures to sort through.

On the guest list?! You are not getting off that easy. You have to be involved in every aspects of the wedding planning - catering, decoration, music. As for me, I think I'll take care of fitting the groom into his tux :)

love .. jaime

jaime said...

hehe chinggu,

you know me too well, that's what I am afraid of. Yes, you even guess the evil scheme I was planning. Yes, I intend to kidnap the princess, take her place in the honeymoon, hahaha! And now, you spoil my grand plan :(

Really chinggu, thanks for the hilarious comments you made. It makes me laugh so hard, love you for it. Take care, ok?

love ... jaime

bb said...

haiyo, jaime! you're so quick!

i really didn't expect you to blog last night right after we'd met... so when i met cloudnine this morning, and she told me you'd blogged, i was sooooo.... eager (and abit anxious) to know what you'd blogged about.

while it doesn't matter to me what people who don't know me think about me, (eg a certain nut case who sometimes shows up at a certain blog) but it does matter to me what the closer or more familiar fellow bae-fans think of me. to be honest, while i try to be as true to myself in writing, but there're invariably some differences in online and offline persona. for me, i think i'm not as nice and warm and friendly as most people seem to think... or hehe, i kindda pick who i'm nice and warm and friendly to :p

anyway, on second thought, thank god you'd blogged after the first encounter when you hadn't seen all that much of me :p

since you'd met me for a second time today, you probably have found out that i really can be quite a klutz (hee, like dropping my camera in the train and losing my battery along the way....) and not being too 'domestically inclined'... oops, i'd better stop before i give myself away.

anyway, wanna thank you for your time these couple of days. like what we'd shared in the cab today, it's really quite unimaginable that we all can come together like this just because we happen to like the same actor. and the friendships that have been formed from our bae journeys have been such great gifts.

the little things that the fans do for one another... like how cloudnine would wanna make sure i was staying in a safe area, like how tomato would ask if i needed to buy any BYJ-related goods, like how you had walked me to the station to make sure i was alright, and given me an umbrella, etc etc etc... so toasty-heartwarming.

anyway, if i go on 'chatting' like this, i might as well start writing a thesis :p

guess what i really wanted to say is:

thank you, yong joon, for bringing such lovely ladies my way.
and thank you, lovely ladies, for all the kindness that you've passed on my way.

bb said...

and oh... hehe, am ready for the royal wedding of the decade... just get the man to ask, pali pali :p

Anonymous said...

If I could get him to ask I would
knowing he would be happy

But since he is just a bit far away from me*across the Atlantic*
that will have to wait a bit

I finally see BB trough the eyes of other Bae sisters
and see you trough hers.
Wich by the way I like herws about you to.

It is amazing how love to a man can make such a beautiful comunity.

Thank you for leting us in to it
by realting and sheering all of it


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime, bb and Everyone,

I loved reading about how it was when the 2 of you met! (bb - hello from me, too!)

Yes, it's always been like that for me too, when I met sisters I have known but not yet met -- it's such a wonderful family that we are all part of....

Thank you, YJ-nim!!