Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Sartorialist - III

Hi hi sisters ....... thank you for your interests. We all know Yong Joon has been in the limelight for 16 years. By now, he is a real pro in mastering the art of 'being photographed'. It’s logical to expect that he’s 'trained' to treat the camera as if it doesn’t even exist and continue with his routines. Conversely, it's also reasonable to assume that he’s 'conditioned' to be aware of his surroundings, thus always have his 'camera' face ready. So, can we really see the 'natural' BYJ from the many publicly-released photos?

Let's take a look at these so called 'hidden' shots shared on the net ...... Do you really think Yong Joon wasn't aware of somebody pointing a cellphone at him? Can you tell whether he was in his 'natural' or 'guarded' face?

shopping in a Gangnam book store
hanging out in a neighbourhood café

But then in these next 'official' shots, it's clear that the photographer was right in front of his face, but you can't say that Yong Joon wasn't in his 'natural' moments .......

knowing how much Yong Joon can withstand suffering, it didn't look like he's faking this pain while mounting on a horse, sob sob :(

if he's more concerned about the camera than the rice, he wouldn't be squatting like this for a pose (you got to agree this is not his most elegant pose, right?) You can tell his concentration was all on his work.

Hehe, need I say more : when a Korean man needs to munch, he needs to munch (especially when it is the kimchi that he personally made :)
So what can I deduce with my very limited observation? At the end of the day, Yong Joon is an artist. Whether he is behind the camera or being photographed, he is still the master in image creation. The image that he projects is what he wants to reveal to us, that's the extent he wants us to see.

Perhaps I quote what Scott Schuman wrote about his subjects on the streets whom he photographed :

"I want to capture something about people I shoot but at the same time I am totally open to creating my own version of who I think this person is. The reality rarely lives up to the romance, and I think we all could benefit from letting ourselves get lost in the romance of an idea or perception instead of having to know every excruciating detail of reality."

I am not adamant about finding the 'unguarded' Yong Joon anymore because just like the rest of us, he deserves to live an unrestricted and fulfilled life. So the romance of a perception with BYJ continues .........

The End, thank you for reading :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime

Thanks for this Sartorialist mini-series. I know I would never ever know the really real BYJ in his own natural environment but I'm happy to be 'lost in the romance' of learning as much about him as he allows his fans to. That's enough for me.

Thanks for the wonderful pix for us to feast our eyes on.


jaime said...

Hi alcy,

me too, I am satisfied with what he lets us be a part of. Just very grateful that I know about him and so many Bae sisters in my life. Thank you for reading, hehe, really no idea that this would stretch into a 3-parts series. i guess I can't kick that longwinded habit.

love ... jaime

annacronism said...

Hi, sister Jaime.
You are a very talented writer. I enjoyed this series of postings so much. You have given me more insight into the way our Yong Joon-ssi presents himself to the public and too the Family. I am also glad he has let us all share in his life. I have learned so much from him. And I have learned a lot from you and the other Baesisters. Thank you.
Love, Anna

cecy México said...

hi jaime, how are you?
I love the images that we share today in every Bae is beautiful.
I think his natural smile is always beautiful, and the image is always projected, always optimistic and loved well worth living because it is like the sun that lights up every morning.
hehehe, very inspiring. but it is what I really casts a pretty picture.
greetings with love cecy Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Jaime, I often read your blogs and I am always intrigued by your insights. Given what a private person BYJ is, I would not doubt that it is very rare to catch an unguarded moment when it comes to him. I agree with you...the romantic perception of him continues...because all of us need a little day dream in our lives. :)

- DLee

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime and Bae sisters:
Greetings on a beautiful summer's day with your beautiful Bae Yong Joon postings.
I am particularly affected by his painful picture trying to ride on the horse because I saw a "making" film where he is shown already hurt from a fall, walking in crutches and being helped up the horse.
Besides being human and a gentleman, Bae is a real professional.
Sarang Hamnida,

jaime said...

Hi Anna,

Thank you for your kind words, princess, you and other sisters are more natural writers than me. Before knowing BYJ, I really didn't write anything in my life. Yong Joon inspires us to keep learning and try our best. I still struggle from time to time, just like my dance, but I hope with a sincere effort, it will become second nature :)

Please take care!
love ..... jaime

jaime said...

Hi cecy,

nice to hear from you again. I am fine, thanks. Me too, Yong Joon's sunny smile especially warms my heart every morning, just like Mexico's weather :) Btw, which part of Mexico do you reside? I only went to Cancun once many years ago, very resort-y. have a nice day!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Dlee,

welcome to my little home! Yeah, I guess Yong Joon's mystery is part of his charm. the beauty is that's his character, he really is such a low-key and reserved person. Still, I hope he would communicate more often with his fans, through messages or appearances. Thanks for leaving me a comment.

cheers .... jaime

jaime said...

dear josephine,

glad to hear from you and know you are enjoying warm spring weather.
sorry for not being too consistent with my posting frequency. I'll try to write whenever I have time to stay at home, which is almost impossible in tokyo. thanks for your emotional support, i think i will need it very soon :)

love ... jaime

gosijo said...

Dear Jaime,

What a fitting quote you shared with us and what an interesting essay that developed over the three days!

I think that as respectful, and therefore loving, fans, we should be focusing on what he does allow us to see and not yearn for every excruciating detail of reality. Easier said than done, no? I must confess the "stolen" golf shop pics are incredibly sweet, neither too ajhussi-like nor too unattainable-star-like, just the warm, seemingly-unadorned, beautiful man we've known all along. "Just"!!!

jaime said...

Dear gosijo,

So nice to hear from you. When you think about it, Yong Joon rarely talks about his private life to us. Yeah, he talked a great deal during interviews, but mostly about his works for a specific promotion. It is always through stories from 3rd parties that we learn about his personality and his interaction with other people.
Maybe I'll blog about why I don't chase after the details anymore in the future.

Have a nice weekend! or should I say 'see you soon'?

love ... jaime

annacronism said...

Dear Jaime,
Please, don't think that you are not as good a writer as anyone else in the Family. You write sincerely and from your heart; to me, those are the things which make someone's writing good. I am too blunt and too outspoken to really be good at writing these blogposts, but I thank you for the compliment. Still, it makes me sad, because I am always eager to read your postings. You have a positive attitude, and humor which makes what you write very enjoyable to read. Be well, sister.
Love, Anna