Friday, May 7, 2010

Love shines

Hi hi sisters .... found these forgotten pictures in my cellphone which I took a couple of months ago. Didn't realize that my chanoyu (tea ceremony) lesson was in the vicinity of Yong Joon's 'first handprint' in Japan! Haha, cloudnine was kind enough to show me the way there. It is just in front of an office building across from the side entrance of Peninsula Hotel, off the Hibiya subway exit.

Yong Joon's autograph was dated 2005.8.30. So if I've not mistaken, it was the April Snow promotion in Tokyo, right?
Hehe, want to know who Yong Joon's neighbours are? Superstar Tom Cruise.... and the very popular - Jackie Chan.
Are you wondering now why Yong Joon's plate is so gold and shiny? Hehe, the secret lies with the very dedicated Japanese fans. While I was busy sizing up which angle I should shoot using my very sub-standard cellphone camera. Cloudnine quietly took out her own handkerchief and started rubbing the dust off Yong Joon's handprint, so cute! I could actually feel the stares from those salarymen and office ladies who were smoking just in front of the building. They must be wondering why were those 2 silly obaasan photographing and wiping the sidewalk?! Cloudnine told me that some Japanese sisters actually take turns to come here to wipe Yong Joon's handprint, that's our way of taking care of what he gave us. You can tell the result of their tender loving care :)

Of course now, Yong Joon has left more handprints in Japan, like the one on the wall at Gosireh Hwa Nagoya, but this one in Hibiya will always be special. So, next time when you are around the Ginza area in Tokyo, you might like to walk a bit further and check this one out :)


yudi said...

Dear Jaime,

I am so moved by and proud of what Japanese sisters doing with YJ’s hand print. YJ’s hand is so beautiful, big, slender and very warm (I believe) and I love it so much from the every beginning.


yudi said...

Dear Jiame,

Forgot to say, when I say "very warm", this is where exactly we need some romantic perception of him. hehe.


bb said...

hey jaime, thanks for sharing ^.^

wanna share my own little story (since i've kindda locked myself out of my own blog for the time being, keke!)

i was in tokyo and yea, went to hibiya as well... and i thought it strange that they'd used a different material for wuri yong joon's handprint... it's like how come his was using shinier metal and the rest were... errr... errr...

then i was told they're all made from the same material! and yea, the magic's in the fans' love ^.^

cecy méxico said...

Hey jaime, I am always happy to know that you are well and a joy to greet you.
always appreciate your response to my comments, you know? I am originally from Mexico City, Federal Didtrito and I am happy to know a part of my country, always well coming.
I feel very nice to know how much is the love that awakens our prince Bae in each of our sisters to show some or other way, and thus clear that one day I'd walk through this area of Tokyo, and still get my shirt claudine's example as the other sisters.
thanks for sharing these images.
Good weekend.
Sincerely, With love Cecy Mexico.

L2N said...

Dear jaime,
Thank 4 sharing, do you know what the priveledge of the blog that u create? Yeah, you've reply to every comment individually signed so resulting in two dialog. I know why they use different material for YJ's handprint, I think because he is so special and when I go to Japan, will be to hibiya - wipe YJ's handprint too and say "I love u" (my husband could be jealous to him ha ha ha).

Love u....Lenny

jaime said...

dear yudi,

hehe, I am also convinced (by you) that our prince's hands are warm and soft. Best as a muff for our Canadian winter :)

have a nice weekend!
love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi hi princess,

Thanks for sharing your story. I think you are no stranger to the Penninsula Hotel area, huh? I didn;t know it is so close to Ginza and Yurakucho before.

Yeah, I was wondering if you are temporarily blocking some users because of the unwanted comments. I got locked out of blogger everytime I tried linking to your blog. Will you be resetting it back as before? Thanks, as I still look forward to your post every day :)

Have a nice weekend!
love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi hi cecy,

Thanks for your reply. Oh, so you are from the capital city. I remember going to the Mayan ruins. So steep like a pyramid, I was so scared that I held onto the chain and slid down instead of walking down, phew :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi lenny,

thanks for your kind words. I am constantly being motivated by my fellow BYJ bloggers (past and present) of their dedication and generous sharing. I wish I had more time to sit down and blog in Japan as I really enjoy writing about Yong Joon and talking with you dear sisters.

Hehe, my little suggestion while you are saying 'I love you' in front of the handprint : turn your face to your husband's side, then he wouldn't know you are talking to Yong Joon :) Then, everybody is happy, hahaha!

have a nice weekend.
love ... jaime

Anonymous said...

Talking about how love shine, happy mother's day Jaime...and to all the mothers out there. :) Well. that's what we are celebrating in the states. Have a good one, ladies!

- DLee

Carol Ann said...

This is a truly lovely story - and really shows how much love YJ's fans have for him. It really touched me. Thank you for sharing the photos and the story behind them.

Yee said...

Hi Lady,

Now I know why I cannot get into BB's blog.
Thanks for all the updates.
And "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY" my lady and all sisters.


jaime said...

Hi Dlee,

Belated Happy Mother's Day to you too. Hehe, I know it's a big thing in US, all the restaurants and hotel brunches are full, right?
hope you had a nice time.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Carol Ann,

nice to hear from you again. I also hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day :)

cheers .... jaime

jaime said...

Dear Yee,

Happy Mother's Day to you too. I hope you had a wonderful day with your lovely daughters :)

love ... jaime