Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winter and Sakura

Hi Hi sisters ......... Guess we all love the newly released Skyperfectv CF pictures, right? They just captured perfectly the scholastic gentleness of our prince.

This is the 2nd chapter called 'Winter', a pleasant change from the Winter Sonata's pastels to these warm earth tones :)
This is 3rd chapter 'Sakura' - blue and khaki, reminds me of the 'uniform' colors of the late fashion designer Perry Ellis. So simple yet classic.

Sorry must be getting old, what's the 1st chapter?? This one right?
Sankei Sports exclusive
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Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime:
The pictures provide warmth and life in a weekend before the US Presidential inauguration when temperature is minus thirteen degrees fahrenheit -- icy wind and snow blasts.
Keep warm Jaime and Bae sisters with Bae Yong Joon good wishes.
With the love of Jesus Christ,
josephine pasricha

Hyds said...

I love the brown shades Jaime.. really suited him plus the suede jacket??(is it?) look good on him..thanks for showing them.. I lost track of this Sky Perfect TV specials.. Don't think I could get it here.
Love, Hyds

jaime said...

Dear Josephine,

So nice to hear from you. I just talked to my parents in Toronto and it's -30C windchill. It's very brutal this winter and please also keep yourself warm. I also hope our prince will take good care of himself too in Seoul.

Congratulations on your new President and I hope everything will change for the better. Please take care.

love ... Jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi Hyds,

Yeah, we feel so warm just by looking at him. Hehe me too, lost track of Skyperfectv. Just very thankful that some kind sisters like makishi is always sharing the vods so fast. Please take care of yourself as I saw it's very frigid in Europe too.

love ... jaime

bb said...

sighs... how i wish i live in a place where people can actually tell me to be careful in the frigid winter or something :p

Anonymous said...

Well .. sisters,
Here, in So Cal it was 90 on Monday and upper 80s the whole week and pretty windy too. That Santa Ana wind made a lot of people suffer from allergy. Thank goodness, my alergy prone little daughter is in Japan.
It was snowing very hard on the mountains and some parts in So Cal "never snow" areas, just 2 weeks ago. At that time the cars parking in the driveways had ice on the windshields. Talking of crazy weather....

P.S. Thanks for these beautiful new pictures.

jenny said...

Hi Jaime, hyds, josephine, Y and all bae sisters who is facing cold weather

Take care and don't catch cool. Now a day the weather is really crazy. I heard the new yesterday that , there is places in USA is below 40 degree. So so so so so so cool.

I think if we were at that places we already dead.

Take care


vegas said...

Hello Lady Jaime!

Thanks for sharing these pictures of HRH.

The crazy weather in the States is just plain weird! As Yee said SO. Cal was 90 degrees on Monday. LV is in the uppers 60's - warm for this time of year.

My son will be in DC for the inauguration and he's prepared to be bundled up from head to toe. We found hand and feet warmers, thermal underwear, hat, scarf, gloves and a heavy wool coat.

Looking forward to a new president and a better outlook for 2009 and beyond.


jaime said...

Aiyo princess, Why la? While we all wish to live in a warm and sunny place like you, and you actually wish to inhabit in Siberia?!

jaime said...

Hi Yee,

Yeah, I heard about the wind and wildfire in California. Glad your daughter could stay away from it at least for a few weeks.

Yup, I am scared to drive in icy weather. Slippery roads, strong winds, sigh, please just think spring will be coming in a few months!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hahaha dear Jenny,

You made me burst out laughing. Are you from a warm place? You think you will be dead if you live in these cold weather? Hehe, I guess kids who are born and raised there do learn to adapt to it. Take my son, he actually love the cold weather and snow! Sigh, when he becomes as old as me, he would change his mind :)

Enjoy your nice warm weather!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

My dear vegas,

Thank you for letting me know about your son's trip to Washington DC. You are a very good mother and have brought him up so well. He has been travelling everywhere for these world events, you must be really proud of him. I hope he'll enjoy this extraordinary experience and grow up someday to be like this President. Please take care!

love .... jaime

vegas said...

Thank you My Lady Jaime!

son arrived safely in DC and said it's 28 degrees with a windchill of 10. Translated - it's COLD for a kid from the desert.

Your words are too kind. As parents, we all want the best for our kids and we hope that one day they will grow up and continue to do their best in all that they pursue in life. They are, afterall, our future generation.

One day, you will have to allow your son to travel the world and experience all that it has to offer. They can only learn so much from books and being in a clasroom. When the world becomes their classroom, it makes a big difference in how they see things.

Thanks again My Lady Jaime!!

take care!!

ps Enjoy your special day!!