Monday, May 3, 2010

The Sartorialist - I

Hi Hi sisters ..... did you have a nice week? We are still relaxing in the Golden Week holidays, enjoying the warm breezy spring weather. Last weekend, my husband suggested that we went to a book signing event. Book? What book? Hehe, as far as I am concerned, the ONLY book that I dream about getting signed is the you-know-who's book :)

Have you heard of Scott Schuman? In the fashion and design world, apparently he is an influential and respected figure. He is renowned for his sense on street fashion photography and runs a highly popular blog Scott published his first book 'The Sartorialist' last year, compiling 500+ pictures of everyday people (with styles! of course :) he took around Europe and the US.

Hmmm ...... wonder if it's the Japanese rice he eats or the Tokyo air he breathes in, I don't know when hubby has become so 'hip'? He actually has been following the Sartorialist blog and ordered the book in time for the signing event :) Ah no, let me confess : this is definitely not our regular weekend hobby. To be honest, while we were waiting in line, the 'uninformed' me had to quickly glance through the book and checked out its author's name, phew! The signing took place at the United Arrows store in an artsy backstreet of Harajuku. Suffice to say, there were all these good looking, avant-garde 20-something (both westerners and Japanese) eager to meet Scott Schuman. Why? As I noticed some even brought along their scrapbooks to show him! Yikes, I was afraid that a couple of old folks like us might be mistaken for some star-craved parents accompanying their models-wannabe offsprings on an audition @@

Fortunately, Scott Schuman is a really cool and swell guy! He was sipping champagne while patiently looking through his fans' works. For those starving (juz kidding) young talents who didn't have the book, he just gladly signed on their calendars or notebooks.

I asked Scott if he planned to do a book on Japan. As when it comes to style and uniqueness, you really cannot find a more original city than Tokyo. He replied that he'd actually taken some pictures here in the past few days. He is really an easy guy to talk to and never rushed you. As hubby and I we were walking back to the bustling street of Harajuku, we looked at each other and couldn't help laughing at ourselves : what have we just done? how old are we anyway? Looking up at the clear blue sky of Tokyo, we actually enjoyed the experience and had a great time!

So now you ask, why am I sitting here reading all these? What does this got anything to do with our Yong Joon?? Hehe in my book .... everything about anything has to do with Yong Joon huh. But sorry, am really tired tonight, I'll have to continue tomorrow, ok? Sumimasen.


Hyds said...

Hi Jaime!!
For a minute there I thought the name was familiar..When I visited his blog and first saw GQ I had to look for my old GQ mags which has long gathered dust..hehehe (I know why I don't throw these mags.) but anyway was the connection got to do with Jed Root? Leslie Kee who also joined Jed Root?
Waiting for your the next part.

jaime said...

Hi Hyds,

Thanks for your comment. As you probably know that Scott Schuman's agency is Jed Root Inc. Didn't know that Leslie Kee has also teamed up with them? Incidentally Leslie Kee has an exhibition in Tokyo now. Hehe, but no Yong Joon, so I am not going.

To answer your question, will be quoting some text from his book, that's all. Thanks for reading.

love ... jaime

Hyds said...

He did..I like Kee's works so I searched on his beginnings. He joined Jed Root before which also have a London agency and Schuman obviously is a household name..
I like Scott's site some inspiration for my assignments. Thanks a lot. Love, Hyds