Monday, January 26, 2009

Ruggedly Handsome

Hi Hi sisters .......... who's this mystery cowboy?

Looks more like he's on the FBI (Fanatic Bae International) most wanted list !

Yes yes, this hunk is responsible for the disappearance of thousands of women's hearts!

Hmmm........ he's definitely trying to hide something??

What else? His million dollar smile that melts all those hearts :)

Don't believe me? Try staring directly at his smile for 10 seconds and see if you still remember your name?

I found this set of old pictures in my folder and still remember very fondly how amazed I was to see him in such 'rugged' shape! If memory serves me right, this took place back in November 2005 at Incheon Airport when Yong Joon returned from a private trip to Japan (was it directly after the Beijing April Snow Bunggae?) The press didn't know Yong Joon was arriving and were actually at the airport waiting for a baseball star. This caught our prince in surprise, and thus all those camera-shy pictures :) This man has so many facets, like a diamond - gentle and gorgeous as a noble prince, cool and sexy when he's a rugged cowboy. Now, I think this also marked the beginning of his love affair with his beautiful long hair @@

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Anonymous said...

Dear lady Jaime,

When I was just a baeby (bb's word) I saw these pictures. At that time just some pictures.
But when I see them again, I notice that these are very rare casual pictures of him. He wasn't prepared to meet anyone so he was just like a commoner (a good looking commoner, ofcourse).
Especially the first picture, this is the only picture we can see the way he is moving, very very different from what we usually see him, even in casual moments or traveling, I never see him moving/walking like this.


myoce said...

Dear Jaime,

These are my favorite pictures of Yong Joon, because he is not posing or surrounded by heaps of fans.

Love the captions !!

Warm wishes,

gosijo said...

Greetings, Lady Jaime,

Heehee, I too have a collection of these bearded pics - I have a perfectly legitimate excuse, should anyone ask - and I see here that I was missing a few so, thanks!

Here's an interesting factoid: a lot of my fellow 'gaijins' (uncultured Westerners) actually believe that Asian men cannot grow facial hair!?

One of them finally changed her mind after reading this post:

I like the mustache YJ has in these pics because it doesn't hide the shape of his decidedly distinctive and undeniably beautiful upper lip - unlike the Cho Won mustache, for example.

Being curious lately about facial hair - remember the aforementioned 'legitimate excuse' - I asked a few guys at work about their 'staches and learned that it's quite tricky to maintain a groomed look, especially around the upper lip. Good thing I'm an ajhuma or, as bb puts it, good OLD gosijo, so my colleagues didn't feel my questions were inappropriate!

I agree with Yee about the first picture. Goes to show there's a lot we don't know about wuri Yong Joon and, for his sake, it's probably for the best.

Anonymous said...

i absolutely loooveee this look on him!!!Suits him sooo well. It kinda tiring when he's soo clean cut..this is normal...enough of the "i think he's gay" look...because he isn't!!!!

bb said...

oops... that 'good old gosijo' comment again...

okay okay think i'd better set the record straight... errr, gosijo, surely you didn't think that i meant old-old? :p

hee... just so we're clear... that really is a term of endearment for a fellow fan who's been around long enough to see wuri yong joon, bearded and otherwise :p

jaime said...

Hi Yee,

Yes, I find these shots quite rare as he is almost always clean shaven. Somehow I recall he actually went to the onsen in Japan and apparently looked totally casual and relaxed :) He is just so gorgeous!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi myoce,

nice to see you here again and thank you for your comments. May I add a link to your blog from mine? Please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi dear gosijo,

I actually think Yong Joon was not intending to grow a mustache. He was probably too 'lazy' to shave while on vacation. Since this was not supposed to be an official look, that's why he kept putting his hand over his mouth :) He looked really embarassed there, so cute!

Hehe, may I guess? Your hubby is growing a beard? Thanks for the link to the walrus blog, he's very observant of his Korean surroundings, enjoyed his post.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hahaha anonymous,

I agree with you. Despite his gentle and beautiful image, Yong Joon actually behaves very manly. I was watching the BTS DVD of Hotelier last night, this is one serious and tough man.

jaime said...

hehe princess,

yes right, for sure we know gosijo is NOT old. How can we be with our prince looking younger and younger every year?!

Hehe, good times fly, I can't believe I can dig up old pictures now and described what happened when they were released?! truly thankful to be here.

love ... jaime

gosijo said...

Heehee, bb, just wanted to tease you a bit and let you know I had noticed the term of endearment. Much touched, actually!

As for Lady Jaime's guess...hmmm... let's just say hubby is sometimes 'lazy' while on vacation too... and leave it at that ;-)