Sunday, May 25, 2008

Survival Tips for the Osaka Event

As we are counting down to the TWSSG Premium Event in Osaka, the entire Bae world’s attention has descended onto the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’. Being the recipient of such wonderful hospitality extended by the Japanese family, other than being eternally grateful, may I conjure up something more tangible to repay their kindness?

Ticket –

OK I guess this is quite obvious, eh? For sisters who live outside of Osaka, if you do not have an airplane or Shinkansen ticket in your hand by now, I suggest you better start walking there today. Sigh, 35000 seats are really not enough for so many of his loving fans around the world. Now HRH, instead of us all flocking to one single city to see you, will you consider just ONE of you going around the world to see all of us?

Emergency Rescue Effort –

OK, you are going on this once-in-lifetime dream date with the most gorgeous man in the world, and you are going for the ‘au natural’ look??

Uh huh ,not ME! Drop all your chores and forget about lunching with your galfriends. For the next 7 days, these are your best friends – hairstylist, dermotologist, esthetician, manicurist; or for me, a plastic surgeon for a total face reconstruction! If you don’t have time for them, then these may be the next best thing - do it at home face revival kit :

Bae business cards –

This is a custom that I pick up from the Japanese sisters – exchanging business cards. Hehe, what else but with our gorgeous HRH’s pictures on it! Now, the card you use very much represents your taste on favorite HRH’s image or his drama character. So, please pick one from below, not all, ok?

Body armor -

Unless you are the size of Mr. Shin or his NY bodyguards, it’s advisable to wear some form of protective gear when entering into the danger zone of the arena. After all, you are in the company of 34999 other hormone-charged, adrenaline-rushed, young-at-heart women whose only have their minds and eyes on HRH, and will trample on anything/anybody that gets in the way.

Standing tall and proud –

If you are ‘fortunate’ enough to stand behind a 5’ 10” super-model height sister, (and knowing my luck, I will be!), you better equip yourself with this ‘half-footer elevated’ device to counteract this problem. Well, to be on the cautious side, better book an appointment too to see your podiatrist right after you return home.

Attention grabber -
Unless you befriend the lighting director of Kyocera Dome, and bribe him to have the spot light constantly aiming at you. Otherwise, the only way to get our HRH’s attention is to permanently holding a high voltage torch light shining at your own face during the entire duration of the event. Imagine you are the only light source among the entire pitch dark dome, where else can HRH’s beautiful eyes directed other than at YOU?

Close up –

Unless you plan to climb up on stage and sit on HRH’s laps through out the event, how else are you going to check out the gorgeous one pixel by pixel? Well, this beauty can do the job without you running the risk of being thrown out by security guards and banned from ever getting within 100 feet of HRH. And this is not even counting that you will be making 34999 instant enemies in one single day!

Plan ahead –
If you want your hubby and kids to be still smiling when you come back from ‘heaven’; more importantly, if you want to have a ‘next time’, I suggest you have the take out menu and phone numbers of the nearby 100 restaurants handy. Why, you don’t want to come back and clean up a messy kitchen or worse, them getting the house burnt down, do you?

Frankly, this is the first time I go to an event of such nature and magnitude, I don’t think I can ever be prepared enough to face such emotional roller-coaster ride. But I think if I carry a sincere heart, a sense of humor and a lot of patience, June 1, 2008 will be one of the most memorable day in my life.

Thank you Bae sisters from around the world for cheering for us. Thank you Japanese sisters for being so kind to me. Let’s have fun with Yong Joon in Osaka!


gosijo said...

Great advice, dear friend! This being 'before', I wonder if you'll feel the need to give us a "What I Wished I Had Known Before Osaka" companion post in a week's time, haha!

Seriously, though, I know your final few lines represent what's truly in your heart and they describe the best preparation anyone could make. Enjoy!

jaime said...

My dear gosijo,

You know me so well, I am so moved. I really think that's the only preparation I need to have. Actually one more which I always carry with me on any occasion is - no expectation. Then I will not get disappointed, anything extra becomes a bonus to me and I will be very happy :)

hehe, the afterthoughts? I know there will be many many sleepless nights after Osaka. So maybe writing out 1 afterthought each night for the next month?

Thanks for being such a good sister, gosijo!

love .. jaime

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is what we really love about you, chinggu. You always make everyone happy with all your humor filled postings but nevertheless you have this caring heart & sincere love for every friend/sister & foe(especially dear ol' muah).

Sleepless nights & afterthoughts & afterthoughts afterwards? You betcha that we will be waiting hands & feet for every bits & pieces of them. I wonder how long you'll be staying on cloud 9(or cloud 10) before your feet touch ground so you can think correctly? hehehhhehe!

Love yah & take care,

Anonymous said...


Just like to thank you sincerely. Really enjoy reading your blog - I'm not good at words but would really like you to know how much your kindness and your sharing has been appreciated!

Cheers and have a good day!


jaime said...

Oh dear chinggu,

You always have kind words for me. But you know what, you are the one who's been so selfless and generous in your love for others. You are always there to cheer us up regardless of how you yourself feel. I do hope all the best and happiness will go your way (you know what I mean).

Now, despite all these mushy lovey words, I still will not let go of my territory on HRH, u clear about that? (hahaha, as if I have any!)

love you ...... jaime

jaime said...

dear vltw,

Thank you for your kind words. I am really not good at blogging either (to tell you a secret - I am always worried that I might hit the wrong key and mess up the whole set up :)

I just want to capture the beautiful aspect of this Bae journey so when I sit in an Old Age Home someday, I can remember that I have a wonderful life once with some very sweet and caring women. I am glad you enjoy it and thanks for your encouragement.

love .. jaime

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

Hey this is hilarious! I've just finished translation and sent to some bae sisters who know you. I'm sure they will laugh out loud. Really love your sense of humor and witty writing.
What an honor to go with you to Osaka!

cloud nine

jaime said...

hehe dear cloudnine, you translated this for the Japanese sisters?! Hahaha, they probably think I am nuts!

Thanks for taking me to Osaka, actually the pleasure is all mine :)

Tamar1973 said...

Don't forget the pedicure! LOL!

jaime said...

hehe tamar, thanks for the advice :) will do. But if I wear open-toes sandals, my feet will be trampled on :(

love ... jaime