Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Seijin no hi

Hi Hi dear sisters ...... This past Monday was a celebration for Japanese young adults who have reached the age of majority (hatachi 20). It's called Seijin no hi 成人の日- coming of age day. Young women and men (hehe, but who looks at men anyway? oh oh except one of course :) all dressed in their kimonos to attend a civic ceremony in city hall or shrine, then party with their families and friends afterwards. Hubby have snapped so many pictures in Meiji Jingu Shrine (hehe please don't worry, these young ladies were very happy to pose for hundreds of photographers) - such good sports! These ladies must have been preparing for this day since they were little girls - just look at their beautiful hairdos, elaborate kimonos and accessories. It's such a delight to witness and share their happiness - are they lovely?

Cute couple, eh? Hope you enjoy :)


phuong said...

thanks, such beautiful young ladies in artistic kimonos !

Anonymous said...

That's one reason I love to live in Japan, m'lady. They are still keeping their beautiful traditions. Thanks for the lovely pictures of these young ladies, who usually are in mini skirts and dashing outfits, jeans, etc.


jaime said...

Hi phuong,

Yes, the kimonos ar so beautiful and there are hundreds of them, imagine @@ Thanks for leaving me a comment.

love ,... jaime

jaime said...

I agree with you Yee, Japan is one of the rare places that old tradition co-exists so harmoniously with modern forward thinking. It is interesting to see these young ladies interpret their kimonos in a very modern fashionable way. The colors and patterns of the traditional kimonos are much more subdued and quiet which you probably know already :) Thanks for writing to me.

love .. jaime

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinggu!

So this celebration sounds like a "debut" for 20 year old Japanese guys & gals, right?

Thanx for sharing this knowledge and the very colorful pics of young women in their kimonos. BTW, when are we gonna see you donning one? We are all eager to see you posing like these beautiful gals one day.

Take care and please send my warmest hello & regards to Khin, okay?


jenny said...

Hi Jaimie

Thanks a lot. They really look stunning in their kimono and must have prepare very long for this ceremony.

It seem that Japan still have a lot of traditions.



jaime said...

Hi hi chinggu,

Yeah, it's like the debutante ball in the western society. hehe at this age, I am waiting for the debut of my white hair and wrinkles! Oops, I also passed that too. hahaha, how about celebrating being an empty nesters one of these days that we can finally gain our freedom back? Please take care, chinggu!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi Jenny,

Yes, Japanese are proud of their culture and really maintain their old traditions. There are endless events and festivals here celebrating the 4 seasons, nature and people. You can see men, women, old and young people coming all out for celebration. Hehe, that's why we are so busy following these matsuri :) Thanks for enjoying this.

love .. jaime

Hyds said...

Lovely ladies and nice to see this Japanese tradition. It must be a very special time for them. Thanks

Love, Hyds

jaime said...

Hi Hyds,

hehe lucky Tokyo is not so cold, so these young ladies could show off their beautiful kimono. (or maybe they have thermal wear underneath?) Thanks for writing to me.

love ... jaime