Friday, May 14, 2010

The young ones

Hi hi sisters ...... let's talk about something that makes you happy. Have you seen these pics before? These are his CF shot for FRJ Jeans, gosh, this is wayyyyyyy before my time! I honestly don't know when Yong Joon did this, the hairstyle looked a bit like him in "Have we really loved", huh? His autograph should leak out the date too, but I can't make out what our prince wrote?? If you can see it, please enlighten me.

Doesn't his youthfulness remind you of Cliff Richard's song - The Young Ones :
The young ones,
Darling we're the young ones .....

Our shy prince, always will be @@
Hehe, you don't see him in this serious frowning face again
Haha, reminds me of my son, "I'm not letting you take my computer away!"
Hope you enjoy :) I am having visitors from Canada staying over at my home till next week, will try to blog when I have sometime, ok? Have a nice weekend!


annacronism said...

Hi, sister Jaime.
How adorable our Yong Joon-ssi looks in these pictures! I hadn't really thought about it, but if someone asked me for one word to describe our Charming Prince, I would have to say 'Shy'. In spite of his fame and popularity, he is still a very modest and reserved person. That is only a small part of what I admire about him. To list everything would take a long time, and would fill a book. Thank you, dear, for posting these darling pics and, as always, for your lively comments about them. Reading your blog postings is one of the highlights of my day.
I hope you have an enjoyable time with your guests, as well as a lovely weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

I searched in Google and FRJ was done in 1999 (yes, when he was acting as our dearest Jao Ho):

Television commercials

1995: LOTTE Gana, nongshim ZEC, MAYPOLE
1996: Kwail Nara, LG group, Dong Yang cosmetic
1997: LG group, HITE beer
1998: LG group etc
1999: FRJ
2001: JM Global Water Purifier, Kye-Mong-Sa (Press), Old & New, LoReal (Perfume)
2002: LG Telecom, LG Home Shopping, LG Card, Korea Investment Trust, Kolon ManStar, Old & New, Halla Millate
2003: Ray Ban Glasses, Taster's Choice, LG Whisen, LG Telecom, LG Card, Kolon ManStar, Old & New
2004: Taster's Choice, Oronamin C, LOTTE Flavono, Sony handycam, Lotte Almond, Sony Cybershot, AU by KDDI, Daihatsu Mira, LG La La La (films available online at )
2005: Taster's Choice, Lotte Rummy and Bacchus chocolates, Keangnam (builders), Coca-Cola 7-Flavor Tea, Lotte Almond
2006: Hyundai SonataHyundai Sonata
The Hyundai Sonata is a mid-size sedan manufactured and marketed globally by Hyundai Motor Company.-First generation :The vehicle was unveiled in South Korea in July 1985.Engine choices include 1.8L or 2.0L engine...
, Eastern Home Shopping Network, Secom Security Systems, Keangnam
2007: Secom, Megane Ichiba, Keangnam
2008: Megane Ichiba, Viliv, The Face Shop
2009: Arnaldo Bassini (, The Face Shop, Megane Ichiba


P.S. I love him in these pictures, thanks for sharing.

atta said...

hai ...Jaime

In everytime...past and present BYJ still look young..
thank's to sharing with us

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime-san,

Thank you for posting these pictures. According to Ivy's info. they were taken when he was 27.
How come he lookes so young!
As for the message for FRJ, with my tiny little knowledge of Hungul,I think the first two letters say 'salan'.
Hope you are having great weekend.

cloud nine

Zoila said...

Hi there :). Younger or older, he has the same beautifull smile that makes me smile :). Thanks for sharing the pics...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime

Thanks for these pix. Honestly, my first time seeing them. Our dear Prince looks so bright here. And I always love your quips.

Thanks too to Ivy for giving us a detailed list of YJ's CFs.


Anonymous said...

Hello there!

Love Love those sparkling smiles it really tickles my heart...

I wish that my future hubby will have a dashing smile like YJ...

Opssie!Or maybe I can have YJ himself jejejeje!


jaime said...

Hi Anna,

As always, thank you for your nice comments. It's wonderful to read some lively and positive views on Yong Joon from an enthusiastic fan :) Please take care!

love .. jaime

jaime said...

dear ivy,

wow! thank you for that history of products that Yong Joon endorsed! hehe, some of the earlier ones I have never even heard of. What a great reference, thank you for your hard work!

love .. jaime

jaime said...

hi atta,

yeah, Yong Joon looks younger and younger now :)

cheers ,.. jaime

jaime said...

hi hi cloudnine,

i am so impressed that you can read hangul now. you have a wonderful gift for language, i am sure you will do very well in korean :)

i had a very tiring weekend, hope yours were good!
love .. jaime

jaime said...

hi zoila,

you;re welcome, glad u enjoy :)

cheers ..... jaime

jaime said...

hi alcy,

yeah, i haven't seen these pics being posted much before, that's why i thought maybe some sisters will be happy to see this set of pics :)

have a nice week!
love ... jaime

jaime said...

hahaha starsinmyhead,

i love your openness and honesty. you're not married? of course, you have a chance or fantasize a chance :) hehe, it doesn't hurt to learn korean first either. good luck!

cheers ... jaime