Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gosireh Hwa II

Hi Hi sisters ….. thank you for your interest in my little picnic to Nagoyajo, yes, I know you are waiting for the meat. Hehe me too, while my eyes were looking at a national treasure, but my heart was thinking about another more attractive 'treasure' in Korea. As some of you already know, Gosireh Hwa is housed in the Sunshine Sakae building in downtown Nagoya. For sisters who will be going there, it is directly above the Sakae subway station on the Higashiyama line, only 2 stops away from Nagoya Shinkansen station, very convenient.

As we stepped out of the subway, there are already giant posters of WS Pachinko 2 @@

Sakae is a very young bustling area where video amusement, cafe and pachinko seem to be the theme. There were young crowds gathering and waiting around, a stark contrast to the 3 ajummas weaving through them. But my mind has already been kidnapped by the handsome MinHyung hanging on the wall, my instinct just told me to snap snap snap away. As a dutiful blogger, I left cloudnine and dashed across the busy intersection to capture a snapshot of that infamous ferris wheel. See, Gosireh Hwa is on the left side of the top floor.

Aye …… looked like most of the cabins were empty? Thinking since we still had to wait for other sisters to arrive, why not go for our ride now? Cloudnine’s friend Midori san was kind enough to just wait for her downstairs in a coffee shop while we blindly ran up & down the escalators (thank goodness it’s a small building) searching for the entrance to the Sky-boat. At last we figured out it’s on the 3rd floor inside the Tsutaya DVD store, remember ok?

We cheerfully requested the Yon (#4) boat assuming that we were the only Yonsama’s fans hanging around Nagoya, only to be told by the attendant that another group was already waiting before us! This was an unexpected setback as the 28-boats ferris wheel takes at least 15 minutes for a complete rotation, we would be late for our 2pm lunch. The quick-thinking cloudnine immediately ran to the 2 ladies in front and asked them if they would share the Yon boat with us :)

They let out a big smile, nodded without hesitation and we were so grateful! Once again it proved to me that the Japanese sisters are indeed kind and generous. Haha, we found out later that they actually came in the bus from Tokyo, that meant Kiyomi’s ‘April Snow & now” sisters have arrived earlier than scheduled!

So the happy-4 hopped onto our Yon boat but had no clue which seat our prince placed his royal ‘behind’ on. I was picking every cell in my brain there trying to remember which side/which position/which end he faced in all the published photos, I thought it was the outer seat. Now that I re-check at home and compare the interior features of the boat, I actually think he sat where I was sitting, which is the seat right next to the Number 4 sign! I have to pinch myself, am I dreaming again?

But honestly, our spirits were too high to care about the seat. Hehe, almost missed passing by Hwa …..

The roof top garden, are those 2 exclamation marks?

The surrounding view from Hwa

As our boat climbed higher and higher, I began noticing cloudnine and the other sister’s lips started clenching closer and closer together, their eyes squinting smaller and smaller, their voice raising louder and louder. And look at their hands ….

They were grabbing the handrail so tight that I thought it’s going to come off! They were laughing and confessed that they actually have fear of heights, just because our great Yonsama had ridden on this?! Oh dear dear, I know we love our prince very much, but I had no idea how far (or how HIGH in this case) our sisters were willing to suffer just to have a taste of what he went through! They looked sooooo cute and brave, I’ll say if Yong Joon were inside that boat, he would have given those brave ladies a BIG BEAR hug!

Hahaha but too bad, they’ve only got ME (hehe, with a naughty grin)! So I leaned over to the already pale-faced cloudnine with a worried countenance and pointed to the heavy-duty looking bolt hanging outside the boat, “um hm cloudnine, I think this screw looks loose.” And she let out a squeal, “Jaime!” Yes, I knew I was a bad girl and this was how I repay their kindness :)

Honestly, deep down I am very proud of them and I also know that they are very happy to accomplish this mission. As it turned out, the other 2 sisters were the last one taking the ride among the group, that meant the whole bus-load of sisters were waiting for us inside the restaurant! So we hurried downstairs to bid goodbye to cloudnine's friend (poor lady had been patiently waiting for us all this time) and stumbled inside Gosireh Hwa .......

Yikes! Sorry for being so longwinded again, I really thought I could finish this in 1 go. Well now, it becomes 1 more to go ....


Anonymous said...

dear Jaime.

It's nice reading your account on your latest get together with our dear baesisters.
Your story made me laugh. Your so naughty my dear, scaring cloudnine like that, hehehe....
But it's a nice way to break the ice for them.


bb said...

oh... now i know why cloudnine said she doesn't like ferris wheels... i'd thought maybe she feels it's too kiddish or something :p

hehe, the things we fans would go through... all in the name of love for that certain korean man!!

and jaime, i so love it when you write such long ones about your outings and stuff. love love love details of these outings, you know... and the pics too! thanks much much! it's great for those of us who can't be there.


p.s. hope you've got an answer for me at the end of the whole hwa story... is it worth making the trip out to nagoya if i do hop into tokyo sometime soon?

p.p.s. and it just came to me that you're gonna be having another bae-outing soon!! 1st feb? you going...? tell me you are! her events are quite legendary... and this one's extra-special!

