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BYJ 3D in Tokyo Dome review

Hi dear sisters ...... just before I want to hit lalaland, I received this wonderful translation from cloudnine. Aiya, how can I delay my sisters from reading great review about our Yong Joon? Thank you dear cloudnine for your hard work :) Please enjoy .....

Upcoming movie report on ‘PREMIERE PORT’ by Nobuko Kazui

Bae Young Joon 3D in Tokyo Dome in 2009

His smile is right there.
He was just right there. ‘Oh no, BYJ is really cool!’ I’m falling in love with him. Such realistic sensation Being in a preview room, I was almost clapping hands.
Not only those who couldn’t make it to Tokyo Dome but also those who were there can enjoy this movie for sure.

You can see Yon-sama and Jiwoo-hime (princess) so clearly even the feel of their skin.
Because it was shot by 3D cameras. For more information about 3D camera please refer to this site.

Now about Yon-sama’s charm
Probably most Japanese have prejudice against ‘Yon-sama’.
‘Yon-sama’ followed by ‘obasan-middle aged women’ in a wide-show program on TV.
‘Yon-sama socks’ sell at a price of 100 yen as a typical souvenir.

Even a Korean drama fan like me who watched “WLS” and “April Snow”, the title was stunning. ‘What is BYJ 3D?’

Let us think about it carefully.
It’s not WLS 3D. Nor TWSSG 3D. But Bae Yong Joon 3D.
It’s a documentary film of just an event.?! Who said, ‘Let’s make a movie’ ? Who said, ‘Let’s shoot it with 3D cameras’ ? To mobilize in large number for such a purpose, it is only possible when the actor is truly attractive.
I saw the movie and convinced.
BYJ well deserves 3D movie.

Everyone who knows Yon-sama and appears in this movie describes him as being sincere. Actually his character reveals itself in less than two hours film. His behavior, his talk and etc. You can’t help admiring him. ‘How attractive this man is!’
Any woman can’t help falling love with him.
Can’t stop falling in love. (c9: this part is written in English)
“I’ll do my best and head down the right path.” His words impressed me.
This is what seems that everyone can do, but actually very difficult to achieve.
He said these words veeerrrry politely, which gave a catch in the throat.
‘I’m ashamed of myself. I have to live with a definite goal.’

I was reformed.
What is this religious power?
A power like ‘ Imagine all the people ’
He came out being carried on a special vehicle, which was just like a king’s chair, and waved his hands to his family (he calls his fans family). He was a king indeed!
My friend said, ‘BYJ looked like a Christ.’ (She has no religion.)
His clothes were not special, he has no air of arrogance, still he had a distinctive aura.
Umm. He is respectable.
He is worth being called with ‘sama’ (a Japanese honorific for a person)
I called him ‘senior’.
‘ I’m always grateful for your support.’ and then after a pause, with the perfect timing, he concluded saying ‘ I love you.’
Though they are just simple words, he said very politely and emotionally.
I was reminded of the word ‘kotodama – power or spirit of words’.
There was great power, warm and strong.
This must be BYJ’s charm, only unique with Yon-sama.
Only good looking guys are not enough.

There was a scream even when he sat down.
There was a scream even when he wrote a letter.
Nobody but Yon-sama (and raccoons) can excite people by just making ordinary movements.
Yon-sama and Jiwoo-hime, going around the dome in balloons were just like lovers painted by Raymond Paynet.
If live performance of Paynet lovers is to be planned, I recommend this couple.

He said, ‘ Someday I wish to be a beautiful memory of Korea.’ I’m sure you will.
This is what I have been thinking for some time. Yon-sama’s achievement is just great.
He easily changed Japanese people who had looked down other Asians.
Now it’s not rare to find Japanese people who study Korean language.
He has achieved what so- called diplomats failed to do. Those cocky men had spent a lot of tax money flying between two countries for nothing.

Art is wonderful.
So it’s quite possible that BYJ’s statue will be built.
Of course the pose would be that he lifts up one of his hands and looks up.
Those who were not interested in blue men (c9: she meant Avatar?), I would like to recommend you to make a debut in 3D movies with this one.
Thanks to Yon-sama, I did. I’ll go to see the movie when I feel lonely.

From cloud nine : About Nobuko Kazui, to be honest I don’t think she is a very good writer. There was one sentence I was not able to understand and sometimes it’s hard to judge that she was just joking or serious. She became interested in Korean entertainment since she saw ‘Temptation of wolves” Now she is working as a writer and model while learning Korean language. She also watches various kinds of movies. Her favorite Korean actor is Gang Dongwon.

For original review in Japanese, please refer to :

Thanks to vento for posting the pictures in BYJGallery


Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you to cloudnine and Jaime!

I saw the original post (of course in Japanese) in Baidu and wanted so badly to understand it. I wish I can watch this 3D movie too but sob sob sob!!!

Thanks again and take care,

P.S. Jaime, are you coming back in June or July?

karen said...

hi hi Jaime,

Thank you for updating us the 3D info. I wish so much able to see the 3D, imgaine like feeling touching him !!! wow....but we dont have the chance, so we will waiting for your experience to share with us after u have watching it ...hahaha...
n tks also for updating us the bb blog info.

Please take care, Jaime.


jaime said...

dear ivory,

Yes, the 3D movie sounds really good, I can't wait to watch it.
We are planning to return to Canada by July. Hope to see you soon.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi hi karen,

Yes madam, I will watch the 3D BYJ and report back to you if Yonsama is really floating towards me in his balloon :) Sadly, I will not have too much time left to experience these wonderful events. I sure hope they will consider making a DVD so overseas sisters can enjoy too.

Please take care! love .... jaime

karen said...

hi hi jaime,

wow,:O I cant wait for you to tell us the story hehehe...Pray hard the DVD will availble for oversea family, but lately our king is in hiding mode, sigh...

Wah..times flies another 1mth++ u going back to Canada, please enjoy the fullest your wonderful time in Japan. I am sure u going to miss much much Japan & Yonsama hahaha....

~Hugs~ Karen

gosijo said...

Dear Jaime and cloud nine,

Thanks for bringing us this trans so soon!

I like how the writer describes Bae Yong Joon's concluding words, "with the perfect timing". Wonder what went through his head. He looked a little shy, as if he hesitated to use those momentous words - would we believe him? Also, he must have been tired so he must have felt relief that he'd made it through both events without collapsing (and causing us to worry). Lastly, it seems to me that he might have been thinking, 'after I say those words I cannot say any more, it's The End.'

jaime said...

dear gosijo,

I remember you were curious about what our prince said right before he uttered out "Aishiteimasu" - I love you :) You can tell he's not the kind of guy who blurts out those 3 words easily. We saw him paused a little and then said it, I think he really meant every word :)

looks like this non-fan also felt this love from the 3D movie.

love ... jaime