Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This and that ..

Hi hi sisters ...... didn't mean to be lazy, but was busy out 'playing' again :) Let's see ...... I watched TWSSG II on Monday, and maybe KimJongHak director nim has read my complaints on TWSSG I. This 2nd chapter is much much better, so good that I may be very tempted to watch it again! I'll write about it soon, ok? Oh btw, cloudnine told me that the 'Tokyo Dome Events - 3D' movie VIP premiere had received a rave review. Hmmmm ........obviously I am not a VIP, that's why I cannot give you a review yet. But when it starts showing to NIP (Not Important People) like me on May 22, I'll let you know if I can really feel like I am touching Yonsama, ok?

Oh, another thing I'd like to mention is : some sisters have asked me about bb's blog since we all encounter the same problem accessing it. Yeah I understand, bb's blog is very near and dear to our hearts because we just love to read what princess writes, no matter it's BYJ or personal, eh? I asked princess and if I may relate her reply to you - she is just incredibly busy now and when things ease up, she will attend to this matter. So dear sisters, please be patient and we'll wait. Princess, hope work will ease up soon and please take care of yourself :)

Last week, I went to Megane Ichiba in Shinjuku hoping to get my son a pair of Yonsama eyeglasses. They have the same billboard since summer 2007 when I visited! Sometimes I just deliberately shop around there so I can look at his huge billboard @@ Hehe, but the frames look too mature for a young man like my son. So, we picked some other styles. The service is impeccable and the price is really reasonable compared to Canada.Hehe, maybe the salesman saw me taking pictures of Yonsama's standee. He gave me a set of his pictures before I left, happy happy gal :)
Have a good night!


April said...

Thank you so much Jaime!


gosijo said...

Dear Jaime,

Just wanted to thank you for the update on bb's blog.

Let's find ways to continue your Nihon interests when you're back in Canada. I have a few suggestions - but later...

cecy México. said...

hi jaime,
I'm excited to see what you can find our prince in Japan last week here in the capital, held a convention of comic's, and finally I could get April Snow, after so long and I keep seeing her as twssg and winter sonata, and hotelier, there I met some guys have a recent Korean dramas and music business on Korean and later moved me visit them and to my surprise was a picture of bae with other artists from the same country, but view image of him for the first time in the center of the town was very, very exciting.
I ask about the event in three dimensions and were in contact at the time they arrived, haaa, and I'll see a more serca bae.
Thanks for sharing your pictures especially of megane Ichiba.
greetings with love cecy Mexico.

Anonymous said...

i like your blog ms. jaime..and same with the other sisters. i too am a very busy person, if someone dosen't want me to be part of her blog, it's not a big deal. i may see BB differently from you, since you have formed a bond already, but my opinion on her is another thing...there are still many more interesting sisters' blogs to read and share thought and idea with...

jaime said...

you're very welcome, april :)

jaime said...

dear gosijo,

hehe, do you mean 'Nihon' Nihon or 'Yonsama' Nihon interests? I can't wait to hear your suggestion .....

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi cecy,

I am so happy that you can finally get hold of April Snow. It's a movie that touches our hearts, hope you enjoy :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi rahya,

Oh sorry, maybe I didn't express bb's situation clearly. I don't know if I have stepped over my boundary, but I think bb is too busy right now to deal with the comments from an annoymous blogder. I hope things will go back to normal soon.

Ah rahya, how should I answer you? I am glad we are all altogether to walk this journey to support Yong Joon and thank you for reading mine and other sisters' blogs. Our family has fans from so many different cultures and backgrounds, I understand we are bound to feel certain closeness to one over another.

Yes, you're right, bb and I have a special friendship which I treasure. Beyond the obvious contribution and role she has in the BYJ family, she is also a lady with a very sharp observation and speaks the truth and I respect her for that. I hope if you have some time, please go into Quilt and Joonsfamily and search for the past articles and translations from happiebb. I learned so much about Yong Joon from her and always love her insights and wit. Hope we enjoy this journey together :)

Have a nice day!
cheers .... jaime

gosijo said...

I meant 'Nihon' Nihon although how can we ever meet and not talk about Yonsama also?

I had to forego a chance to attend an afternoon seminar recently, with Japanese and Canadian authors on literature, language and freedom of expression ( Boo-hoo!

jaime said...

dear gosijo,

Thank you for the link. This kind of X-cultural event sounds so wonderful. Hope we can attend some together in the future.

love ... jaime