Anonymous said...

Hi girls,

Yes, yes , Jaime is really a naughty girl. We, three ajunmas were wondering why we voluntarily ventured our lives for the ride. When Jaime pointed the loose screw, how I wished that I couldn't understadn English but instead, I spontaneously translated it into Japanese and the two ladies yelled at me saying 'Don't translate such words!" and we all burst into a laughter, haha.

cloud nine

vegas said...

HI Ladies!
My Lady Jaime!

Have been following your wonderful trip to Nagoya. I love the way your write - so witty - and the pictures are great. What an exciting adventure you had. Kinda feels like I was there with you. Can't wait to read more as you stumbled into Gosireh Hwa...

You are so naughty!!

bb said...

oopsies! i forgot to address the lady as lady jaime!

think she'll forgive me? :p

gosijo said...

You sure know how to wet our appetite, Lady Jaime!

Thanks for taking us with you and cloud nine every step of the way. It's great fun!

Hyds said...

wow! by just reading it I got thoroughly excited too.. I'm not very good with heights either and it actually reminded me of that cable ride to Sentosa..Phew!!! that was mad! But it's one of those you have to do once in your lifetime. And if it's BYJ I think we could all climb mountains and conquer our innermost fears.

Thank you very much Jaime. I could imagine your excitement and enjoyment during this trip. I bet you had a very good meal afterwards ;-)
Love, Hyds

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinggu!

Ahhh, meaty it is. Can't help myself laughing after reading the "naughty Lady Jaime" part. :))))). Imagining how cloudnine and the other 2 very sweet and accomodating sisters scared out of their wits. Don't worry cloudnine, et al, we will think of something(one of these days!)that will put the witty Lady J into a very tough situation, hehehhe! I am thinking of getting her into doing her famous "MANGLISH" scene! hahahha!

Thanx for doing the favor Chinggu and posting the pics and sharing the wonderful experience. Nope, still no ferris wheel nor roller coaster for me,hehehhe!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lady Jaime.

I'm still grinning.

My hats off to cloudnine and the other sweet sister.

S'pore fan

liezle said...

jaime, thanks for sharing. your post always fascinates me.

i can imagine cloud nine still poised and elegantly sitting holding the bar with fear. ^^ and you dear jaime with eyes wide for 'discovering' the loose screw then with a very cute wide grin. ^^

i'm so proud of you cloud nine for conquering your fear of heights. hee, thanks to yong joon. ^^

i'll be waiting for the next installment.

take care, jaime!

Anonymous said...

Cheers to cloudnine and the 2 sisters !!
If I were there, I'll just stay there with cloudnine's friend.
I am a big chicken when it comes to ferris wheels, roller coasters and all kinds of wild rides.
If I ever went up with the sisters, just for the love of YJ, somebody had to give me piggy back ride, and I won't be able to eat anything at Gosireh Hwa =.=
Thanks for taking us along with you Lady Jaime, I still have that wide grin on my face, what a way to start the day ... Thanks!!
Can't wait for the part 3.


jaime said...

Hi Jelen,

Thanks for dropping by and glad you enjoy the story. See you around!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Um hm princess,

all is forgiven if you promise to continue writing about all those yummy food that you eat all the time. (hehe I won't even dare saying 'take us' knowing how busy you are) I simply cannot get over how great the Malaysian food look, let alone how delicious they tasted :)

Yes yes, flowerbossa and Satovic are kind enough to let me into the BSJ event next Sunday. I know it's a big one, that's why I can't resist seeing it myself. Will carry my eyes and ears for sure!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hehe sorry my mentor, and to the other 2 sister too :)So, can I assume that you have conquered the fear of heights now?

Thanks for clarifying me on the first shogun.

love .. jaime

jaime said...

Hi dear vegas,

you are calling me Lady jaime too?? Well, only if you promise to be my partner in Lady-in-waiting also. waiting for who? of course our prince la :)

Thanks for visiting me!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi gosijo,

so nice to hear from you. hope everything is fine over there. Thanks for reading and take care, ok?

love .... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hyds,

I am so proud of you that you were able to do that cable car ride. Yes, the food is delicious and very typical Korean dishes for drinking, definitely not the palace cuisine like the Tokyo one.
Thanks for dropping by.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hehe chinggu,

please refresh my memory, what's the MANGLISH scene? As long as it is a BYJ scene, I'm up for it, hehe :)

love .. jaime

jaime said...

Hi S'pore fan,

Thanks for writing me a comment. Yes, cloudnine is a very brave girl :)

love .. jaime

jaime said...

My dear liezle,

so nice to hear from you, missing you here in tokyo, but I am sure your next Bae trip would rather be to main Baeland. Hehe, me too.

Yes, our dear cloudnine is still ever so elegant and poised even in fear. I was a bad girl eh? Please take care of yourself. Thank you for your kind effort in soompi :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Yee,

Oh poor dear, you won't be able to eat after? Wow, with so many sisters being 'allergic' to that skyboat, I am glad that is NOT the way to get to the front entrance of Gosireh Hwa :) phew!

Please take care!

love .. jaime

bb said...

if you come my way, i will definitely make time.

i promise :)