Monday, May 17, 2010

TWSSG II - すれちがいの運命

Hi hi sisters ...... as promised, I’d like to write about Chapter 2 of TWSSG - The Destiny of Missing Encounter. We’ve read some positive reviews so far, quite an improvement to the first one, huh? Maybe the story was gearing up to the climax of the carefree Damdeok evolving into a mighty king, we were able to enjoy our handsome prince’s acting in many scenes :

Well, to start, we were already off to a winner – a drool-worthy scene @@

His very distressed fight in the rain - disbelief, anger, pain, longing - all written on his face.

Having faith in himself first, so others would have faith in him! Ahhhh ..... don’t we all need a little 'faith' in ourselves too?

His oh-so-naughty drinking scene :) I am still amazed by his superb change in facial expressions – from oblivious to playful to mischievous to commanding, all in seconds! Who says the man only has a pretty face??

Hehe, I remember writing a post about this scene - love with authority. "The man in front of you is ‘King’ ah!" ..... a victorious smile :)

The second chapter covered all the way to Damdeok and his army reaching the foot of Chuoro’s Gwangmi Castle. There were many sub-plots to cover and each scene also happened very fast, but the flow didn’t feel choppy at all. Being an epic production like TWSSG, Director KHJ nim of course would not throw away his precious footage of those large-scale fighting and war scenes. It was a mixed feeling to watch Yong Joon again, in a drama that he put so much of his blood and sweat in.

The 3rd chapter will be out this Saturday, as well as the BYJ 3D in Tokyo Dome. Now the big question for the Japanese sisters is : how are they going to divide their time on both movies? Hehe, I think for myself, I'd like to space the 2 out in at least a week's interval so I can savor each one slowly :) Good night!


Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime and Bae sisters:
Greetings on the Penn 254th commencement day, when the campus is full of candidates and faculty in toga, alumni carrying flags of their year of graduation, parents, friends, even pet dogs watching the processional from the sidewalk of Locust Walk.
The commencement speaker is Hon. Jon Huntsman, the US ambassador to China, who summarized his Go, Quaker speech in five F's: "Find yourself, Find a cause, Face failure, Find someone to love and Find meaning."
Even Bae Yong Joon could follow the same trajectory towards success and happiness.
It is fitting that your posting on TWSSG resonates with all those flags, applause and medieval jousts.
Sarang Hamnida,

Kum said...

I love checking into your site. Always great infos. I wish I live in Japan, you all get the best of ByJ. I hope all this good stuff will come out in DVD for rest of us in the world. Thanks again for your post. k

Marce said...

Hi Jaime,
It was a long time since i commented here, my head was a little busy, and it's not easy to write in a foreing language, ups =(.
but Im here again, so happy because second part was more enjoyable than the first one, hehehe, I love that you can enjoy all of this, i read in your post BYJ 3d in Tokio Dome review, it seems that it really worth, I hope to be able to see it on DVD one day.
Take care and God Bless you.
love Marce

monica said...

Dear Jaime, hi, I am Monica.
First time to write to you.
But I visit your blog everyday.
I just want to let you konw
That I love your blog.
In March I was in Tokyo
And able to see cherry blossom
And in April I was in Tokyo again,
Stayed at Lotte city Kinshicho Hotel
Of course also visited Gosireh Hua.
I wish to see you one day
In Tokyo, before you leaving for Canada


jaime said...

dear josephine,

thank you always for your words of wisdom. it is especially meaningful at this time of my life when i am feeling very fragile. this moving back to canada is not going to be easy. please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi kum,

thanks for coming by my little home. me too, i have the same wish as yours. i wish i could stay in japan much longer, there are still so many places to see, people to know and things to do.

yeah, for the release of the 3D BYJ DVD, too bad yong joon and his company don;t give us much hint of their business plan. have a nice day!

cheers ... jaime

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime

These lovely pix are simply nostalgic. Brings me back to those nights when I actually watched TWSSG every night for a couple of months, just repeating the whole series again and again. Ahhhhh . . . . Hope they will release a dvd version of the movies.


jaime said...

hi marce,

how are you? yeah, i understand what you mean. i have such a hard time with my japanese too because i just don't have time to sit home and study. thank you for trying to write to me in english. hope your work will ease off soon so you can enjoy the upcoming summer.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi hi monica,

welcome to my little home and thank you for your kind words.

really?! you were here in march and april, did you see yonsama in lotte hotel? oh lucky lucky you, went to gosireh hwa already. was it a nice stay?

yes, next time when you are in tokyo, please give me a shout. it'll be nice to see you before i leave, sob sob. hehe, i gather you live close to japan?

have a nice day!
cheers ... jaime

jaime said...

hi alcy,

Yeah, did you watch it live on MBC back in Dec 2007? Now, it feels heavy to pick up an epic drama to re-watch, just too much of a commitment as compared to a romantic comedy. But TWSSG is such a captivating drama, my eyes just glue to the TV whenever Damdeok appears :) thanks for coming by here!

love ... jaime

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime

Nope, I wasn't even aware of BYJ then. TWSSG was the first Korean drama I watched cos my sis passed me the dvd and insisted that I watch cos it's so good. And she's not even a BYJ fan. I meant, after finishing the series in two weeks, I watched it again and again consecutively for a few months...ya, I was so moved and captivated. Sounds crazy, eh?