Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Sartorialist - II

Hi hi sisters ...... As we all know, some people are a 'natural' in front of the camera; while others feel totally uneasy or even 'photophobic' (errr, I think I just invented a new word, haha :) Scott Schuman's pictures on everyday people are about self-expression and not perfection, so his readers can find their own inspiration. You will agree that some of the world's best photography are the ones that capture the subjects in their most 'natural' or 'unguarded' moments. Like this one, or at least I'd like to think so :

Thanks to suehan's effort, we are able to see these candid shots by Korean bloggers who have the chance to spot Yong Joon in the same city. When I pause to think : besides Yong Joon locking himself inside his house, how many 'unguarded' moments can this man really have? There seems to be always fans waiting at major hotspots, papparazzi jumping out from nowhere, cameras clicking at every angle, whether he is :

coming or going ....... getting ready for work .......
or actually working ........ enjoying his food ...... or enjoying his game.......socializing ........
or feeling anti-social ......
even when he is not up to it!

Now, that makes me feel a bit sad, so what really is the 'real' BYJ like in his 'natural' moment, without the awareness of a camera nearby? I'll come back and finish what I want to say tomorrow, ok? Please be patient with me.


yudi said...

Dear Jaime,

Nice reading, looking forward for the next part. No matter what, for me YJ in his very natural self is the best.


Anonymous said...

Take your time, don't worry I enjpoy reading it and looking at the pics


jenny chee said...

Dear Jaime

How is your golden week holidays sis ? Shld be a fun and enjoyable holidays with the family. Thank you so much for the writing of the sartorialist series . I really enjoy your write up and pic.

Thank you sooo much. Really appreciate it . Take care .


Jenny chee

Mikino said...

Dear Jaime,
Thank you for sharing these photos!
He looks great as always! He is simply wonderful!
I hope, he feels better and keep he's health!
Love, Mikino

L2N said...

Dear Jaime,
I think he realized that he is as a public figure and become great because of his fans. But he is a human too, who need privacy and the freedom for his live. and I'm sure there are fanatic fans that could be disturb him, watching him day by day (like us, xi xi xi). If I Imagine like that, It make me a little bit sad too. Mmm, but he looks always natural for me, he always as look as him. But, If you want to know him what really is the 'real' BYJ like in his 'natural' moment, I think when he slept or take shower???, ha ha ha.
I waiting for what will you say tomorrow....

see you.....Lenny in beautiful place

jaime said...

dear yudi,

yeah, I also believe Yong Joon sincerely tries to show us his natural self. miss him!

please take care... love, jaime

jaime said...

hi moontime,

thanks for dropping by. hope everything is fine w/ you. Take care!

love .. jaime

jaime said...

dear jenny,

how are you? Golden week was great and relaxing. I miss my Bae sisters and galfriends though! As you know, regular weekdays are usually the time for galfriends and Bae sisters' gathering. Hehe, so I love both weekdays and weekends in Japan :)

Hope you enjoying the spring season too!
love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Mikino,

Yes, Yong Joon always looks so handsome. Just hope he can show himself to us more often though.

cheers ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi hi lenny,

hehe, i wish for the shower pictures but i'll settle for the sleeping ones :) Hmmm , thanks for giving me an idea, maybe I should try to gather his shower and sleeping pictures from my folder for future posts? (hehe, thinking seriously now :)

cheers ..... jaime